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Your WordPress Blog and InnoHosting Insights Together

Wordpress and Innohosting together gives you more for your blog.

WordPress is the perfect platform for business owners and entrepreneurs alike to launch a blog. However, learning the ins and outs of using WordPress and InnoHosting IT services is important for a successful blog. If you are new to the world of blogging, then you need to take time to acquaint yourself with the world of WordPress and InnoHosting. Anyone can become a successful blogger when they learn how to best use their resources. Your IT services and plan configuration from InnoHosting are the perfect solution to providing you with everything you need to begin a WordPress blog this year. 

At InnoHosting, we offer you more options to choose from when it comes to creating the right IT plan for your needs. With both virtual private server systems and managed dedicated server systems, you have two great options to begin your search. From there you can choose what IT features, applications, and add-ons would best suit your hosting needs. After that, you can begin exploring the wonderful world of WordPress for your blog. Plus, our 24/7 support team is always here to answer your questions and troubleshoot issues. If you have specific questions regarding WordPress, we can help you find the best solutions. 

In the meantime, we invite you to explore our website! You can also keep reading to learn more about your WordPress blog and InnoHosting services. 

Why Choose WordPress and InnoHosting for Your Blog?

The first thing you should consider is whether WordPress is the right choice for your needs. WordPress is a great platform that can be used for blogging, business websites, and so much more. With the option to add numerous plug-ins to the site, you can also sell your products directly online. WordPress is the clear choice for many people’s needs, especially when it comes to blogging. 

Some benefits of choosing WordPress and InnoHosting for your blog include its ease of navigation, simple editing block layout, and numerous customization templates – all for free. You can also add further customization features for low annual costs. 

Learn more about WordPress and Innohosting today.
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Using WordPress and InnoHosting Services 

When you choose WordPress through your InnoHosting IT services you can quickly begin laying out your blog with support, insights, and advice from our experts. The many free templates make it easy to find a theme that suits your blog content and personal preferences. 

When it comes to writing and editing content in WordPress, the process is simple. WordPress uses a standard paragraph and heading block layout. That means you can create and insert different blocks and edit them independently of one another. This makes it simple to lay out each blog post for easy reading and clear content comprehension. WordPress also gives you hints for ways you can better utilize your blog layout for optimal reading results. 

Furthermore, the ease of navigating WordPress makes it beginner-friendly. You don’t need an IT degree or a firm understanding of complex IT systems to successfully create a blog on WordPress. However, there are some helpful things you can learn ahead of time or during the infancy of your blog to boost your traffic. 

SEO Optimization, WordPress and InnoHosting Together 

One helpful tip we want to help you with is SEO optimization. When it comes to WordPress and InnoHosting, we are the IT professionals who can help you learn the basics of SEO resources for optimal blog traffic. SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you use keywords or phrases in your blog post content to drive potentially interested readers to your website, you are integrating basic SEO principles. 

For example, if you are trying to reach customers interested in baby products you sell, you might write a blog post on popular baby products. Then you might choose a keyword such as “baby products” or “popular baby products” for your SEO keyword. Using these words regularly throughout your blog content will make readers more likely to come across your blog when searching for popular baby products in their search engine. As a result, you can easily drive traffic to your website. 

More Information on WordPress and InnoHosting Together 

The possibilities are truly limitless when it comes to using WordPress and InnoHosting together for your business website or blog. Whether you are an individual who likes blogging about some of your favorite hobbies or a business owner looking to boost sales through targeted content, InnoHosting can help. WordPress and InnoHosting IT services together are the perfect solution for all of your blogging questions and needs. Learn more, get started, and let our IT professionals aid you in crafting a stunning blog today. Give us a call at 1-888-522-INNO today to learn more about our services, plan options, and available add-ons. 

3 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Website marketing strategies to help you increase sales.

When it comes to the best website marketing strategies, you want to streamline your process to effectively market your website in less time. However, learning how to do so can be a delicate balancing act that takes time to master. As the owner of a small or even a large business, marketing is the key to gaining new clients and maintaining current customers simultaneously. Plus, marketing techniques can help you reach individuals who might otherwise not come across your services. It’s easy to reach clients actively searching for you, but branching out into a larger market can be difficult for newbies. 

No matter the focus of your business, InnoHosting can help you with website marketing strategies proven to help companies increase their traffic and profits. With our help, you can take your business, streamline your marketing process, and drastically grow your outreach fast! Learn more about how we can help you with website marketing strategies by visiting our website. Here are three marketing mistakes you will want to avoid as you get started streamlining your new marketing plan. 

Starting Too Late with Website Marketing Strategies

It is never too early to begin marketing your website or your business. However, starting too late can cost you critical clients upfront and make it hard for you to launch your enterprise fully. As a result, money lost early on can make it difficult to reach your full potential. If you have to cut budgets and initial costs, you might not provide the same quality of service.

Furthermore, cutting corners can gain you an early reputation as lazy or incompetent regarding your products or services when you need the most support. Even if your website is not fully ready to launch, you can begin with some initial marketing principles. While you might not direct customers to your webpage during this stage, you can still share information about your website remodel on social media and get individuals hyped to see your new site. 

Forgetting About Social Media

The second major marketing mistake you can make when using website marketing strategies is forgetting to implement social media. These days, phones and social media platforms are at the forefront of most people’s lives. This makes social media one of the most effective ways to market your website to both new and established customers. Furthermore, different social media platforms allow you to convey your message to different audiences and demographics. Plus, social media makes it easy to find your unique voice and style and use various functions to reach a broader audience in a shorter period. 

Website marketing you can trust with InnoHosting.
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Not Interacting With Customers

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make is forgetting to interact with your customers. When customers reach out to you on social media platforms or through contact forms on your website, they want to establish a bond with your business. They may need urgent questions answered or be seeking a higher level of transparency regarding your products or services.

Ignoring customers makes it appear like you only care about sales and making a profit. As a result, customers who feel a disconnect between their service providers and their inquiries might seek out alternative businesses. Customer service should be at the heart of your business, and good website marketing strategies and strong customer service relationships go hand in hand. 

Bonus Tip: Software Matters for Website Marketing Strategies 

A helpful bonus tip to remember is that your website software and IT infrastructure systems matter. Investing in unreliable software will only lead to unreliable website marketing strategies. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. With InnoHosting’s trusted, affordable, and robust software system, you can have the best of both worlds: reliability and affordability.

 Plus, every Innohosting plan you invest in comes with state-of-the-art security software you can count on. With solid firewall protection and regular security scans, we have your back against scammers, hackers, cyberattacks, phishing scams, brute force attacks, and other security issues. In addition, our standard data backup system protects against sudden data crashes or breaches. With InnoHosting, you can indeed have it all and excel with your unique website marketing strategies today!\

Contact InnoHosting for More Information 

Beginning to craft your unique website marketing strategies plan can be daunting; however, we can help! At Innohosting, we are dedicated to the highest levels of customer service and want to help you succeed. Our marketing experts can help you streamline, define, and implement your website marketing strategies today! Learn more about how we can help and the InnoHosting difference today by giving us a call at 1-888-522-INNO.

4 Strategies to Market Your Website

Web Marketing is a critical part of smooth business operations.
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When you are a business owner, your website becomes a critical element in your organization’s operations. Directing clients to your websites allows them to find more information about your business, fulfill orders online, and navigate several helpful resources. Therefore, establishing a solid web presence early on in the development of your company is critical. However, web marketing can seem daunting to those who are still new to that world. No need to fear; InnoHosting is here! At InnoHosting, we have helped businesses of all kinds and sizes market their websites effectively. Here are four strategies that you should consider using to help with web marketing.

Use Social Media

One of the most effective ways to interact in today’s business world is through social media. Almost everyone uses one or more social media platforms, making them the perfect way to connect with current clients and reach more potential customers at the same time. Furthermore, different social media platforms allow you to convey your message effectively to diverse audiences. Younger audiences might favor platforms like Instagram, while slightly older populations might favor Twitter and Facebook. Using all social media platforms in tandem with one another in a strategic web marketing plan will allow you to most effectively reach the broadest range of individuals. 

Social media is also great because it allows you to use catchy visuals to showcase your business’s services and products. Another great web marketing strategy is to offer giveaways or contests through these platforms to engage viewers and get them excited about your products. In the end, investing in a robust social media presence is by far one of the most important elements in marketing your business website these days. 

Create Detailed Blog Posts

Another excellent idea is to create detailed blog posts about services your business may offer. These posts will be more in-depth information than that used on social media, typically ranging from 500 to 2000 words. Make sure these posts are both informative and engaging. You never want fluff to fill these posts, but you also don’t want the bare bones, which leaves clients asking for more information. 

The benefit of blog posts is that they can be emailed or shared on social media, creating a deeper source of information for those researching your company’s services and products. Plus, you can use keyword analysis and SEO functions to raise the likelihood of individuals stumbling across your page in search engines. Increasing traffic to your website is a simple way to establish a more prominent web presence and market your company effectively.

Invest in Solid Servers

Whether your business needs a reliable dedicated server or a virtual private server, InnoHosting has your back. Choosing the right option for your business can quickly help you market your company website effectively. Let us help you find the right choice by calling us today to speak with a trained professional. No matter which server you choose, both options will provide you with a solid basis to build your website, keep track of essential data, and expand your web presence as your company grows. InnoHosting has numerous server plans, all backed with reliable security and data backup systems. 

Photo by Georgie Cobbs on Unsplash

Tell Your Clients To Visit Your Website

It may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked: the old-school power of word of mouth. As a result, don’t underestimate the value of reminding your customers to visit your website. You can tell them about exciting features that your website offers, which might engage them further with your business. Furthermore, directing them to your website gives them an easy way to share information with others if they love your products or services. 

You may also want to add some interactive elements to your webpage like promotional sales offers, room for customer feedback, games and giveaways, or featured blog posts that might be the most compelling for viewers. Keep in mind that you want to establish a web marketing plan that draws users in and makes them want to return to your site and share it with other. Make it a habit to post information at your business about your web and social media platforms. You can even offer incentives for those who “like” your pages, like discounts or special offers. Creating an email list is another excellent way to engage customers with recurring information on special offers and increase the power of your web marketing.

Contact InnoHosting

Establishing a web marketing plan for your business’s website doesn’t have to be like stumbling around in the dark. With the help of our InnoHosting experts, marketing your website becomes easy and even enjoyable. There are numerous ways to market your website successfully, so there is no shortage of ways to get creative, have fun with it, and grow your business at the same time. Learn more about how we can help and the InnoHosting difference today. Contact us today!

How to Market Your Reseller Hosting Service in 2021

Drupal can be used with web or reseller hosting.

As an entrepreneur, reselling your hosting business is a promising and lucrative path to consider. However, there is a slight learning curve for beginners attempting to market their hosting service for the first time. Once you learn the basics of affordably marketing your reseller hosting service, then the rest is actually quite manageable and simple. InnoHosting is here to help you market your reseller hosting service in 2021 with top-of-the-line customer service available to answer all your web hosting questions. 

Before Marketing Your Reseller Hosting Service

It is important that you understand and accomplish a few tasks before attempting to market your reseller hosting service. First, you need to understand who your target audience is. Next, you want to find your edge. You must understand that you are not the only business owner in the affordable reseller hosting service business; having an edge or something that makes you stand out will help you in the long run.

After that, you will need a strong foundational service to help you with reselling your hosting business. InnoHosting offers numerous insights into affordable reseller hosting for whatever your needs may be. 

Affordable Reseller hosting services with InnoHosting are available.
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Establish a Plan

One of the first marketing strategies you should take advantage of to efficiently market your affordable reseller hosting service in 2021 is creating a cohesive marketing plan. Establishing a plan will help map out a guideline for you and your employees. It will also keep you on track and organize your strategies in one location.

As you read through this post, make note of ways you can add and subtract ideas from your current marketing plan. It is important to have a solid plan, but it also needs to be easily flexible. Remember, we live in a very dynamic and competitive market; creating a plan which can be modified will allow you to adapt to the changes each year may bring and increase your affordable reseller hosting service sales. 

Tools for Marketing Your Reseller Hosting Service in 2021

In order to most productively market your reseller hosting service in the modern world, you should take advantage of all the tools at your fingertips. Now more than ever, there is an endless variety of tools available to those looking to boost their affordable reseller hosting marketing strategies. 

Use Online Video Streaming Services

Online video streaming services like YouTube are very popular. Approximately 80% of the US population watches videos online regularly. These services provide a quick way to send your message out without losing your customers’ interest. Smartphones have also made it increasingly easy to engage with audiences through these services anywhere, widening the range and scope of your viewers quickly.

However, making quality videos can be more difficult than other marketing strategies. It may call for more time upfront or hiring outside individuals to help your business create coherent, clear, and high-quality videos. In the end, if you choose to go this route, it will pay for itself by reaching a more diverse range of potential customers efficiently. 

Write Blog Posts 

Blogging is part of a growing marketing strategy known as content marketing. Blog posts are a great option because they can be easily shared across social media platforms and are written in an easy-to-understand format. Blogging is also ideal because your business can share blog posts written on your company’s website, placing your marketing content at the forefront of your page. It is also more approachable than video content marketing. 

Use Social Media

In 2021, social media is one of the most efficient ways to market your affordable reseller hosting business affordably. Social media platforms are at the center of many people’s daily routines and offer a variety of approaches to marketing using photographs and brief posts. It also helps target a younger audience just entering the business world. As a result, establishing strong social media platforms should be one of your top priorities for marketing your reseller hosting service. 

Learn to Optimize with SEO

SEO keyphrase focus words are a critical part of all aspects and tools in the marketing realm. By properly using SEO, you can reach interested audiences more easily and increase your profit margins drastically. SEO may seem daunting to use at first, but it’s actually very user-friendly after you learn the basics. Once again, it just requires a tiny learning bump but can easily be done without hiring outside marketing experts, saving you time and money. 

 InnoHosting Affordable Reseller Hosting Services

In 2021, you need a reseller hosting service that is dynamic, up-to-date, and affordable. At InnoHosting, we are dedicated to helping our clients with all of their hosting needs. We take care of all software installation to provide security, and we offer a 24/7 support desk service. All our reseller hosting service plans come with your own account access, featuring easy-to-navigate control panels. Additionally, each plan comes with an advanced control panel known as a Web Host Manager, which enables users to manage all content efficiently.

Contact InnoHosting

InnoHosting offers multiple pricing and service options, including information and services regarding affordable reseller hosting. If you are an entrepreneur or own a company, InnoHosting is here to help you make the most of your reseller hosting experience. With low-cost options, we are here to answer all your questions. Contact us today, and we will help you make the right choice for your business. For more information, visit our website and read our blog posts to learn more about all the suitable options for your business and personal needs. 

Managed Dedicated Servers: Uninterrupted Vacations

start a reseller hosting business

Managed dedicated servers allow companies to run smooth, uninterrupted online operations without the time commitments of constant check-ins. With professional website hosting, your site features can be scheduled to drop whenever you plan, with posts or sales tactics informed by brand and agenda arriving while you go about your life.

Essentially, you won’t have to concern yourself with content releases, audience needs, or optimization troubles. A good hosting service should take care of all the above so you can use that precious time for other activities, whether that’s family time or further business planning. The way you spend your time is up to you. Our job is to provide you with worry-free hosting and site management.

With InnoHosting you’ll never have to worry about hidden charges, either. We keep payments organized via one easy monthly payment. This alone saves you time. As a result, your brand can be greatly represented with a managed dedicated server, one that is affordable and organized.

Managed Dedicated Servers & Content

For example, personal blogs, info videos, and past-client testimonies are highlighted as they need to be while you attend to other business matters. A managed dedicated server means users will come across your content without you having to monitor delivery 24/7.

Ideally, InnoHosting’s solid-state drives ensure that your customers experience the best loading times. Our SSDs feature lower latency and physical resistance, storing persistent data while functioning as secondary storage.

As a result, better speeds mean the user won’t lose patience waiting for content to load. The average site skimmer will browse a page for around 3 seconds. A managed dedicated server works to your advantage by presenting your content in uninterrupted ways. You and your team can begin work on future plans while we take care of your online presence.

Server Optimization

For best results, our managed dedicated servers are equipped for optimization. No matter what device your users hold, they will have access to each feature. Tablets and mobile phones will display your blogs and videos as intended. Optimization is critical when you consider how often tech companies update their devices. Staying on top of these changes is imperative to website delivery.

InnoHosting lets you preview how web pages load. Managed dedicated servers include Premier and Executive hosting plans. Your brand will have unlimited mail accounts, a MySQL Database, and Webalizer to ensure the best results. Servers can be adjusted to match new company additions in the realm of advertisers, products, and user needs. In addition, but InnoHosting will accommodate optimized apps with pre-built OS templates and can also install them remotely.

Employ our hosting services and your brand will benefit from dynamic High-Speed RAID10 storage and Full KVM Virtualization. Statistically, this means up to 5,000 MB of web space and 200,000 MB bandwidth, along with free migrations. All of this adds up to better optimization, which leads to better business.  

For more questions about the benefits of optimization, get in touch with InnoHosting’s web-hosting specialists. When you’re online, your brand needs to run smoothly for client satisfaction, and our servers are built to give the best experience possible. In fact, your users won’t have to think about how your site runs or doesn’t run. Really, this is a concern that should never cross their minds–they should be focused on whatever it is that you have laid out for them.

They shouldn’t have to worry about malware, either. With our hosting services, you’ll have constant protection against major vulnerabilities, such as XSS & SQL Injection attacks.

InnoHosting’s ActivGuard Security Suite also scans for the latest malware and viruses using firewall tools that check for updates on a daily basis. This means your users will have the best experience possible. Basically, we’ll take care of everything.

Managed Dedicated Servers & Your Target Audience

Poorly-run websites can send users running to competitor sites. On a bad day, unmonitored site links can redirect clients to unwanted areas on the Web. This creates frustrations and repels new customers.

Our servers feature a range of premium SSL certificates. If your brand deals in e-commerce, consumer confidence will dissipate if even one thing goes wrong. InnoHosting employs premium SSL certificates that display a “green bar” on the browser. This helps to emphasize a high level of security. You won’t have to worry about checking in constantly. Instead, you’ll have an uninterrupted focus to use for company growth and strategies.

Our server technicians have your target audience in mind, with the ability to deal with any virtual problems, either technical or security-related. If we host your website, you’ll gain a dedicated environment that features two main virtualization technologies: a container and full virtualization. As a result, your web pages will experience the stability that’s required to please your audience.

managed dedicated servers

Avoid Interruption with Managed Dedicated Servers

Our technicians have learned the best strategies and problem-solving methods to keep your proverbial eyes on the road. No-distraction managed dedicated servers can propel your brand forward while you go about business as usual. InnoHosting is defined by our proactive handling of your projects. Best of all, this top-line management continues until the lifecycle of your project ends.

As far as features, each server plan has an exclusive set, including cPanel control panel software for better server and web page management. As a result, your hosted site will be maintained at full capacity. For control options, you’ll be able to reboot servers remotely if the need ever arises.

Our managed dedicated servers run on a strong base of customer support. We use live chat support, nationwide toll-free numbers, and user-friendly forums to meet any potential issue head-on. Thanks to InnoHosting, you can set your attention elsewhere, because InnoHosting has your back on the digital front.

Dedicated Hosting Services: Presenting Your Online Brand

dedicated hosting services

Launching a new brand can be incredibly stressful. That’s why having the help of dedicated hosting services can be the difference between being successful or not. Good hosting is the foundation of every great brand, but there are many other factors that go into it, too. You can’t just launch a business or a brand without a clear plan that lays out everything you need to do along the way. 

There are many different ways to launch a brand, but there are four primary things that every business needs to think about as they plan. Here is a deeper look at the steps you need to take to best present your online brand.

4 Steps to Presenting Your Online Brand

Define Your Values

Before you can do anything involving your brand, you first need to define what your values are. Think of your brand values as the driver of your brand’s car. Without it, there is nothing guiding your brand or motivating it to get from one point to another. You need to remain consistent in everything to do with your brand, and your values define what those are going to be.

This goes much deeper than just your logo; it is what you say and how you say it in addition to how everything looks. People should be able to recognize you and your content no matter which social media channel they are on. Examples of what your brand values typically represent are:

  • The tone of voice in content
  • Colors
  • Fonts 
  • Graphics 
  • Personality 
  • Visual appearance 

Clearly defining these early on in your process will make things easier down the road. You won’t need to be constantly making decisions about what you need to do when you are building your website or using dedicated hosting services, because you’ll already know what the specific colors or font need to be.

Understand Your Customers

Before you can sell to your customers, you have to identify who they are and what they like. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create ideal customer profiles. These are fictional representations with the attributes of real customers that you want to target. 

For example, if you run a bakery in a suburb, one of your customer profiles might be Thomas, the 25-year-old recent graduate who has gotten his first job and sees your bakery on his commute every morning. He has the income to justify spending money on a pastry that might be more than something from McDonalds, but is still on a budget. 

He spends a lot of time on social media, so targeted Instagram ads will be a great way to reach him. If this hypothetical bakery was yours, you should aim to create social media content that focuses on showcasing your store and how convenient it is to stop by on your commute. 

Having these tools might seem silly at first, but they are meant to help you stay focused on the things that matter and make your brand money. The most important thing you can do for your brand is stay consistent, and these are the factors that help you do that.

Determine Your Fit in the Big Picture of Your Industry

Much like defining who your customers are, determining how you will fit into the marketplace is a central part of this process. You don’t want to enter a marketplace doing exactly what your competition is doing or one that is so saturated that you are lost in the shuffle. 

When you enter a new marketplace, you want to try to steer your business away from as much trouble and competition as possible. Trying to find a way to fit into the market in a way that is unique to you is one way to set yourself up for success instead of failure. 

You can’t start a business that is essentially something that Amazon is offering at a larger scale and lower price. Opening a business and establishing a brand requires a ton of research, but it pays off in the long run.

dedicated hosting services

Define Your Positioning Statement

Your positioning statement is essentially a culmination of all of these factors discussed so far. It is a concise statement that describes your target market, how you want your brand to be viewed, and what makes you stand out in the marketplace. This positioning statement will serve as the launching point of the rest of your brand, so you want to make sure you are very clear in your messaging. 

When creating a positioning statement, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. Is this clear and concise? Ideally, you’d want the statement to be fully understood by someone that isn’t affiliated with your business or industry. Does this statement address your specific target audience? If not, you need to change your messaging immediately to better attract them. 

Can your brand deliver on what you promised? If not, reevaluate immediately. Building a brand means building trust, and if you are lying to customers from the outset then you are going to face challenges in building a customer base. Does your positioning statement define your unique selling point? Being able to easily identify what sets you apart from the other brands is incredibly valuable and will be a way to cut through the noise of your established competition. 

Let InnoHosting’s Dedicated Hosting Services Help You Launch Your Online Brand

The basis of any online brand is good online hosting. Take advantage of InnoHosting’s dedicated hosting services in order to maximize your online brand. We offer help with everything from social media to 24/7 web maintenance to make sure your website is always functioning properly. 
Customer service is what we pride ourselves on; we won’t let your business down. No matter what you need in regards to online hosting, we are here for you. Contact us today to learn what we can do for your brand.

Business Reseller Hosting: Starter Kit Offerings

what can business reseller hosting do for me?

Did you know that you don’t need to be an expert in website hosting to own and operate a reseller hosting business? As millions of people are trying to find more ways to earn money, one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is business reseller hosting. But what exactly is business reseller hosting?

Basically, you are “renting” server space from a hosting provider and then selling it to your own customers. You pay a fixed monthly fee, and in return, you get space on their server and charge your clients however much you would like. As a prospective reseller, you need to find ways to minimize your business expenses to maximize profits. That’s where InnoHosting’s business reseller starter kit comes into play.

Boasting a wide range of features, each starter kit is tailored to what you might need as a hosting reseller. Bundling together things like a WHMCS License, Comodo SSL, and featuring a wide range of knowledgebase articles, InnoHosting is the most reliable way to start your own business reseller hosting business. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what the starter kit can offer you.

What Your Business Reseller Hosting Starter Kit Offers You

Free WHMCS License

A Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) License is essential to running your business. The name of this game is automation and convenience. A WHMCS bundles every single thing you could need to run your website and business, offering an all-in-one client management system and both billing and support interface for web hosting companies. 

Imagine your website is a giant house, and you’re trying to string lights up for the holiday season. Before LED lights, each bulb needed to work and be lit for the circuit to be complete, but now, when a light goes out, it doesn’t compromise the rest of the lights. Website management could say the same thing before WHMCS was invented. Everything is automated and done at a rate faster and better than a human.

In order to run your web hosting business properly, you will need this interface to automate all of the tasks that would take a human being countless hours to do at a high volume. This not only takes human error out of the equation but also frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business, like sales or customer support. 

Typically, a WHMCS License runs about $40 a month, but when you sign up for InnoHosting’s business reseller hosting starter kit, you get it for free. Why pay for something you need when you can get it for free?

Free Comodo SSL

Digital transactions are becoming the norm in 2021. There were increases in paying ahead at restaurants, curbside pickup everywhere from Starbucks to your local grocery store, and a surge in online transactions. This means that now more than ever, you need to make sure your online business is secure. 

Cybercrime is up, thanks to more people being stuck inside than ever before, a rise in online transactions from businesses that don’t know how to protect themselves, and people getting desperate. Even if you don’t have an online storefront, there is valuable information that hackers can take from you and your customers. That is why you need to make sure your website is protected.

That’s where an SSL certificate comes into play. An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that works to create an encrypted connection and provides authentication for your website. Many different companies offer SSL certificates, but the best is a Comodo SSL.

Boasting over 100 million SSL certificates worldwide, Comodo SSL (a subsidiary of Sectigo) is the gold standard when it comes to securing your website and online transactions. If you are trying to secure your website, there are few better ways to do it than Comodo SSL. The starting price for the most basic Comodo SSL is right around $50 a year, but through InnoHosting, you get it for free with our Business Reseller Hosting Starter Kit.

Free Knowledgebase Articles 

Everyone knows that knowledge is power, so why wouldn’t you want to enrich yourself at every opportunity? Starting and running a business is scary, but when you know what to expect or feel like you have a consistent and reliable resource, you can turn to things that don’t seem so overwhelming. That’s why we always strive to provide our customers with a wide range of entirely free knowledge-based articles full of tips about everything to do with business reseller hosting. 

You don’t need to have a wealth of knowledge to run a business right off the bat. Learning by doing is an excellent way to get some real-world experience, especially when you mix teaching yourself new skills and reading up on common challenges that you might face. 

Our team is consistently updating our knowledgebase articles, and it is all included in our starter kit package. When you have a question, you can turn to InnoHosting to not only answer it, but also to assist you the whole way as you work through the issue. No matter what stage of your business you are in, we have a backlog of posts that can help you get the answers you need.

business reseller hosting for small businesses

InnoHosting: Your Business Reseller Hosting Starter Kit Solution

Don’t get left behind with this incredible opportunity. With your skills and our business reseller hosting starter kit, you have all the tools needed to start your own website hosting business. For a fixed price, you can be well on your way to being a business owner. Our packages and services take the pressure off you because we handle all aspects of hosting and maintenance.

Whether you are a website designer who wants to become independent from your agency or someone that wants to own their own business as a way to get extra income on the side, InnoHosting is here to be your complete hosting solution. We offer a wide range of packages that are designed to fit the needs of every customer. Contact us today for more information.

Business-Grade Hosting: A Starting Point

bussines-grade hosting

Consider business-grade hosting as the start of a new direction for your brand. Naturally, new companies want an impressive online debut, while veteran brands want to use “refresh” tactics to keep their name in the news. Professional website hosting can indeed jumpstart a new or fresh direction, but have you ever wondered how?

After all, the term “bad business” can apply to a number of wrong maneuvers. Among those mistakes is the act of choosing an online upgrade without first asking questions. InnoHosting was founded on this kind of notion: the client should know what they’re paying for. As a result, we’ve broken down what business-grade hosting means and how it can become the boost your brand’s been seeking.

Business Grade Hosting Numbers & You

The foundation of proper business-grade hosting is built on ever-growing numbers. After all, provided servers should be adjustable for whenever you gain new advertisers, product upgrades, and more general clients.

InnoHosting provides supercharged web hosting services that feature dynamic High-Speed RAID10 storage and Full KVM Virtualization. Our numbers boast up to 5,000 MB of web space and 200,000 MB bandwidth, along with free migrations and occasional special offers.

Allow us to host your website and you’ll gain a dedicated environment that features two main virtualization technologies: a container and full virtualization. As a result, you’ll experience site stability and reliability. Our branded hardware uses custom elements that are certified to work alongside multiple configurations via the phenomenal web server, Nginx.

For more questions about numbers and how they’ll help, get in touch with InnoHosting’s specialists. We’re always ready to answer any question you might have. Get the numbers straight from us. No complicated personal research needed.

cPanel & Other Business-Grade Hosting Advantages

Just because business-grade hosting does the heavy lifting for your brand doesn’t mean you should go without control options. Each server plan has an exclusive set of features, including cPanel control panel software, which simplifies server and web page management. As a result, your hosted site will be maintained at full capacity.  

Our digital experts value both quality and options. For example, most virtual servers are created with remote capabilities for the utmost control. You’ll be able to reboot servers remotely if the need ever arises. Not only this, but InnoHosting will accommodate optimized apps with pre-built OS templates and can install them remotely as well.

In effect, you’ll have options ready immediately as opposed to coming up with a solution on the fly. Our business-grade hosting services are ready for anything when it comes to server control, to the extent that you’ll always be in the loop regarding site performance.

No High-Risk Web Pages

The debut or refresh of a brand can go sour immediately if your pages are seen as high-risk. Not only does this affect your clientele base, but it also impacts possible investors. Poorly-run websites can send users to unwanted areas on the web or expose them to harmful virus attacks. Were these negatives to happen, your reputation would plummet because news spreads fast—especially when it’s bad news.

A functional business site needs constant protection against major vulnerabilities, such as XSS & SQL Injection attacks. As a way to achieve this, InnoHosting’s ActivGuard Security Suite scans for the latest malware and viruses using firewall tools that check for updates on a daily basis.

What about scenarios that no one anticipated? We believe in approaching any situation—even on the lower scale—with speed. Our server technicians were trained to handle any virtual assault with clear-headed responses. In addition, these specialists have years of experience, which is a benefit in cases where a scenario isn’t listed in the books.

Business-grade hosting makes for a great starting point because any possible risks will be addressed before harm is done. We offer Premier and Executive hosting plans to fit your business model. These plans include unlimited Mail accounts, a MySQL Database, and Webalizer. Head over to our website for a look at even more features.

business-grade hosting

Highlighting Website Content

As a business owner, you probably have site features in mind or ready to post. Personal blogs, convincing videos, and past-client testimonies are all proven tactics to draw customers in. While certainly useful, all of these are a waste of time if not properly supported or utilized.

It takes a professional web host to highlight website content in a way that goes beyond the initial buzz. Users will come across your content through various means, but unless your site itself complements the features, then longevity is in question. For instance, solid-state drives make for better loading times. SSDs feature lower latency and physical resistance.

InnoHosting employs SSDs to store persistent data while functioning as secondary storage. Better speeds mean users won’t lose patience waiting for content to load. This is the modern age—there is so much for potential clients to ingest. You’d be wrong to expect them to stick around if your site isn’t optimized for its own features.

Our business-grade hosting lets users access your site via mobile devices and tablets. Your blogs and videos will fill their screens without fail. You’ll be able to preview how web pages appear to clients, which in turn allows you to pick and choose the most effective features. Look at this as a team-up. Our specialists are your key to starting your brand off on the right foot.

Business-Grade Hosting

Business-grade hosting can start a new or fresh direction because every element of your site will be monitored 24/7. Our technicians have learned the best strategies and problem-solving methods to propel your brand forward. We deal in proactive handling of your project, with management continuing until the lifecycle ends.

Any time your customers need support, they’ll have live chat support, nationwide toll-free numbers, and user-friendly forums to consult. With InnoHosting, you’ll never have to worry about hidden charges, either. We keep payments organized via one easy monthly payment. Ultimately, your brand will be reflected in our business-grade hosting service. Ask us how we can become your starting point.

Affordable Web Hosting Services: Supercharged Advantages

affordable web hosting

Affordable web hosting services can electrify your website in several helpful ways. For one thing, you’re likelier to succeed in pleasing customers with a functional site. Another perk is that your brand will experience gains without spending too much money on your end. That depends on whether or not you choose the right web hosting service, of course.  

Bear in mind that you want to invest in a server that properly portrays your wares and announcements without fail. Otherwise, you’re wasting funds. Because the speed of online transactions is increasing by the day, your online branding has to keep up or risk growing stagnant. Since this is the case, you should consider supercharging your web pages, which ultimately benefits both you and your clients.

There are certain ways to achieve these benefits; the most sensible is the choice of an affordable web hosting service. As a result, you’ll be privy to multiple features under one umbrella. Why pay for multiple hosting services when the following features can be yours?

Let Them Know Who You Are

An online brand is only profitable if your message reaches the intended audience. A company’s “message” can be your product/service updates, holiday specials, or any kind of digital content meant to draw customers in. None of these customer outreach tactics are possible—or reliable, at least—if your site isn’t supercharged for optimal use.

To succeed, the brand’s message needs to be clear and concise. Smoothly-running web pages can ensure site visitors don’t leave prematurely. For example, if your brand runs a Black Friday sale, you need to be aware of site traffic numbers. Both small and large companies have experienced server failure on their big day, which leads to unhappy customers.

During these scenarios, users take to social media to emphasize frustrations, no matter how loyal they are to the brand. This kind of failure can be ugly, not to mention costly. You need supercharged web hosting to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Let clients know that your site will be up during high-traffic hours. Let them know who your brand is and what it stands for with InnoHosting’s refined and proven affordable web hosting. Our support means you can deliver without worry, so reach out for more information.

Supercharged and Affordable Web Hosting Plans

Running a business is a costly venture. Managing each cost isn’t always convenient, but you have to stay on top of each due date or things start falling apart. Such details might seem insignificant at the time, but missing even one payment due to bad management can have long-term effects.

InnoHosting uses a convenient monthly plan. Our affordable web hosting services come packaged with a range of features to give you the advantage. You won’t discover hidden charges down the line, either. Our features include detailed bandwidth logs and error detection software. InnoHosting’s exclusive Webalizer lets you access mandatory information; this is useful to show how well fresh brand tactics work (or not).

In addition, our servers utilize SMTP and IMAP, high-speed RAID10 storage, and full KVM virtualization. Your site will be energized via two main virtualization technologies: a container and full virtualization, which increases stability across the board. Check out our various plans to decide which one best accommodates your company.

Customer-Focused Web-Hosting

Here’s what your customers get when you go with affordable web hosting: extra bandwidth, security, and virus/malware protection. Extra bandwidth and RAM increases webpage speeds and loading times, along with quality life cycle management. Our web hosting services feature up to 250,000 MB bandwidth. Our servers are adjustable for whenever your company experiences growth (in terms of clientele and investors).

Your customers will never be redirected to risky “mystery” sites. Unknown web pages can warn customers away because they value their computers or mobile devices more than anything you’re selling. They might even block your site from future use, which is a disastrous result. To combat such outcomes, InnoHosting can provide SSL certification visuals to help visitors understand the level of site encryption. On top of this, our exclusive ActivGuard Security Suite protects against major vulnerabilities, such as XSS & SQL Injection attacks. This software scans for the latest malware and virus attacks using quality firewall tools.

Ultimately, the customer is your focus. As it stands, your website must offer speed and properly-optimized pages. InnoHosting’s SSDs feature low-latency and resistance to disruptions. Our affordable web hosting will meet both your clientele’s standards and your own.

affordable web hosting

Behind-the-Scenes Supercharging  

Your customer doesn’t need to know how your site allows quick transactions or easy-to-find technical support. All they need to know is how to find what you want them to. In fact, customers only want to deal with competent companies—the particulars behind the scenes should never be their concern. It’s only when something goes wrong that they question your services. This leads to lost opportunities for sales and transactions.

Let InnoHosting do the work behind-the-scenes. Our supercharged web hosting services feature dynamic high-speed RAID10 storage and Full KVM Virtualization. These advantages can give your customers the speed they desire with up to 10,000 MB of web space for a smooth operation. Our specialists will be working 24/7, monitoring your site during the entire duration of a project; that means any errors can be attended to immediately.  

Make the Smart Choice

Supercharge your web pages. At InnoHosting, we created our affordable web hosting services to ensure a brand doesn’t fade due to poor performance. These high speeds and advantages are possible because our specialists work with Nginx, a top choice in the speedy server market. Protect your brand against long loading times and ensure that database transactions will continue without pause, even under heavy traffic.

Our custom hardware and software use the right components to allow for multiple configurations, which isn’t a feature every hosting service can offer. Your website performance levels will bring in fresh clientele. Word-of-mouth will build your reputation. Choose affordable web hosting today with InnoHosting. Ask us which plan is right for you.  

Online Business Hosting: Best Site on the Net

affordable reseller hosting

Effective online business hosting is vital for standing out among competitors. After all, the online market is more crowded than ever. Most brands have an internet presence of some kind, even if a website is used for advertising purposes alone.

Such a competitive digital landscape can make or break a business. For instance, customers don’t think about the restraints of technology—they just expect it. Why wouldn’t they? A good online business host can be found for cheap, though the quality it produces is never guaranteed.

Certain scenarios can test your site’s top quality speeds and performance. As a result, you’ll need a reliable online business hosting service if you want the best site on the net for your brand and clientele base.

Surviving High Traffic

Preparation always starts early for the Christmas season, so your company site should take into account how well it’ll stand up to higher traffic. After all, customer rushes are an ordinary occurrence during any holiday period. For one thing, special discounts might bring new clients around.

Both small and large companies have learned the hard way about high-traffic sales periods. Online business hosting services either live up to their server speed promises or they don’t. A site crash or slowdown is highly detrimental to business and reputation. This disaster is probably in your future if your web pages are not running at full speeds.

InnoHosting’s online business hosting can help avoid this scenario outcome. We use frequently-tested software to keep each web page humming. From error detection to high-speed RAID10 storage, our servers guarantee that your brand’s site can accommodate the best business hours. Our full-KVM virtualization and SMTP/IMAP resources will give you the advantage to experience top speeds.

Online Business Hosting Bandwidth

Does your site rely on multiple technological advancements to gift you the best bandwidth in your region? Not to say there’s anything wrong with loading up power sources. Still, for the best results, your site needs the right mix of hardware and software. For one thing, certain combinations of both can give your site high bandwidth numbers without costly or unnecessary upgrades. An online business hosting service is about sturdiness as much as it is top speeds. Both go hand in hand.

There’s a science to successful host team-ups. Throwing every new upgrade against the proverbial wall isn’t the way to go, at least not long-term. Sites can behave erratically when components are randomly added to the mix. While upgrades themselves can be a good thing, it stands to reason that stability is also a priority.

InnoHosting’s approach relies on tested models and configurations. High bandwidth is a perk of the whole, and every element of a site should be supercharged, not just a couple. We use managed dedicated servers to give your site up to 250,000 MB, which ensures performance levels will accelerate with the right configuration. InnoHosting uses Nginx (one of the fastest-moving web servers available) to make your site the best-running on the net.

Global Market

A top-performing website should be able to tap into the global market without worry. Particulars like optimization for popular mobile technology must hold up beyond borders; otherwise, long-distance clients won’t stick around for very long. There are one hundred other pitfalls to avoid if you’re interested in your site going global.

Many of these issues can be taken care of by using an online business hosting service. InnoHosting uses Real BGP route optimization for speed, no matter where your audience resides. European clients can be reached with our network carriers. For example, PCCW Global will service Chinese customers and ensure that web pages act as they should.

Yes, serving a global market can be difficult, but InnoHosting uses proper tech advancements to power your website. You’ll have direct links to your overseas clients. Any pitfalls will be addressed before they happen, or met with a solution by our experienced team members. They’ll oversee your site mechanics to keep everything functioning at 100%.  

Custom Online Business Hosting

Online business hosting can employ custom builds for tailored results. Your brand might use a lot of video content or interactive web pages to collect information and feedback from clients. A custom business host allows technicians to tweak software and hardware to continue speedy delivery of content.

InnoHosting’s exclusive Webalizer archives mandatory information. This can help to inform strategies for your brand’s future fixes, should they arise. This information also allows our specialists to keep glitches and bugs from recurring. Custom online business hosting caters to your brand with dedicated environments and necessary upgrades.

Online Business Hosting for Every Scenario

Having the best site on the net requires a variety of security, technology, and support. We believe your brand deserves to be at the top. You might need better support to get you there.

Our constant server monitoring will save your brand from hacks, virus attacks, and other company woes. Not only will your site experience better speeds, but our business hosting experts will add improvements via observation. This is a complete service that addresses the needs of your brand.

Make no mistake—we want your brand to grow. Our online business hosting is tooled to give you the room to do so via supportive hardware and software. InnoHosting’s servers are PCI compliant and user-friendly. We’ve been assisting new and veteran brands for years now and we’ve learned from each experience. Let us work alongside your brand and build the best site on the net together. You’ll have our support for the entirety of your project, so take a look at which plan is best for you.


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