Everything You Need to Know about Virtual Servers

With so many online businesses popping up, complete solutions for virtual servers are a must. InnoHosting is at the forefront of this increased internet presence. We run on integrity, with a loyal team of industry experts. Innovation is our middle name, and we’re out to build your hosting experience with only the finest tools. For …

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How to Compare Web Hosting Services

There are so many different types of web hosting services to choose from. It can get a bit confusing and overwhelming to keep tabs on all of the options available to you online. In this article, we’re going to discuss the different elements of web hosting packages you should be thinking about so you can …

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How to Set Up Reseller Hosting

If you have customers that need hosting services, you can buy a bulk amount of hosting space and resell it to them at a profit. It’s fairly simple, so anyone can learn how to operate an affordable reseller hosting business. The web host you purchase the space from will handle all of the tricky, back-end …

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A Guide to Affordable Web Hosting

Do you want to start your own web hosting company? Or maybe you’re just looking to begin a business with low-start up costs. Either way, this guide will cover everything you need to know about reseller hosting, so you know if an affordable reseller hosting business is right for you.  What Is Reseller Hosting? In a nutshell, if …

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7 Effective Tips for Running Your Web Hosting Business

Reseller Hosting: The New Way to Earn Money Online Web hosting is part of all types of e-business opportunities today. Why? Every website requires hosting space to secure the necessary files for its functioning, and that comes with a ton of business possibilities. Reseller hosting has become a massive phenomenon in the internet industry. It …

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How Does Affordable Reseller Hosting Work?

How does reseller hosting work? Reseller hosting is a white label service. The reseller buys web space from a server provider and then rents that space out to other parties for web hosting. Once you find an affordable reseller hosting service, you can develop a thriving addition to your web business.  Finding Affordable Reseller Hosting  …

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Managed vs Unmanaged: Which Web Hosting Option Works Best for You?

You may have a lot of ideas for your website’s design. Before you can get it up and running, though, you’ll need a hosting service. Here at InnoHosting, we offer everything from basic web hosting plans all the way up to managed dedicated web hosting.  Could the latter option be best for your business? Or …

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Why People Are Talking about Business Hosting with cPanel

It’s virtually impossible to talk about business hosting without mentioning cPanel. In fact, people are talking about cPanel all the time. So what makes business hosting with cPanel such a hot topic in the web hosting world? It’s all the things that set cPanel apart.  At InnoHosting, we proudly offer business hosting with cPanel. Here …

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Can Managed Dedicated Web Hosting Make Your Business Life Simpler?

Managed dedicated servers can help shape your business, and Innohosting is here to help you to succeed.

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How Has Web Hosting Changed in Recent Years?

Though not that old, web hosting has an incredible history. It has changed the way we use computers and how we interact with the online world.

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