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Can Managed Dedicated Web Hosting Make Your Business Life Simpler?

For many, web hosting is an unfamiliar subject. Essentially, web hosting provides technology and services for your website to be viewed on the internet. Web hosting is also a way to save files and secure your webpage. Businesses can sign up for web hosting through a company that allows them to share servers with others and is managed elsewhere or utilize a dedicated server. It can make your life a lot easier.

Managed dedicated web hosting is a version of web hosting with one major difference. Instead of sharing servers, your provider leases you a dedicated server. This means only your information is stored on that one dedicated server. If you are a small business owner, this could be one of the best options for you.

You will get benefits from using a managed dedicated host compared to generic web hosting options. It could enahance your online business, and make your workload much less. At InnHosting, choosing one of our dedicated server options means expanding your IT department.

Innohosting can help take care of all of the small and tedious details of running an online business and website.
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How Managed Dedicated Hosting Can Help Business Owners Simplify Things

Any professional web hosting site will take the time to get to know you, your business, your website, and your needs. The best way to figure out which plan is optimal for you is by consulting the customer support team. Here is what you can get with choosing a dedicated server through InnoHosting.

Managed Email Hosting

This will help your business email appear professional and less likely to be marked as spam in your customer’s inbox. Having a professionally designed email that matches your brand and your website is crucial for customer retention. Emails that are connected with your web hosting can simplify your business.


Are you ever worried about how secure something is being sent to multiple places? With your own managed dedicated web hosting, your files will be protected. It is our top priority to give you the best service, and this includes making sure 100% of your information is safe. Since you won’t have to share servers with multiple people, you get a single, safe server to yourself.

Server Monitoring

With each dedicated server, we promise to monitor all the information and data that comes through. This helps keep your server secure and helps the user accessing your website to have a better experience. Server monitoring can be a great way to keep loyal customers coming back to your site.

PCI Compliance

If you are using a managed dedicated website hosting for your online business, it will be essential to take payments on the site. There can be strict codes and rules your website needs to adhere to, and sometimes it can get a little tricky making sure everything is stable for your clients. Any useful web hosting site will ensure that the server and website are PCI compliant.

Data Center Migration

When you choose someone to host, it means that your website and files are saved onto a server. When someone clicks on your domain name, the information gets sent to the server and the files get sent back at a rapid pace. Data center migration is where the applications are sent to multiple locations at once without crashing. This efficiency is crucial for an online business.

The Back Bone of Your Website

Having InnoHosting take care of the tedious work means you can relax a little. We will take care of the connections, servers, and all your IT support. Having a reliable server can change the way you handle business and allow you peace of mind.

Choosing a company to do managed dedicated website hosting can be tricky, but you should be sure to look for these simple things. If you are confused about what you need or should be searching for, call the customer support team for even more information.

Dedicated web servers are there to be a solution for your business and make running a website a bit easier. There are a lot of small tasks to focus on when you run a physical and online business. Rest assured, choosing InnoHosting will take care of the little details to ensure your projects run smoothly.

How to Choose the Proper Web Hosting to Fit Your Needs

Any site you look at will have different options and packages available. When web hosting was first created, it was meant for sharing information easily. It has now turned into a way to save and share website information with people worldwide. Anyone across the globe could access your website and be a potential client. Make sure you have the options and package your business needs. Stop by to check out InnoHosting managed dedicated web hosting. It could make your life easier and help your business run smoother.

How Has Web Hosting Changed in Recent Years?

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Web hosting has changed in recent years to support and provide security for online businesses. With the increase in people working and making transactions online, web hosting has become even more valuable. Therefore, a significant key to having a successful business online is a web hosting service. It is no longer enough to simply create a website.

Web hosting services are designed to provide the technology and other services in order to allow individuals and organizations to create websites that can be accessed on the internet. Many new companies offer web hosting for everyone to use.

When a business decides to create a website, they also choose an internet host. Web hosting allows you to find space on a server where your company site can abide. It allows you to draw the attention of potential clients anywhere the internet can be accessed.

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How Has Web Hosting Changed?

Initially, web hosting was a way for universities and other large entities to share information easily. At that time, web hosting was too expensive for most individuals to purchase. Since then, web hosting services have become affordable and easily accessible. As more of the world uses laptops and smartphones and other devices for conducting business online, the need for many web hosting sites grows.

There are now competing companies that provide various packages for web hosting services. Businesses can store information securely, These services also allow your business to be discovered and gain new potential clients. Overall, web hosting services provide numerous benefits for online businesses.

Why Web Hosting Is Important Today

Web hosting and domain names make it possible for people to discover your website easily. A potential reader or customer can type in your domain name for access on the internet. From there, it gets directed to the company server you choose as an internet host. The company sends back the file information and allows that person to view your website clearly—all in a matter of minutes.

This is essential for small business owners who require an online store to remain relevant and even large companies that offer online products and services. However, choosing the right web hosting service can be confusing. There are many internet hosting companies to choose from and they all offer different packages and services.

You could choose to create a website without web hosting, but chances are the website wouldn’t draw in potential clients or customers. There is also the chance of losing all the information you put into your website. Think of web hosting as a backup security system. It stores all your files for others to view, but if you lose your website, it can completely back it up for you. If you don’t have web hosting, you could lose everything you worked for with your online business.

InnoHosting has many different server plans to choose from, all allowing you to have complete control for your website. You can decide how much you want to pay based on the needs of your website. It is essential to look at all features, as that will determine the amount of space you need on one of our servers.

Web Hosting Is Necessary for a Successful Website

InnoHosting can be the perfect fit for your website and web hosting needs. We can help you grow loyal customers. In addition, with the right web hosting, it can improve SEO, the professional nature of your site, how your online business operates, and the security of your website. All of these elements are critical to keep in mind when choosing a web host. You can stop by our website to view the best plans we have to offer you.

4 Ways You Can Turn Your Old Computer Into A Money Making Machine

If you have an old computer that’s destined for the recycling bin, don’t throw it in just yet. You might be surprised to know that there are a lot of different ways to re-purpose it. As a matter of fact, your old computer can be used to make or save money. While the temptation might be to resell the device for a little extra cash, there are other uses that can keep your company in the black.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at four ways that you can reuse your old computer. We’ll take a special look at how to revitalize your business hosting with cPanel.

How Does Business Hosting With cPanel Work?

It’s important to understand exactly how cPanel works. cPanel is a Linux-based control panel system that allows administrators and users to manage a computer network. These control panels are designed to be easy to use for a variety of purposes. Of course, the solutions that we discuss going forward should be considered carefully as you move forward in changing your business for the better.

Business Hosting With cPanel Tip #1: Automation 

When it comes to utilizing an old computer for cPanel, one use involves simplifying automated web-based processes. Automation can take the guess factor out of updates, patches, and other tedious tasks. This process allows files to be created, updated, secured, and managed effectively, without any extra activity from members of your organization. Additionally, automation allows for security features like threat scans and password access systems to operate effortlessly.

For example, automation makes it possible for smaller organizations to schedule difficult tasks when network activity will be lighter. This can be particularly helpful for system scans and security patches because users won’t be booted from the system. It also makes it possible for diagnostics to detect potential problems before they become real ones.

Business Hosting With cPanel Tip #2: Scalability of Services

The second way to utilize an old computer for cPanel that we’ll discuss today involves scalability. Scalability is the ability for something to be increased or decreased depending on needs. This is important because it will allow smaller businesses to manage costs effectively while also allowing bigger businesses to maximize their resources accordingly. Using an old computer to run your control panel suite will allow on demand analytics to be used at any time to determine usage. When you know usage, you can adapt to what is needed, whether it is more or less.

For example, scalability can guide smaller organizations as far as when to invest in growth and when to dial back usage. If an older computer is used to run control panel applications, the immediate use of analytics can guide your leadership team towards expansion opportunities. It will also allow your team to better understand how to improve the customer and the employee experiences as applicable.

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Business Hosting With cPanel Tip #3: Improved Speed of Data

According to Web Hosting Insider, Speed is crucial for clients and providers alike. By a rough estimate, the US economy loses around $500 million every year because of slow websites. There’s no reason to risk extensive losses when you can turn an old computer into an enhancement to your business.

The third concept about cPanel that can be used with an old computer involves the speed of data access and retrieval No matter what type of business you’re operating or what kind of data you are utilizing, being able to get to it quickly can mean the difference between being a success or a failure. Depending on how your company uses data, the types of data that you need will differ, as will the speeds.

If your primary use of data is for your team to work either in the office or at home, your speed needs will likely be lower. If your primary data needs involve exchanges with customers or the use of audio/video content, your speed needs will tend to be higher. If you aren’t monitoring the types of data being used, your team would benefit from ongoing reporting. It would be the difference between happy and unhappy users.

Business Hosting With cPanel Tip #4: Adding Additional Disk Space and Bandwidth

The fourth concept relating cPanel and your old computer should be the most cost effective option: adding to your company storage space and web bandwidth. Assuming that the old computer is still in good working order, it can be reformatted for more physical or virtual space. 

This option will also depend on the ways that your company uses data. If your company focuses on written content, this might not be an option that you’ll find beneficial. If your company maintains a strong internet presence or uses a website to do business, adding additional storage and bandwidth can assist you during busy time periods. As with all the options you’ve reviewed today, it is up to your organization to determine how to best use them. 

Ready to Make Money From Your Old Computer? Contact InnoHosting

Now that you’ve learned about four ways to reuse your old computer for cPanel, it’s time to take a look at how InnoHosting can be a part of that process. As you’ve seen, businesses have a variety of ways to benefit from actively using a control panel platform. No matter the size of your company, cPanel has ways to enhance your employee and customer experiences.

InnoHosting can help build a unique solution for your organization. We will find a way to improve your business technology usage. When you’re ready to take a leap, contact us today! We will work hard to innovate how your team does business.

How the Education System Is Being Changed Through Web Hosting

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Web hosting has made life so much easier in many different ways. One of the most significant ways it has influenced society is by revolutionizing the education system in America and abroad. With the recent health pandemic revolving around COVID-19, the education system has had to put the innovations provided by web hosting into overdrive. In this article, we will show you that when schools use managed dedicated hosting for online classes, it can provide a lot of benefits for students. We will also present some of the negatives that come with moving the education system online.

The Positives of Using Managed Dedicated Hosting in the Education System

It is no secret that the internet continues to make massive leaps in the education system. Now, a student is no longer shackled to the classroom or school building. Here are some of the ways web hosting is making the education system better through the power of the internet.

A significant benefit that comes with using managed dedicated hosting in school is it opens up the ability to learn for kids who may not have had the opportunity before. Now, all a student needs is a computer, and they will be able to access their classes and homework no matter where they are. This access to education does not stop with K through 12 education. Over the last decade, there has been a massive rise in colleges that conduct a majority, if not all, their coursework from the internet. This access allows people to get a college education no matter where they live.

Next, using managed dedicated hosting in the education system can both save the school system money as well as save the student money. Textbooks are by far one of the most expensive elements in a school system, with the average textbook costing around $200. The reason textbooks cost so much is that they continually have to reprint new editions as information changes. When you have the classroom experience online, textbook manufacturers will no longer need to print hundreds of textbooks. Textbook companies may then pass on the savings they make on digitizing textbooks to the school and student.

Finally, using managed dedicated hosting in the education system has significantly increased within the last few months. With the health pandemic affecting every corner of the world, educators have had to come up with solutions to ensure students can continue to learn. Hosting the classroom online has allowed students, teachers, and parents to focus on health while at the same time providing the best form of education as possible.

The Equipment and Programs Required to Make Web Hosting Work in the Education System

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While web hosting continues to revolutionize the education system, to make it work at its best, both the school administration and students need to have certain pieces of equipment and programs. Here are the basics that are required to get the most out of hosting a classroom online.

The first thing that needs to happen to host a classroom online is a school system partnering with a web hosting service. A web hosting service handles all the technical side of hosting a classroom so the teachers and other school officials can focus on education. Some of the things web hosting services do are to handle the maintenance and repair of the servers where the classroom is hosted. Also, a web hosting service will manage all the security of the server, ensuring each student’s and teacher’s personal data remains safe.

Next, for a student to participate in lessons and do homework, they need the ability to log on to the internet. To access the internet, a student will need to use a home computer, or in some cases a tablet will work. Because the web hosting service controls the heavy lifting of hosting a classroom, a student will not need a high-end computer; anything that can connect to the internet will do the job.

The Long Road Ahead of Us

The biggest lesson that the education system has learned during the COVID-19 health pandemic is that there is a lot of growth needed before the education system is fully ready to move online. Now that we have seen the potential of hosting the school experience online, more school districts are embracing the change and designing a plan to make it mainstream. Before this can happen, specific changes and improvements need to be made.

First, we learned a lot of students do not have access to a stable internet connection or a functioning computer. This is going to be the hardest thing to fix as we move forward. Internet providers are doing their best by providing no data caps or cancellations during the health pandemic. Now schools will need to redirect the savings of not having to purchase physical textbooks into buying a computer or tablet for every student. If the school provides a computer or tablet, they will be able to better control the education experience for the student.

Finally, to push the web hosting revolution even further, we need to end the stigma that comes with online education. A lot of older school administrators and government officials are still uneasy about moving the education system online. They believe the quality of education suffers when not in a physical classroom. We need to continue to run classes online so we can iron out all the problems so in the future we can provide the best education from anywhere in the country.

Choosing the Right Dedicated Hosting Service

For us to finally break the shackles of the physical classroom, we must first use a dedicated hosting service committed to advancing knowledge. Here at InnoHosting, we understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. It is for this reason we want to provide our industry-leading services to help educate the students of America. Whether it is through delivering online resources or hosting an online classroom, we need to be sure we are giving the future generations useful tools to succeed.

Why Personal Servers Are Obsolete

affordable reseller hosting

Business owners make a lot of choices. In the digital age, one of those choices is whether or not to use a personal web server. More and more often, though, these business owners are rejecting personal servers in favor of hosted servers. Between affordable reseller hosting and all of the options that come from hosted servers, there just aren’t many reasons to stick with personal servers these days. 

Personal servers are becoming more obsolete every day. Here are just some of the reasons why. 

Business Owners Don’t Have Time for Internet Troubleshooting 

This generation of business owners is more entrepreneurial than many of previous generations. Small business has gained a major foothold, and startup companies keep coming out of the woodwork. 

Personal servers may work for some large, older corporations, but when it comes to today’s most exciting businesses, affordable reseller hosting provides a better choice. Why? Because that entrepreneurial spirit we mentioned earlier requires a lot of energy. 

Today’s business owners take on a lot of roles. They have to jump between tasks quickly, make sure that everything is up to date, and provide the best possible service for their customers. 

This means that they don’t have time for internet troubleshooting. If something goes wrong with a personal server, the owner doesn’t have many options. They’ll have to figure it out on their own, a process that takes valuable time and energy away from the businesses themselves. 

On the other hand, if a business owner takes care of their internet needs through affordable reseller hosting, they have all the support they need to keep things running smoothly. This way, they can keep their focus where it matters. 

Personal Servers Don’t Provide Scalability 

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Today’s businesses have a lot of needs, and one of them is scalability. In other words, businesses need resources that can grow with them. While affordable reseller hosting provides that scalability, personal servers do not. 

A personal server often provides far too much or too little space, but it doesn’t grow with a business’s needs. With a hosted server, a business owner can get exactly what they need without having to make any of those adjustments on their own. 

More Bulk and Less Space 

Personal servers take up a lot of space. Again, this is fine for a few businesses. However, most business owners these days don’t have the space to dedicate to a personal server. It’s just not how most businesses these days work. Thanks to affordable reseller hosting, though, business owners don’t have to make space for bulky servers. 

Risk Free Decision Making 

Once a business owner buys a personal server, they’re more or less stuck with it. Before buying a personal server, a person should be very sure that this is the decision they want to make, because it’s not a commitment that they can reverse easily. Even when a person can return a personal server, doing so is far from an easy task. As we already established, personal servers are bulky and not easy to move. 

But what if a business owner goes through someone who chooses affordable reseller hosting instead? In that case, they’ll likely have the option of risk-free decision making. Things like money back guarantees, easy returns, and penalty-free options make third-party hosting a no-brainer. 

Performance and Reliability 

Third party hosting – especially from InnoHosting – comes with high performance and reliability. Any business with an internet presence is going to need reliable uptimes, and InnoHosting is here to provide that and much more. Third-party resellers who choose InnoHosting can rest assured that they’re providing an excellent product. Meanwhile, end users can rest assured that they’re getting the service that they need so that they can keep their businesses up and running without all of the pitfalls that come from personal servers. 

It’s All About Speed 

Reseller hosting services are getting faster and faster, and for business owners, that matters. Web speed can make or break a business with an online presence. That’s because internet users don’t have a lot of patience for slow load times these days. If a web page loads slowly, users will click away from it and go straight to pages that can load more quickly. 

Not only does this harm businesses in the short term, it can also impact their long-term internet success. The faster people click away from a web page, the worse that web page’s SEO will perform. In other words, having a fast hosting service can help a business rank better in the search engines. 

The Evolution of Privacy and Security 

If personal servers have so many downsides, then why do people still choose them over third-party hosting? The decision usually boils down to privacy and security. However, since the technology has evolved, reseller hosting also offers excellent privacy and security along with all of the other benefits listed above. With excellent encryption, password protection, disaster-protected servers, and other measures, hosted servers provide the security that business owners need. That’s why those who choose affordable reseller hosting can emphasize privacy and security as they gain new clients. 

Affordable Reseller Hosting 

Finally, affordable reseller hosting is just that: affordable. Running a business can come with a lot of overhead costs, and personal servers are expensive. The cheapest ones can cost hundreds of dollars, and the most expensive ones can cost thousands. That’s a lot of money to spend upfront, especially for SMB owners. On the other hand, the low monthly fees that come from reseller hosting are much more manageable, especially for businesses that have a lot of other costs. 

Affordable Reseller Hosting with InnoHosting 

Personal servers are obsolete, which means that people need other hosting options. Are you ready to help meet those needs while making your own living in the process? If you’re looking for affordable reseller hosting, then take a look at InnoHosting. We offer affordable reseller options along with support for both you and your own hosting clients. 

You want to offer an excellent product, and that’s exactly where we come in. We take care of all of the tough parts so that you can just focus on running your business. Contact us now to get started. Our team is ready to answer any questions that you may have. 

4 Industries that Benefit from Business Hosting with cPanel

business hosting with cpanel

Most US businesses have some kind of online presence these days. Very few people can stay off the internet grid and run a viable business at the same time. US businesses come in different types, sizes, and models, but as long as these businesses have an online presence, one thing stays the same across the board: they need reliable hosting. For a lot of businesses, this is exactly where business hosting with cPanel comes in. 

Below, we’ve listed four business types that can benefit from cPanel hosting. This list is far from extensive. As a matter of fact, virtually any business with an online presence can benefit from cPanel hosting. We’ll take a closer look at just four of those businesses, but first, let’s look at some of the reasons why cPanel is so helpful. 

Benefits of Business Hosting with cPanel 

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Companies can get a lot out of business hosting with cPanel. cPanel is a high-powered hosting platform that supports a lot of industries. This platform comes with a lot of benefits, including: 

  • Simpler automation. In the early days of the internet, only tech wizards had an online presence. Now, it’s almost unheard-of for a business to not have a website, and that includes businesses run by non-tech experts. Automation has to be simple, and cPanel business hosting provides that simplicity. 
  • User-friendliness. The same principle applies to user-friendliness. Again, not every business owner is a coding expert. Business hosting with cPanel provides an overall user-friendly platform. With cPanel hosting, business owners can minimize tech frustration. Instead, they can shift their focus to the ins and outs of running their business. 
  • Support. Business hosting with cPanel comes with consistent, reliable support. Business owners have to be there for their customers, and to do that, they’ll need support of their own. cPanel hosting provides exactly that. 
  • Reliable uptimes. cPanel hosting is there when business owners need it. Downtime hurts business, which means that business owners can’t afford to compromise in this area. With cPanel, they don’t have to. 
  • Works with small to large businesses. cPanel hosting works for everything from small businesses to large franchises, which means that a business owner can start small and have scalability if necessary. 

Thanks to these and other cPanel benefits, business owners can get everything they need from their web hosting platforms. Now that we’ve seen a few of the benefits that cPanel hosting has to offer, let’s take a closer look at some industries that can make the most of these benefits. 

1. Hosting Resellers 

Reseller hosting can be a highly profitable business under the right circumstances. Just like with any business, resellers have to provide a great product for their clients. A reseller’s clients will want the same thing that any internet hosting platform buyer would want: 

  • Speed 
  • Reliable uptime 
  • Usability 
  • Support 

We’ve already seen that cPanel hosting provides those benefits and more. As a result, it’s an excellent product that third-party business owners can feel good about providing for their clients. 

2. Transportation 

The transportation industry has created a lot of success from business hosting with cPanel. Transportation and logistics rely heavily on communication. Client communication is a cornerstone in transportation. This is true whether those clients are passengers themselves or companies that need to move freight. 

These clients rely on communication with their transportation services. When a passenger checks on a flight status or a shipper checks on a load status, reliable uptime matters. So does speed, for that matter. In the transportation industry, communication delays can be costly. 

Plus, in a business as wide-reaching as transportation, the transportation companies themselves need simplicity and usability so that they can provide the best experiences for their clients. 

All of these needs come together under the cPanel umbrella. cPanel can provide transportation companies with the smooth hosting experience that they need to run a business effectively. 

3. Healthcare 

A lot of the healthcare industry has moved online. Patients can access their health records online, as well as make payments, check on prescriptions, and ask their doctors questions. None of these things would be possible without the factors discussed above such as reliability and speed. 

That’s where business hosting with cPanel comes in. When it comes to healthcare, people shouldn’t have to compromise. Neither patients nor providers should have to put up with slow platforms. With cPanel, they don’t have to. Instead, they can get all of the features that they deserve from their hosting experience. 

4. Nonprofit Organizations 

Now, this isn’t an industry per se, but the nonprofit sector can still benefit from business hosting with cPanel. Nonprofit organizers often have to think like business owners. They need business-style organization, availability, and reliability. 

A lot of people depend on nonprofit organizations for one reason or another, which means that nonprofit managers need hosting platforms that they can trust no matter what. Again, this is where cPanel comes in. cPanel hosting is dependable and authentic, and it provides the speed and automation that nonprofit organizations need. 

Just like business owners, nonprofit organizers wear a lot of hats. They juggle a lot of tasks, which means that they can’t spend all of their time fixing problems with their platform. With cPanel hosting, they don’t have to worry about those problems. Instead, they can put their attention where it matters most. 

Business Hosting with cPanel 

Again, the above examples are far from the only industries and organizations that can benefit from business hosting with cPanel. Any business that needs a simple, fast, and user-friendly hosting platform can get exactly what they need from cPanel. 

Are you looking for a new hosting service for your business or organization? If so, InnoHosting can help. From simple web hosting all the way to dedicated servers, we offer cPanel options that can give you the smooth, well-organized experience that you deserve. 
Want to learn more? Have questions about your hosting options? We’d love to have a chat with you. Check out your hosting options with InnoHosting, or contact us today with your questions. Let’s talk about simple and affordable web hosting choices that you can count on.

Why Working from Home Is No Longer a Pipe Dream

affordable reseller hosting

Working from home isn’t a pipe dream anymore. As a matter of fact, for most people these days, it’s a necessity. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, though, we’ve often fielded questions from those who want to work from home. InnoHosting offers affordable reseller hosting options, and a lot of our clients who seek these options want to work from home on a regular basis. Is working from home an option for you? It could be. In fact, it may be a more accessible option than you realize, and here are some of the reasons why. 

Internet Business Means More Work from Home Options 

Today, the business world lends itself to remote work because a lot of that world exists online. Nearly every business has a website now. At the very least, most businesses have some sort of online presence. Online business presence goes deeper than that, though. As a matter of fact, some businesses exist entirely online. For us, the most relevant example comes from affordable reseller hosting. The reseller hosting business exists entirely online for the resellers themselves. This means, of course, that resellers can work from anywhere, including from their homes. With these types of businesses, as long as one has a good internet connection, one can work from anywhere, including the living room. 

A Stronger Online Presence Means More Online Workers 

Once upon a time, online work was an interesting option for just a few people. For that matter, those people needed to be tech wizards to make their jobs work. Things work a bit differently now. Now, the economy doesn’t just benefit from online workers; it needs them. 

Today’s businesses couldn’t exist without people who can handle their online needs. That includes hosting, but there are all kinds of jobs that exist almost entirely in the virtual arena. With more demand comes more job opportunities, and like we said above, those who work online can work from almost anywhere. If you do your work online and your home has internet, then you can absolutely work from home. 

Social Media Means Remote Marketing 

a wicker tray on a bed. The tray holds a laptop, a cup of tea, and milk for the tea.
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For those who work online, a large portion of that work often involves marketing. Most of that marketing will, of course, exist over the internet. Whether you choose affordable reseller hosting or a different online business, you’ll likely devote a lot of your time and attention to catching the public’s eye online. For a strong online marketing presence, you’ll need social media marketing, SEO-friendly web copy, and other marketing options such as blogging and PPC ads. 

Again, though, the point is that you’ll be doing a lot of this marketing online, which means that you can implement your marketing ideas at home. As a matter of fact, the home is often the best place to come up with marketing ideas. Working from home gives you a sense of freedom and comfort that you don’t get from working in an office, which often means more room for creativity to flow. Often, people come up with their best ideas when they have the freedom to be fully themselves. 

We’ve Become Better at Remote Communication 

By this point, most of us have had plenty of time to see how remote work takes place. As a result, businesses have gotten better at remote communication. We’ve all had to sit through a meeting that could just as easily have been a few email bullet points. Now, after some trial and error of figuring out how it all works, many businesses have embraced online communication. Communication has become more brief and straightforward, and a lot of people have settled into the dynamic well. 

Finding a Niche Doesn’t Mean Years of Study 

Let’s get back to the affordable reseller hosting example because that’s the type of online work that we can help you start. Getting a reseller account, like a lot of other online work, is relatively simple. Now, we’re not going to downplay the type of hard work and creativity it takes to start a successful hosting business. However, we will point out that working in this type of business used to take years of study and intense computer knowledge. 

Now, when you purchase a reseller account, we can take care of most of the technicalities on our end. Your job is to set up a strong marketing presence and get your business where it needs to go. Will you have to put in a lot of work? Yes. Can you do that work from home? Again, the answer is yes. 

Businesses Are Realizing the Value of Working from Home 

Once the pandemic has passed and businesses begin to reopen, we’ll probably still have more people working at home than we saw before the pandemic started. Why? Part of the reason is because some people really enjoy working from home and want to continue doing that kind of work. 

The other part of the reason is because business owners are starting to realize the value of remote work. Some people really do work better from their homes than they do from their offices. While some need the change in environment, others are more productive when they don’t have to deal with traffic, small talk, and getting settled into the office. Business owners will want to keep the newfound productivity, and as a result, many will likely embrace working from home as a viable option for some employees. 

Affordable Reseller Hosting 

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4 Signs It’s Time to Get a New Web Hosting Service

affordable reseller hosting

It is no secret that starting a website is a great way to get some extra income. In fact, during this pandemic when everyone is spending more time at home, websites are experiencing record numbers in traffic. However, in order for a website to run at its best, it needs to be run by the best web hosting service. If you have a website through a web hosting service but are experiencing issues, it may be time to look into switching your web hosting service. In this article, we will show you four signs it’s time to get a new web hosting service. Also, we will show you some affordable reseller hosting alternatives to your current web hosting plan.

Are You Getting the Bandwidth and Disk Space You Need?

A common issue with a lot of web hosting services is that they do not provide the customer with a wide selection of bandwidth speeds and disk space. This can cause problems with the budget for a lot of websites. An important thing to know is that not all websites are created equal. Indeed, depending on the website you have, this directly impacts the bandwidth speed and disk space you will need. For example, if you have a blog, there is no need for you to have high bandwidth speeds or a lot of disk space. On the other hand, if you are working on a website that hosts a lot of videos, you will need a lot of bandwidth speed and disk space.

To be successful, you need a lot of options when it comes to bandwidth speed and disk space. As your website grows and changes, you will need to change your bandwidth speed and disk space accordingly to match the content on your website. Here at InnoHosting, we cover several different bandwidth speeds and disk space options. Also, we offer a variety of flexible options, so it is easier for you to change the speeds and space of your website whenever you need to do so. Furthermore, because we offer a variety of plans, it is easier for you to find an affordable web hosting plan to fit your budget.

Do You Have the Applications You Need to Run Your Website Successfully?

A major misconception when it comes to web hosting services is that their only function is to host your website, and you are responsible for everything else. However, that is not the case anymore. Many web hosting services offer a variety of applications to help design, organize, and run your website. These applications are incredibly beneficial if you are new to operating a website or if you don’t have the time or expertise to run a website. If your current web hosting service does not offer the applications you need, or they don’t provide any applications at all, it may be time to shop around for a new web hosting service.

Here at InnoHosting, we offer industry-leading applications designed to make your website the best it can be. For example, if you are running an e-commerce store, we offer applications like OpenCart. OpenCart is an all in one application that allows you to accept dozens of payment options as well as a variety of currencies from all over the world. Using OpenCart will expand your customer base, which in turn will increase the revenue of your website.

Does Your Current Web Hosting Service Provide the Security You Need?

A significant issue in today’s internet culture is the security of financial and personal data. Indeed, it seems every month we hear about a new data hack affecting millions of people around the world. With this in mind, it only makes sense for you to want your website hosted on a web hosting service that provides the security necessary to keep your customers’ data safe. However, ensuring proper security takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, a lot of web hosting services choose to skimp on the security features in order to save the company money. If you feel uneasy that your web hosting company is not doing all it can to protect your and your customers’ data, it is time for you to make the switch.

Here at InnoHosting, we understand the importance of keeping the personal and financial data for both you and your customers safe. That is why we offer the very best security protocols. We continuously monitor all our servers where websites are hosted. If any threats or weaknesses are detected, we take immediate action to ensure the server stays secure. Also, we offer SSL certificates to help ensure all data transferred in and out of your website is encrypted against outside threats.

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Can You Afford Your Current Web Hosting Service?

One of the biggest concerns for anyone starting a website is the budget. Chances are if you are at the beginning stages of your website, you are generating very little in revenue. With this in mind, you must have a smart budget to ensure you have the runway to make it through the beginning stages. A common issue with a lot of web hosting services is that they can quickly become expensive. Indeed, many companies will try and sell you services and features you don’t need so that they can make an extra buck.

Here at InnoHosting, we know money is important to you. That is why we offer several affordable reseller hosting plans that can fit anyone’s budget. When you use our services, you only pay for the applications and features you want and not the ones you don’t. Also, we have a stellar customer service team waiting to help you with any questions you may have. If you are interested in switching your web hosting provider, we encourage you to come to our website to learn more about our services.

How to Best Deal with Increasing Traffic to Your Website

managed dedicated hosting

During these troubled times, more and more people are turning to the internet to live their lives. This is excellent news for a lot of individuals and companies that conduct a majority of their business online. If you run a website and are suddenly experiencing a massive surge in online traffic, that is great news. Indeed, as the traffic of your website increases, you will earn more revenue through ads or selling merchandise and services on your website. However, as the traffic to your website rises, you will have to deal with a whole new set of issues and responsibilities. In this article, we will show you how to best deal with increasing traffic to your website. Also, we will show you how tools like managed dedicated hosting can help you navigate this new world.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Bandwidth Speed

When you are first starting a website, there is not a significant need to have fast bandwidth speeds. Indeed, most websites experience little to no real traffic growth for the first few months of operation. With this low traffic count, you are able to keep your bandwidth speeds low since you only have to accommodate small traffic flow. However, once your website begins to pick up traffic and become more popular, it may be time to consider increasing the bandwidth speed of your website. Here are some of the benefits that come with increasing your bandwidth speed.

Allows Your Customers to Upload and Download Data Faster

If you are running a website that hosts photo and video content or if you run a blog, your users are constantly uploading and downloading material from your website. As your traffic increases, you will have more and more people uploading and downloading content. If you do not increase your bandwidth speeds to meet the growing needs of your users, you will run into trouble. Indeed, if you keep your speeds the same, it will become extremely difficult for users to upload their data to your website. This slow data will cause your users to become frustrated, and they may eventually leave your website.

Fortunately, there is a solution for the growing upload and download needs of your users. When you increase the bandwidth speed of your website, you provide several benefits to your users. First is the convenience factor. Your users will be able to upload and download data much faster. This level of convenience will ensure your users will continue to come back to your website time and time again. Also, having high bandwidth speeds allow you to have more users downloading and uploading data at the same time. This benefit is particularly significant as the traffic to your website continues to grow. To get the most out of your increased bandwidth speed, it is always good to use a managed dedicated hosting service.

managed dedicated hosting services
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Stability and Reliability

One of the most significant issues that affects websites with a high amount of traffic is remaining stable. If you have low bandwidth speeds for your website, but you experience a high rush of traffic, you run the risk of your website becoming unusable, or it may even crash. If your website experiences these slowdowns or crashes, you will lose users left and right. The word will eventually spread, and all the hard work you have done to get your website where it is today will have been done in vain.

To ensure your website can handle the increased traffic you are experiencing, the best option is to raise your bandwidth speed. When you have increased bandwidth speeds, you provide your users with the reliability they need. The moment your users trust your website to handle their data reliability, they will continue to use your website and recommend it to others.

It Is Time to Start Caring about Security

An aspect of your website that is going to demand more attention as your traffic grows is security. In this day and age, protecting users’ data is a hot button issue. Indeed, some of the most devastating data thefts have happened within the last several years. With this in mind, it only makes sense that you would need to increase your security as you acquire new users. There are several ways security becomes more beneficial as your traffic grows.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

The best way to ensure you get solid security is by hosting your website on a server that is managed by a hosting service company. When an established web hosting company hosts your website, you are guaranteeing your website will have strong security. Trained professionals continuously monitor the servers of these web hosting companies. If a problem arises, these professionals are trained to quickly and efficiently take care of the issue while at the same causing little to no downtime for your website. Also, managed dedicated hosting services are always performing maintenance on their servers to ensure that problems will not occur on a regular basis.  

Gaining Your Customers’ Trust

A significant upside to providing better security for your website is you will gain the loyalty and support of your users. A lot of people using the internet today are wary about doing business with websites. They have heard too many horror stories of people having all their personal data leaked or stolen. Once you get to the point where you are gaining significant traffic, you will have a track record of being a safe place for people’s data. Word will spread, and you will see an even bigger explosion in traffic as users continue to gravitate toward more well-known websites.

Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

One of the most significant ways you can better manage the increasing traffic to your website is by doing business with the right web hosting company. Here at InnoHosting, we take pride in offering our industry-leading services to our clients. We offer the very best bandwidth speeds as well as top-notch security. If you are interested in finding a managed dedicated hosting solution for your website, come to our website today.

Turn that Idea in Your Head into Reality

affordable reseller hosting

Now is the perfect time to follow up on the idea you have had in your head for years. As we are all home in quarantine, a lot of us have free time we didn’t have before. Indeed, people are using this time to learn a new hobby, spend time with family, or working on new ideas to generate revenue. If you have always wanted to operate a blog, e-commerce store, or other website, now is the time to start. In fact, starting a website has the potential to give a significant boost to your overall income. However, if you are not familiar with technology or how to start and run a website, it can be overwhelming. In this article, we will show you the things you can do today to turn that idea in your head into a reality. Also, we will show you some affordable reseller hosting plans to help you get a start.

Develop a Business Plan & Conduct Market Research

Before the idea in your head has any chance of succeeding, you must first develop a business plan to ensure your idea will succeed. Here is a shortlist of how to develop a business plan that will ensure the success of your idea.

Establish Your Short Term and Long Term Goals

Before you can make your dream a reality, you must first establish exactly what you want to get out of the company. The best way to do this is by establishing both short term and long term goals. While it is key to have a vision of the end goal of your dream, it is more important to focus your time and energy in the short term. Indeed, building a strong foundation will ensure your website will survive long enough for you to see the end result.

The best advice for establishing short term goals is keeping them simple and realistic. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew when you are first starting your website. For example, only purchase the programs and features you will need now, not what you will need in the future. Also, keep your bandwidth speeds and disk space at a reasonable level so you can organically grow as your website grows.

Research Is Your Best Friend

The best way to be successful in any business venture is to research before starting a website. For example, if you want to start a blog, you need to do research on the subject matter you plan to write about. If you produce well-researched content, you will experience a high amount of traffic, which in turn will generate a higher income.

Also, research is beneficial with regard to learning about your competitors. For example, if you want to start an e-commerce store, you will be able to offer better prices and services if you know what your competitors do and charge.

Conduct Market Research

Unfortunately, just because you start a website and do your research, you are not guaranteed to be successful. The best way to ensure you grow your website is by conducting market research. For example, you need to learn everything you can about your target audience. Indeed, the more you know about your desired audience, the better you will be able to build content catered to their wants and needs.

Photo by Burst on Pexels

Building the Perfect Website

Now that you have done all the research and preparation for your dream, it is time to build yourself the perfect website. All the research and development will mean nothing if you do not have a solid website to back it up. Here is a list of features and services you will need to make the best website possible.

Choose a Hosting Company

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a hosting service for your website. A hosting service provides the server, bandwidth, disk space, and features required to run a successful website. Indeed, a web hosting company is a one-stop-shop for anything you will need to make your website run as smoothly as possible. The benefit of using a web hosting service is all the hard work of running a website is taken care of for you. Instead of spending your time and money purchasing servers and other necessary equipment, a web hosting service will provide everything and do the maintenance required to keep everything running smoothly.

Also, if your dream is to operate a reseller hosting website, picking the right website hosting company is even more critical. Using a reseller hosting website means you become the web hosting service. You can rent out service space and other features to your desired clients. Reseller hosting services provide you with the servers and everything else you might need. Fortunately, there are many affordable reseller hosting services available to get your start.

The Features and Programs You Need to Succeed

We currently live in the golden age of technology. This golden age means we have access to hundreds of programs that make our lives easier to navigate through. When it comes to running a website, you have an almost unlimited supply of programs and applications designed to help you succeed. For example, if you want to run an e-commerce store, the applications OpenCart and PrestaShop are almost essential. Both these applications make running an e-commerce store a lot less daunting. They provide tools to help design and organize your store as well as run payment portals so you will be able to accept most payment options from your customers.

A Web Hosting Service that Works with You

Building your dream is not an easy task. It takes time, money, and an extensive amount of research. With this in mind, you need to work with a web hosting company that cares about your dream as much as you do. Here at InnoHosting, we take pride in offering industry-leading services and programs to people all over America. We use only the best servers and applications to ensure your website runs the very best it can. Also, we offer affordable reseller hosting services for those of you that want to get into the web hosting game yourself. If you are interested in making your dream a reality, we encourage you to come to our website today.


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