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3 Common Mistakes People Make While Shopping for a Web Hosting Service

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In this trying time, when everyone is encouraged to stay at home, the internet is more valuable than ever. Indeed, the internet is now our primary source for work, shopping, and news. With this in mind, it is the perfect time for you to start your website project. Whether you are interested in starting a blog or an e-commerce store, now is the time to do it. If you are new to computers and the internet, starting a website can seem nothing short of a nightmare. With concepts involving bandwidth speeds, disk space, and security, it is a lot to take in. In this article, we will cover some mistakes people make and how you can avoid them when shopping for a web hosting service. Also, we will go over the benefits of using a managed dedicated hosting service.

Don’t Purchase More Than You Need

When you are visualizing your goals for your website, it is easy to want to shoot for the stars. In fact, web hosting services come with dozens of features and other enhancements designed to make your website great and your life easier. However, many people fall victim to purchasing features they don’t need. After they purchase these features, they often find themselves stretching their budget to support their website.

When it comes time to purchase your web hosting plan, you need to stick with the features you need at the moment and not the ones you want in the future. For example, if you are running a blog website, there is no need for you to have a high amount of disk space or high bandwidth speeds. As your business grows, you can slowly add in features. This steady growth will ensure you don’t blow your budget before your website has a chance to succeed. We recommend you choose a managed dedicated hosting service that allows you to add and remove features as you need them.

You Need Solid Marketing to Make Your Website Work

A lot of people think the hardest part is building the website. However, no matter how good the website is, it won’t go very far without reliable marketing to back it up. Many people build the perfect website but then do no form of advertisement and marketing. This leads to less web traffic, which in turn causes the business to lose money and eventually shut down. To avoid this scenario after you build your website, you must immediately focus your efforts on building a solid marketing plan. An excellent example of reliable marketing is utilizing SEO on your website. Indeed, SEO ensures your website gets the quality traffic it needs to grow into a successful business.

Don’t Do Business with a Hosting Service that Does Not Value Customer Service

A common mistake a lot of people make is choosing the wrong web hosting service company. When you are running a website, you want a web hosting service provider that is going to support you. Maintenance, security, and customer service are all important things that all businesses need for their website. Here at InnoHosting, we provide industry-leading customer service to all of our customers. Our managed dedicated hosting service will provide you with the speeds and features you need.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Web Hosting Plan

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The internet is more important than ever. With recent health epidemics in the world, more and more people are relying on the internet. With this in mind, a vast market is opening up for websites that can fill people’s needs. Web hosting and web hosting services are eager to offer their services to provide for a world that relies on the internet. If you are new to the web hosting world, it can be overwhelming. In this article, we will cover some things you should know and how to get the most out of your web hosting service. Also, we will discuss how affordable reseller hosting and web hosting is more available then you think.

Don’t Get More Than You Need

The first thing you will notice when looking at web hosting plans is that there are a lot of them. Indeed, when it comes to web hosting, you can get a variety of bandwidth speeds and disk space. Depending on what you want to do with your website, that determines what speeds and space you need. For example, if you’re going to make a website for your blog, you do not need a lot of speed or space. However, if you want to run an e-commerce store, you will need more speed and space. The best thing for you to know is exactly what website you want to make before signing up for a reseller hosting or web hosting plan. Knowing precisely what you are doing will allow you to get a more affordable reseller hosting and web hosting plan.

Affordable Reseller Hosting and Web Hosting Services Need to Provide the Right Features

One of the most important things to consider if you want the most out of your web hosting plan is the features they have. Web development and management is a difficult job. Fortunately, there are programs and features designed to make your life easier. For example, OpenCart provides a suite of tools to make the shopping experience better for you and your customers. Also, it is essential to note that choosing a web hosting service that offers the features you need will help you save money and time.

You Need the Right Security

All the bandwidth speed and disk space don’t mean anything if you have inadequate security. In this uncertain time, cyber-attacks are on the rise. The best way to combat this rise is to invest in a web hosting service that provides the very best in security. Also, with less downtime due to data loss, you will be able to make the most out of your reseller hosting service. We recommend you get a service that provides constant server maintenance and patches. These continuous updates will ensure your website will not experience any data loss.

If you are interested in teaming up with an industry-leading web hosting service, then InnoHosting is right for you. Here at InnoHosting, we provide the very best in reseller hosting and web hosting. Also, our affordable reseller hosting and web hosting plans are sure to fit any budget.  

How You Can Use Drupal to Build the Ultimate Website

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The current world we live in is overrun with websites. Indeed, websites are the best way to express your opinion as well as develop a business. However, with so many websites out there, how is someone new supposed to compete? After choosing a business hosting service with cPanel for your website, be sure to choose Drupal to help develop it. Drupal is a powerful open source content management platform. Also, Drupal offers dozens of programs and features that make running your website a breeze. In this article, we will go over how business hosting with cPanel works best when using Drupal.

Drupal Provides Optimal Performance 24/7

The most important factor when it comes to running a website is performance. You need the best performance to provide the features and services your customers want. Drupal is well-known to offer the very best in performance. Indeed, Drupal runs over one million tests a day to ensure it’s running at optimal levels. Next, when you combine the server strength of your hosting provider and Drupal, you can rest easy knowing the server will stay up. Also, due to the high performance of Drupal, you can easily scale your website as the business grows.

Security Is Key

A common feature that everyone wants from the websites they use is high-end security. Indeed, data hacks are a rising nightmare that website owners have to deal with. Drupal understands the concerns around safety and provides the features you need. These features include encrypting your data, patching issues before they become a problem, and regular security reports. Also, your web hosting service provider will provide security features as well.

Customizing Your Website for the User

The best way to retain customers is to provide a personalized experience when they come to your website. One of Drupal’s strongest attributes is its ability to learn from users to deliver a more personalized experience. Drupal can segment your users into categories based on the device they use to view your content. Knowing this information will allow Drupal to prioritize the platform that best fits your business goals. Also, Drupal increases ROI with target marketing based on information learned from customer data.

A Multilingual Website Can Boost Your Business

A great way to increase traffic to your website is to offer a multitude of languages. Indeed, customers are more likely to do business with you when your website is in their native language. Drupal can provide an automated language program for your website. This automated language program can change the language of every aspect of your website. Also, using customer data, Drupal will be able to choose a preferred language for your customers.

Use a Web Hosting Service that Works with Drupal

It is no secret that Drupal offers the tools you need to run a successful website. However, Drupal does not work well on all web hosting services. You must choose the right web hosting service to get the most out of Drupal. Here at InnoHosting, we are fully optimized to work with Drupal. When you choose our business hosting with cPanel, you can rest easy knowing you can use Drupal. Come to our website today to learn more about the life-saving applications you get from business hosting with cPanel.  

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Reseller Hosting Business

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Reseller hosting is quickly becoming a significant moneymaker for a lot of people. Indeed, the ability to host your client’s websites without expensive requirements has opened the door for many people. However, while reseller hosting provides exciting opportunities, it is also essential to do your research. With so many different services, programs, speeds, and sizes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In this article, we will go over three things you should know before starting an affordable reseller hosting business.

Scaling Is Key

The first piece of advice is that it will take time for your reseller hosting company to get off the ground. You should not expect to get dozens of clients overnight. With that being said, you need to have that expectation when shopping for hosting services. As you begin your search, you will be overwhelmed with advertising, claiming you can get super-fast speeds, an extensive amount of disk space, and other great features. When you are confronted with this information, you need to ask yourself one question: do I need this now? Chances are when you first start, you are not going to need the service with all the features set to max. Indeed, to truly get the most out of your money, you need to start small. Many hosting companies, like InnoHosting, provide several plans, all differing in features. Also, looking into affordable reseller hosting will help your business save money in the beginning.

Know Your Vision Backward and Forward

Reseller hosting allows many individuals to gain a significant profit. However, it is because of this success that the market floods. In fact, during your search for hosting companies, you are going to find many reseller hosting businesses as well. In order to set yourself apart, you need to have a clear audience and a clear message. It is not wise to start with a generic reseller for hosting your company. Indeed, your website will get lost with many others.

However, if you have a clear vision that you want, like blogs, and a clear message to get to them, you are more likely to make a favorable impression with clients. Also, you must study the clientele you want. Knowing what your client needs will allow you to provide features that will attract them to your reseller hosting service. It is also important to note that sticking to a specific clientele will give you a more affordable reseller hosting plan.

Going with the Right Reseller Hosting Company

No matter what you plan on doing with your reseller hosting service, you need to go with the right hosting provider. Here at InnoHosting, we provide industry-leading and affordable reseller hosting services. For many years we have earned the trust and support from the many who choose to use InnoHosting for their reseller hosting needs. In fact, over 95% of our clients state that they believe InnoHosting had a positive effect on their business. Come to our website today and learn how you can start making money on a reseller hosting service today.

Why Web Hosting Is the Future of the Internet

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A lot of magnificent strides have been made by the internet within the last two decades. Indeed, a person can now run their entire life through their computer. Your work, grocery shopping, banking, news, and much more can be achieved from the comfort of your living room. A promising leap forward in recent years is the wide accessibility of web hosting and other cloud-based software. Web hosting allows everyday people to access powerful features without having expensive hardware. Also, web hosting provides many other benefits through managed dedicated hosting services. In this article, we will go over why web hosting is the future of the internet.

Managed Dedicated Hosting Services Allow You to Do a Lot with Very Little

Before web hosting gained significant traction, running your own website was nothing short of a nightmare. Indeed, you needed to spend thousands of dollars on your own servers and programs. Once all your equipment was purchased, you would need the knowledge to know how to put it all together.

Fortunately, dedicated cloud hosting services allowed everyday people to start and run their websites with ease. All the servers and other programs are stationed in a central location, and you can access those servers through the cloud. Then, a hosting company, like InnoHosting, manages all the maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to the server.

Global Security Instead of Local Security

If you were to ask anyone familiar with the internet, they would tell you security and encryption are vital for the survival of the internet. Over the last several years, we have borne witness to some of the worst data hacks in the history of the internet. Equifax is a crucial example of the imact data hacks have on the modern internet. Millions of people had their personal data stolen and exposed to the world. After Equifax, more private companies and governments stated their support for higher standards of security.

Managed dedicated hosting services provide an important gateway to creating a higher standard of security. Before hosting services became standard, you were responsible for the protection of your website. This responsibility meant you had to monitor your own servers and implement fixes and patches when you noticed a vulnerability. Fortunately, web hosting handles all the security at a centralized location. Here at InnoHosting, we continuously monitor our hosting servers. We also perform regular maintenance to make sure the software is safe and secure.

Opening Up the Possibilities

The most exciting prospect managed dedicated hosting services brings is the possibilities. Now it doesn’t matter how much money you have or your knowledge of computers. If you have an idea that you want to share with the world, you are now able to do that easier then ever. Here at InnoHosting, we applaud those of you following your idea. That is why we offer industry-leading services to help you get your idea off the ground. Indeed, we provide many options in web hosting plans to ensure you get exactly what you need. Come to our website today and learn how we are helping lead the charge into the future.   

3 Things You Need to Know to Run a Successful E-Commerce Store

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It is no secret that running an e-commerce store is a great way to make a living in today’s society. Indeed, you can sell anything from apparel all the way to custom items. Also, e-commerce stores are great for selling services like computer repair or cleaning services. However, with all the exciting aspects revolving around e-commerce stores, it is easy to get lost in the noise. In this article, we will go over three things you need to know if you want to run a successful e-commerce store. Also, we will show you how business hosting with cPanel will make your e-commerce journey an easier one.

The Features Your Customer Wants, and You Need

An essential thing you need to know when starting an e-commerce store is that you need features to make your customer’s life more comfortable and also yours. Indeed, when your e-commerce store is easy to use, your customers will be more likely to do business with you. Also, the more applications and features you have on your website mean you will have to do less work. You can focus on more essential elements of your business while applications control the running of your website. Here is a shortlist of some applications you need that utilize business hosting with cPanel.

The first application you need is Magento. Magento is a powerful and feature-rich e-commerce application. Also, Magento is equipped with the features you need to keep your e-commerce running securely.

The next application is Opencart. It is no secret that handling your customer’s shopping carts and payment methods can be a nightmare, even for the most tech-savvy among us. Opencart manages the shopping cart experience for your customers. Also, Opencart can take most payment options through a variety of plugins.

The Security of Your E-Commerce Store Matters

An important element that all e-commerce stores share is the fact they handle a lot of financial information. If your e-commerce store experiences a lot of transactions on a weekly basis, you need to focus on the security of your website. You can achieve this security in a couple of different ways. First, business hosting with cPanel powered by InnoHosting provides protection through the cloud. When you host your e-commerce website through InnoHosting, you will get constant server monitoring and maintenance. Also, you must get an SSL certificate for your website to ensure your customer’s data remains encrypted.

Customer Service Is Key to Any Successful Business

The way your customers feel treated will directly impact their motivation to continue business with you. Excellent customer service is achieved in a couple of different ways. First, when you make an effort to make your website fun and easy to use by using business hosting with cPanel, it shows the customer that you care about the experience they are having. Next, you can establish both a physical and digital presence where your customers can communicate directly with you regarding their experience. Come to our website today and learn how business hosting with cPanel, powered by InnoHosting, can enhance the success of your e-commerce store.

How Reseller Hosting Can Help Build Your Brand

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In these modern times, it seems much of our lives operate on the internet. Indeed, we work, play, shop, and socialize all from the computer we keep at the home or office. In a world where everything exists online, it is now easier than ever to make money while building your brand at the same time. Reseller hosting is an excellent way to capitalize on the internet culture we currently live in. However, in the world of reseller hosting, it is easy to get lost in the multitude of options and features. In this article, we will go over the best ways reseller hosting can help build your brand. Also, we will go over the best places to get affordable reseller hosting plans.

Providing the Options You Want

Not all reseller hosting services are created equal. In fact, there are a multitude of different options you need to consider when choosing a reseller hosting plan. The first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of websites you want to host to help grow your brand.

 Next, you need to find a reseller hosting plan that offers the bandwidth and disk space required to make your hosting service successful. For example, if you want to host websites that allow the user to post and share videos, you will need a lot of bandwidth and disk space. On the other hand, if you want to host blogs or other text-based websites, you will not need as much disk space or bandwidth.

The most important thing to remember is choosing the right rehosting plan that best helps your customer. When you provide the services your customer needs, they are more likely to continue working with you and spread the word about your services. As more and more people flock to your hosting service, your brand will continue to grow. Here at InnoHosting, we provide multiple affordable reseller hosting plans that will fit your needs.

Providing Security That Will Make You a Trusted Brand

A hot topic these days is the security of our personal data on the internet. Indeed, you can’t go more than a couple of weeks without hearing about a new data hack. As a result, consumers are now wary about who they choose to do business with on the internet. When you offer state of the art security with your hosting plans, you are showing consumers that your brand can be trusted. Here at InnoHosting, we provide industry-leading security programs and practices that will help keep your customer’s data safe.

Affordable Reseller Hosting That Helps Grow Your Brand

No matter what websites you choose to host, you need to do business with a reseller hosting service that cares about your brand as much as you do. Here at InnoHosting, we take pride in our ability to offer groundbreaking services at prices that can fit anybody’s budget. We offer the variety you need while also providing the security your customers require. Come to our website today and learn how affordable reseller hosting services can help grow your brand.   

How to Save Money with Your E-Commerce Store

business hosting with cPanel

A great way to earn income in today’s internet society is to open up an e-commerce store. Indeed, an e-commerce store allows you to sell goods and services around the world. However, starting an e-commerce store and acquiring all the software to make it run can become expensive if you don’t know what to look for. Fortunately, there are options for those of you who are new to the e-commerce scene. When you choose business hosting with cPanel powered by InnoHosting, you are given the tools you need to succeed. In this article, we will go over a few ways to save money with your e-commerce store.

The Power of Web and Business Hosting with cPanel

The most essential element of any successful e-commerce store is the hosting service. An e-commerce store takes a lot of disk space and bandwidth to run correctly. Therefore, you need to choose a hosting service that is up to the task of running your e-commerce store. Business hosting with cPanel powered by InnoHosting provides the services you need at prices that can fit anyone’s budget. Let’s go over some of the programs and services offered by business hosting with cPanel.


Over the past several years, PrestaShop has become an industry standard when it comes to running an e-commerce store. Indeed, PrestaShop offers over three hundred features that are optimized to make your e-commerce store run at peak performance. Also, an added benefit of all the features provided with PrestaShop is that you can spend less time and money focusing on your e-commerce store to focus on more important things. If you are interested in implementing PrestaShop to your e-commerce website, business hosting with cPanel powered by InnoHosting can implement it to your website within minutes.


Handling transactions on your e-commerce website can be a nightmare for anyone. Indeed, with a variety of payment and currency options, it is easy to become overwhelmed. OpenCart is a shopping cart system that provides the features you need to handle all the incoming transactions your e-commerce store will experience. These features include the ability to accept most payment options. Also, OpenCart can work with a majority of payment gateway systems that are available. An added benefit is the money you will save when you avoid paying fees to dozens of different shopping cart programs.


The way your e-commerce website looks is just as important as the items and services you sell. In fact, if your website is easy to use, the likelihood of you making more money from your customers increases. Magneto is an extensive e-commerce application that provides numerous ways for you to manage the content on your e-commerce website. Also, Magneto provides means for you to customize the functionality and look of your e-commerce website.  

Security Matters

The most important feature your e-commerce store needs is industry-leading security. Financial data hacks are becoming more and more prevalent. In order to counteract these data hacks you need the right protection. Business hosting with cPanel powered by InnoHosting provides the very best security for your e-commerce website. Come to our website today and learn how business hosting with cPanel can save your e-commerce website money.     

How OpenCart Can Turn Your Website into a Thriving E-Commerce Store

business hosting with cPanel

Running an E-commerce is a great way to make income in today’s internet culture. Indeed, data is showing that more people are shopping online than they are at physical stores. With this in mind, if you want your E-commerce store to survive, you need to set it apart from the other websites. Using programs like OpenCart will give you the competitive edge you need to thrive in the online market. Also, the ease of use of OpenCart and business hosting with Cpanel makes even the most complicated transactions seem manageable. In this article, we will go into greater detail about why OpenCart is excellent as well as show you why you should choose business hosting with cPanel.

The Tools You Need for Business Hosting with cPanel

If you run an E-commerce store, you know very well how complicated and frustrating it can be. Managing inventory, transactions, and a variety of technical issues are overwhelming even for the computer-savvy among us. Why not let OpenCart take some of that burden off you? OpenCart is a state of the art program that gives you dozens of tools to make handling an E-commerce store more bearable. In fact, OpenCart can help manage the shopping carts of your customers as well as accept payments from a variety of sources. OpenCart allows you to focus on the more important factors when it comes to running your E-commerce business.

The Power of the Cloud

Running an E-commerce store is a 24/7 type of job. Your customers can purchase your products day or night. To provide the customer service your customers deserve, you need to have access to programs like OpenCart at all times. Business hosting with cPanel allows you to conduct your business on the cloud. This ease of access means you are no longer trapped behind a desk at your office. Indeed, access the programs you need when and wherever you want.

Security Matters

Financial data theft is a significant issue that is affecting businesses all over the world. It seems almost every month another online retailer is victimized by these thieves. When your customers shop at your E-commerce store, they are trusting you with their financial information. OpenCart provides many ways for your customers to pay for their items. Also, business hosting with cPanel powered by InnoHosting provides industry-leading security. This security includes SSL certificates and constant monitoring of the server you are hosting with. Never lose a night’s sleep worried about data hackers stealing your financial data.

Choosing the Right Hosting Service

No matter how you want to run your E-commerce store, you need to work with a hosting company that cares about your business as much as you do. Here at InnoHosting, we provide industry-leading services that can fit anyone’s budget. Let us take the burden of running your E-commerce store with programs like OpenCart. Come to our website today and learn how you can benefit from choosing business hosting with cPanel.

What Are Subdomains and How Can They Improve Traffic to Your Website?

business hosting with cPanel

For a website to succeed in today’s market, it needs enough traffic to survive. Indeed, traffic can add legitimacy to your site as well as generate ad revenue. Also, if you are an online shop, bringing traffic to your website is the only way for your company to make money. There are many methods and programs you can use to increase traffic. However, one of the more successful ways to increase traffic is to have a variety of subdomains. In this article, we will discuss what subdomains are. Also, we will talk about how they can increase your traffic as well as how business hosting with cPanel can help you.

What Are Subdomains?

Before we begin, we need to discuss the importance of the Domain Name System. The Domain Name System or DNS is the program responsible for making browsing the internet a breeze. Without the DNS, going to a website would involve you typing a series of numbers and dashes to access the domain.

A subdomain is a method for users to access different areas of your website. For example, you can separate your blog from your main website by making a subdomain for your blog. While subdomains are directly linked to your primary domain, Google and other search engines treat them differently. With regard to SEO, search engines separate your subdomains from your primary domain. To put it in another way, if you optimize your blog for SEO, it will not affect your primary domain. However, there are many benefits to having a variety of subdomains for your website.

Make Websites for a Variety of Users

If you are a business or organization that has a global reach, you will benefit from using subdomains. A useful way to utilize a subdomain is if you need to change the language and content of your website for different regions. Also, having a separate subdomain for every region will reduce confusion for your international users and therefore create more traffic.

Create a More Optimized Mobile Site

A massive headache for web developers is creating a website that runs well for both desktop and mobile users. Creating a subdomain for your mobile website will allow you to focus on making the best mobile experience without messing up your desktop website. Also, users will appreciate the ease of using your website on their phone therefore generating more traffic for your website.

Making a Subdomain for Your Shop/Blog

Many websites use subdomains to separate their shops or blogs from the main website. Blogs and e-commerce stores can use up a lot of data and disk space. Indeed, the amount of programs required to make an e-commerce store run successfully is overwhelming. Separating your e-commerce or blog into a subdomain will allow you to separate the data and disk space use from your main website. Also, having your blog or e-commerce store on a subdomain will make it easier for users to access.

How Business Hosting with cPanel Can Help You

Managing your website can be difficult even for the computer savvy individuals among us. Business hosting with cPanel powered by InnoHosting provides useful tools to make operating your website more accessible. First, InnoHosting provides industry-leading hosting technology so you can rest easy knowing the best hosting technology controls your website. Next, cPanel provides useful tools that make creating and managing subdomains simple. Go to our website at InnoHosting today and learn how business hosting with cPanel can save you time and money.


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