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7 Tips for Choosing Between Server Types

Since an online company cannot exist without a workable server, understanding server types for your business is vital to growth and expansion. Your customers will expect your transactions and services to run smoothly, or chances are they will look elsewhere. Shopping for a new server during a busy work season can derail focus, so you want to start things off on the right foot. Here are 7 tips to help you decide on a server, along with their package deal specifics you should consider to make your business skyrocket.  

Shop Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are popular among forward-thinking businesses due to the ever-changing model and convenience. This type of server often gives you Full Root access to its stored contents. Migrations for data centers pose no problem thanks to quality standard procedures. Virtual servers communicate with each other using the same software resources, which makes for better infrastructure.

If you’re leaning towards choosing a virtual server, be sure to ask about its remote capabilities. Most modern virtual servers can be rebooted remotely or even have your preferred OS reinstalled in this manner. If this type of server sounds appealing, keep in mind that InnoHosting includes ready-made OS Templates to accommodate your optimized apps.

Shop Dedicated Servers

For stability, a dedicated server might meet your needs. This type is typically PCI compliant and user-friendly. Using a container and full virtualization, the server’s dedicated environment fits perfectly with a company that’s making waves in its industry. A dedicated server can be adjusted to meet your requirements, and upgrades are always an option. You should be able to step away from your server without worry, especially when your attention is needed elsewhere. This type of server should allow you to do that without guilt or worry, especially if your service provider is equipped to offer the best care around the clock.

InnoHosting custom-builds our dedicated servers using components that have passed every quality check. If anything was ever to go wrong, our veteran tech experts will know right where to look thanks to experience, pre-determined requirements, and project management.

Online Safety for Server Types

Choose a server that will keep your assets safe. The best online protection should feature on-demand support for any level of risk, known or unknown. If the situation is a code red, then quick action is required. If the situation is unknown but looks bad, that same speedy response should be expected for any type of server. Don’t choose a plan that only offers half the security just to save a few bucks. You never know when the latest virus or hack might bore its way into the sensitive areas of your company’s information database. The last thing you want is a security leak that damages your reputation.

InnoHosting doesn’t believe in half-measures. We provide strong encryption with a sturdy wall between server & visitor at all times. Our server types are suitable for low volume transactions and basic secure login areas. We use organization-validated SSL certificates to show the level of encryption for all to see via a site seal that will catch the eyes of anyone browsing your page. Your customers will take note of these validated certificates, which is a great way to build up your trust with the customer base. You’ll appear legitimate without question, so users will be much more willing to trade currency, or just interact in general with the site’s features. Ultimately, the idea is to provide you with a choice of servers that already have the basics covered. Online safety should be part of the package, not an extra add-on.

Check Tech Support Levels

Even if you are using a server that boasts all the latest technological advancements, the fact remains that if the provider fails at basic tech support, then it is all for naught. Efficiency is what you expect from your employees, and they can’t be at the top of their game without a reliable server. Check for toll-free contact numbers and live chat options. Some server providers use homegrown forums as a way to pounce on widespread issues that members report. Support should be available at all hours because you never know when a server could malfunction. Some server types are built for quick fixes via remote service (virtual servers, for instance), but it’s smart to get a feel for how dedicated the support is for your chosen server. Without experienced staff members to monitor the server, things could go wrong.

Check Price Points

The old cliché “You have to spend money to make money” is unfortunately true, but wise company owners should be aware of how much they need to spend to come out on top. Industry-level prices for servers can vary, so don’t make the mistake of going with the first plan you are offered. Look for types of servers that include a range of plans. If you can find a provider that organizes your bill into a monthly payment, that’s a solid start. InnoHosting offers supercharged server choices under a range of plans, with convenience as a key element. Hidden charges should be avoided to keep your company on the upward trek.

Each of our server plans includes Webalizer access, SMTP and IMAP, plus error and bandwidth usage logs. If you gather your business under the InnoHosting umbrella, we promise fast and competent solutions to keep your online presence thriving instead of watered-down. Regardless of your choice of virtual or dedicated, your server will be configured and optimized for meeting the highest order of expectations. All of this comes with our promise of security and tech support over the course of your plan.

If you are still unsure about which type of server to choose, get in touch with InnoHosting. We can cover each plan in an in-depth way, evaluate the best server for your company, and help you set up no-hassle monthly payment. At the end of the day you have a business, and you need a server. Let us help.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service with Top Speeds: How to Determine Which Web Hosting Service Will Give You the Best Speeds

When it comes to business grade hosting, determining what makes a quality enterprise system is directly tied to the future success of your business venture. Quicker site performance is associated with managed dedicated hosting services, but this should be just one of the elements to consider. You will want to look for a hosting service that is quick on its feet and employs a variety of ways to stay on top. Their services should accommodate your customer base, while also helping to create a professional reputation for your company. A slow site can lead to bad business, so here are a few things to consider when shopping around.

Ask about Loading Speeds

There’s a chance of would-be customers promptly exiting your page if they have to wait for more than a few seconds to see your wares. It’s common for people to move on when content delivery isn’t quick enough to meet their daily pace. For instance, how often do you scroll past a post on social media that isn’t on par with the surrounding images or videos? There’s an endless supply to look at, so why wait? This logic applies to any traffic-driven site, especially with many customers using mobile devices to shop. A fast web hosting service needs to meet the speedy demands of today’s browsers, while keeping sites properly optimized for different formats. This is key to reaching a larger customer base.

Evaluate Site Traffic Numbers

In order to deliver an outstanding site experience for customers, fast web hosting services must be able to handle high numbers of traffic while maintaining speeds. When choosing a web hosting service, pay attention to number specifics. Try out established sites that use the service you’re curious about. Measure how well it handles your inputs. Perhaps you can contact the owner and ask how well the web hosting service has performed, or directly call the company for a thorough number evaluation.

Check Hardware Options

Consider hardware advantages when choosing a fast web hosting service. Certain drives—solid-state, for instance—will complement page loading times. In comparison to standard drives, SSDs feature lower latency and resistance to physical jostling. A typical SSD stores persistent data while working as a secondary storage, which ultimately helps to increase speed. Therefore, choose a website hosting service that has multiple hardware choices. If a service only offers standard drives, then you should consider a more modern option.

Fast Web Hosting Services Security

The web hosting service you choose should have optimal security against hacks, but also keep lag-inducing viruses at bay. Most of us have come across a business site that immediately sets the virus software bells ringing, especially when you are suddenly redirected to a new mystery site. With such encounters, high-risk web pages will turn away customers who value their devices more than the chance to see what you’re selling. They might even block your site before you have a chance to gain their trust.

If you choose InnoHosting as your web hosting service, our exclusive ActivGuard Security Suite will protect your company’s web presence against major vulnerabilities, such as XSS & SQL Injection attacks. ActivGuard will scan for the latest malware and virus attacks using state of the art firewall tools, and regular updates will ensure that we stay on top of incoming threats. At the end of the day, site security is as important to your customers as it is to you.

Dedicated Servers and You

When it comes to fast-running sites, dedicated servers are ideal for web hosting. Extra bandwidth and RAM helps to increase website speed, along with providing a better life cycle management. A trustworthy service should offer up to 250,000 MB bandwidth to achieve top speed performance. Your servers should be adjustable as new income allows for advertisers, product upgrades, and a larger clientele base. A dedicated environment features two main virtualization technologies: a container and full virtualization, both helping to retain stability. When it comes to business decisions, choose the most dedicated option.

Level of Support

For business owners, free time is hard to come by when clients need your attention. The importance of support you receive for a hosted site cannot be undervalued because the old cliché about time and money is certainly as valid as ever. To keep your eyes on the road, you will want to choose a web hosting service that boasts efficient customer support for any given medium. This should include live chat support, nationwide toll free numbers, and user-friendly forums to ask other users for quick fixes. Before making a final decision, seek out site hosting plans that offer proactive handling of your server operations. This way you can focus on other business aspects while the provider keeps everything moving at a smooth pace.

Making Your Decision

Comparing services will ultimately pay off. At InnoHosting, we supply fast web hosting services to ensure your customers won’t lose interest due to poor performance. We protect against long wait times, so your database transactions will continue without pause, even under heavy traffic. Our branded hardware is certified to work alongside multiple configurations thanks to one of the quickest web servers on the market, Nginx. With an informed opinion on further solutions and industry standards, you are certain to make the right choice for your company as long as you consider the important ins and outs of hosting services.

InnoHosting offers a range of plans, each billed under one monthly payment for easy organization. Available plans include our supercharged web hosting services, with dynamic High Speed RAID10 storage and Full KVM Virtualization. We give customers the speed they need with up to10,000 MB of webspace, the best online safety, and on-demand support for any level of risk. For inquiries, get in touch with InnoHosting and we can walk you through the best plans for your business.

Everything You Need to Know about Virtual Servers

With so many online businesses popping up, complete solutions for virtual servers are a must. InnoHosting is at the forefront of this increased internet presence. We run on integrity, with a loyal team of industry experts. Innovation is our middle name, and we’re out to build your hosting experience with only the finest tools. For virtual servers, you want the established folks, not the rookies – or the burn-outs, for that matter. We’ve kept our prices low while maintaining our certified standards. We stay on top of things so that you can focus on your business. We stand by our complete project lifecycle management plan, with comprehensive server monitoring that includes both hardware and software services.

With this kind of proactive management, what else do you need to know about choosing a Virtual Server? If you’re not convinced, don’t worry. Keep reading to learn the exact ways InnoHosting provides the top virtual servers on the market today.

Virtual Servers And Their Key Features

Our priorities include staying up-to-date and letting you witness the growth. Be assured that we do not rely on outdated standards. Instead, we seek further solutions, the proper advancements that the industry needs in order to thrive. Our value-added products foster and perfect the hosting experience for customers. For example, you have Full Root access to every uploaded file on the server. Ready-Made OS Templates suit your favorite distros and optimized apps. If you need to carry over an old server or data center, such migrations will not pose a challenge.

We even manage your email hosting. More importantly, we are equipped to maintain your virtual servers via remote support. Remote capabilities are key for any business server, especially after a boom period. We offer long-distance rebooting and (re)installation for your chosen OS, no matter where you are. Best of all, our services come at a price below industry-level expenses, with every impressive feature intact. We’re not here to bleed you dry with multiple charges or tacked-on, unwanted features.

Managed Dedicated Virtual Services

With InnoHosting, you can tweak and adjust your dedicated servers to meet any requirement your business might have. Both container and full virtualization gives you a dedicated environment. Using these two main virtualization technologies, your business is in good hands. Stability is not the only perk; a bevy of user-friendly advantages will keep your servers at the top of their game and PCI-compliant. As your career needs change or grow, our specialists will help you adjust each server. We’ll help with security planning. Contact InnoHosting, and an engineer will determine your needs, then recommend what best serves you and your company.

Power On Demand

To meet your server demands, InnoHosting deploys only high-grade systems to ensure your websites arrive on the screen with no long wait times. Your database transactions will execute instantly, so a completed process is exactly what it sounds like. A strong virtual server is a company advertisement in itself.

You can scale server intensity as your needs change, too, without any complicated pricing. At InnoHosting, we pride ourselves on the lack of micro-transaction features. We offer one monthly payment, with high-speed RAID10 storage and Full KVM Virtualization. Every part of our process is configured and optimized for delivering truly on-demand solutions for you.

Advanced Server Management

InnoHosting is known for quality advanced server management. We work to create smooth sailing for our customers. Our specialists are ready to handle any mishap and to prioritize a proper restart. After all, full stability requires proactive steps, which we will document along the way for you to observe.

Quality systems must be utilized to successfully host a business. Managed servers are a promise from InnoHosting, not a perk. We will design, build, and manage your complete hosting services. From requirements gathering to project management, you can rest your frustrations on our been-there-done-that history. Your personal InnoHosting exists as an extension of your IT department. We aim to meet infrastructure needs, and you won’t have to worry about making time to manage our team.

The Next Step For Virtual Server Gains

At the end of the day, our goal is to ease your business worries. No more early morning emergency calls with no idea where to begin. You will save time and money by relying on our staff instead of going through a painful hiring process. InnoHosting lets you focus on other areas of the business, which allows you to create positive results. We will manage your infrastructure with efficiency, and without sloppy work that a smaller company might be guilty of.

Instead, we’ll keep track of your virtual servers. Our customers expect no-nonsense responsibility and excellence, and we expect the same. Your standards are our standards, which is why past customers will attest to our contributions. InnoHosting’s dedicated servers are custom-built, tested, and true to their top-quality components.

To order a dedicated server or managed hosting service, get in touch with us today. Bring your requirements, and we’ll draw up a free no-obligation quote for you.

How to Compare Web Hosting Services

web hosting services

There are so many different types of web hosting services to choose from. It can get a bit confusing and overwhelming to keep tabs on all of the options available to you online. In this article, we’re going to discuss the different elements of web hosting packages you should be thinking about so you can make the right choice for you and your business.

web hosting services
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


Depending on the needs of your business, price is one of the decisions you’re going to have to make. Even if the cost is the first thing you think about when debating on web hosting services, you shouldn’t let that be the overall determining factor when choosing a web host company. Some web hosting providers will offer low rates, but these are not the types of companies you want to be in business with. With this type of service, you get what you pay for.  When web hosting services are cheap, something has to give. The least expensive option is often unreliable, features slow performance, and skimps on support.  

On the other hand, most hosting providers will offer you package deals and discounts when you first sign up. After the initial period, however, the price can skyrocket. You want to be aware of what you will be paying long-term before making any decisions. Before you jump into anything, make sure to thoroughly read the contract. 


If your website doesn’t load fast, you can lose visitors. It’s no surprise that people don’t like to wait. In addition, Google prefers fast-loading websites on their search results page because it enhances the user experience for them as well. Whether or not speed plays a part in rankings is still up for debate. But it’s not improbable that it is one of the hundreds of factors they take into account when determining your site’s rankings.

Either way, it’s safe to assume that whatever produces a better user experience is what search engines want. And your hosting provider will play a huge role in determining how long a user has to wait for your website to load. Pick one that provides you with fast features, and then all of the other optimization you do afterward will benefit. 

Customer Support

The next important experience you want to evaluate is what kind of customer support you will be receiving with your web hosting service. Starting a website can become a little too technical for the average person, especially if you are just starting out. Things can go wrong, and they do go wrong. And when that happens, sometimes you can easily rectify the issue and sometimes you will need help from the hosting service. 

Customer support is more than just help when your website is down. Great web hosting companies will offer password assistance or technical support with plug-ins and updates. There’s nothing worse than having your website go down and having to wait hours for tech support to get back to you. When it comes to web hosting, anytime your website is down, you’re losing potential business. So in looking for providers, you need to choose someone who has excellent customer service, especially when things don’t go according to plan. A couple of questions you want to ask yourself: 

  1. Do they offer phone support? Or is it 24/7? 
  2. Do they have 24/7 chat support?
  3. Do they have an FAQ page that you can go to before you reach out?
  4. Do they have a good reputation with previous or existing customers?


Security, such as SSL certificates, usually comes with all web hosting packages. SSL certificates keep your website safe from hackers, viruses, and malware that can potentially corrupt your site. Is the web hosting service taking proactive measures to protect you? A great web hosting company will scan your site regularly for vulnerabilities and suspicious activity.

Storage and Bandwidth

When you are choosing a hosting plan, you want to be sure that you’re getting enough disk space and bandwidth that will be able to handle the traffic on your website as well as any type of media files that you might be uploading to your website. What might happen if you exceed your bandwidth limits or disk space limits is that you might end up with your website shut down. Or, you could end up with a spike in costs that you were not expecting. Again, read the terms of service before making a decision.


The interface of your web hosting, c-Panel as its popularly known, should be easy to use. It’s important to have a back-end user interface that allows you to have control over your web hosting business, email addresses, and all the files you upload on your website. You don’t want the initial set-up of your website to be difficult and complicated. If you have a hard time with the installation, imagine how your customers will feel. When you’re choosing a service, make sure that it is user friendly and easy to work with.

Downtime vs. Uptime

When your website is down, it will impact both your website user experience and SEO, which can lead to fewer visitors to your website and lower conversion rates. On the other hand, it’s not realistic to assume that downtime will never happen. You want to try to avoid hosting services with frequent and extended periods of downtime.  

If you’re still unsure after reviewing these points, customer reviews are usually a pretty good indicator of what you should expect out of a web host. Often, a quick Google search will reveal everything you need to know about a company. Make sure to do thorough research and take your time to find a reputable web host that is the right fit for you and your business. 

Here at InnoHosting, we have a plan for everyone. Whether you are looking for web hosting, or are thinking about starting a reseller hosting business, we are confident that you can find what you’re looking for with us. Some added benefits when you choose us: 

  • 24/7 customer support
  • 99.9 percent uptime
  • 16-day money-back guarantee

You can check out all of our plans here. Contact us today to get started!

How to Set Up Reseller Hosting

affordable reseller hosting

If you have customers that need hosting services, you can buy a bulk amount of hosting space and resell it to them at a profit. It’s fairly simple, so anyone can learn how to operate an affordable reseller hosting business. The web host you purchase the space from will handle all of the tricky, back-end technology while you sit back and enjoy all of the benefits of being a web host. Reseller hosting is an excellent option for entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities. It can also be a unique opportunity for web designers who already have familiarity with the web hosting space.

Ready to get started? Here are some steps you need to take to set up your reseller hosting business.

Choose the Correct Plan

If you’re ready to get started, your priority is to set up a reseller hosting account with a hosting provider. Take your time to find a reputable hosting provider that is the right fit for your potential business. This will make or break your reseller business. Reliable reseller hosting is only as good as your provider.

 After you have found the correct web host, you need to choose a reseller hosting package. This is another decision to make carefully. Think through what you can afford, the profit margins you want to achieve, and what you want to offer potential or existing customers. Web host providers will typically offer different options, and then you resell to your clients. 

To make your reseller hosting more manageable, you might want to choose a plan with a web host manager complete solution, or WHMCS. WHMCS is a robust client automation tool that gives you total control of managing your web hosting reseller business. With WHMCS, you can automatically handle tedious tasks such as sign-ups, billing, provisioning, and support.

Set Up a Domain

A domain name is how your customers will be able to find you on the internet. Make sure to pick a name that is easy to remember and leaves an impression. There are great tools on the internet to help you decide what domain name works best for you. Most web hosting businesses will have tools that can check if your name is available for use. If it isn’t, you can always come up with a different variation. 

 After you have chosen your domain name, you must register it with your web hosting company. If you have already registered a domain name elsewhere that you want to use for your reseller hosting business, you can transfer it to the web host.

Create Your Hosting Plans

Start to create your hosting plans to offer your customers a range of different pricing options. You can decide on the disk space, bandwidth, etc., to assign to each particular plan. 

Most resellers don’t just sell web hosting. They also add in other services. Some of the most popular add-on services to resell include domain registration, SSL certificates, and email. You are not just limited to reselling web hosting with your business. 

Determine Your Pricing

What you choose to charge your clients is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that reseller hosting is a white label business. “White label” means that your clients will have no idea that you are reselling services from another hosting company. They will think that you are the web host.

When you’re trying to figure out how much to charge for each package, there are two key points you should keep in mind:

  1. Don’t try to offer the lowest price. Individuals who run legitimate companies understand that they need to turn a profit for a business to succeed. It’s true that there is a lot of competition in web hosting pricing, but most people will pay a premium price for excellent customer service and support.  
  2. Think about what your potential – or existing clients – need in a hosting web service. If you have existing clients, that’s great. Nobody knows your customers and your market like you do. You can charge them as much as you see fit. 

If you don’t have clients yet, you should start building your target audience. Who is it you’re trying to reach? What are their specific needs and pain points? It’s not enough to simply state, “I want to sell web hosting services to everyone who needs it, and I want to charge the lowest price possible.” Having a broad, unclear plan like this is a recipe for disaster.

Create Accounts for Your Customers

Once you have created your hosting plans, start creating accounts for your customers to access your website. Create usernames, passwords, and assign a particular package to each customer. When you have completed this, your customers will have their very own control-panel login, so they will be in full control of their web hosting account.  

Even though you are not technically the web host yourself, this is your company. You will begin to establish long-term relationships with your customers for the foreseeable future. 

Reseller web hosting is a great way to start your own brand with low-start up costs. It guarantees recurring revenue, which is key to sustaining long-term wealth. Book a consultation with us today to learn more about starting an affordable reseller hosting business. 

A Guide to Affordable Web Hosting

web hosting services

Do you want to start your own web hosting company? Or maybe you’re just looking to begin a business with low-start up costs. Either way, this guide will cover everything you need to know about reseller hosting, so you know if an affordable reseller hosting business is right for you. 

What Is Reseller Hosting?

In a nutshell, if you have customers who need hosting services, you can buy a bulk amount of hosting space and resell it to them at a healthy profit. It’s a great way to add a recurring revenue stream to your business. Reseller hosting can be a very prosperous business, but only if you execute it correctly.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

  • Low start-up costs. Starting a reseller hosting business comes with low start-up costs. This is because you either pay a flat fee or for the amount you use.
  • Generate recurring income each month your clients host with you.
  • Some reseller hosting plans are 100 percent white label. This means the hosting provider allows you to re-brand and customize your reseller hosting account with your business name and logo. White label services are highly beneficial to you, as a business owner, because you get to run your own business and gain clients with your brand, without your clients ever knowing the original hosting provider.
  • Each of your customers gets their own control panel login. They’re not contacting you regularly to set up a new email account or reset a password.
  • You can create different hosting plans like standard, deluxe, or ultra, depending on your clients’ needs and budgets. That way, you have something for everyone.

Find an Affordable Reseller Hosting Plan

If you’re ready to get started, the first thing you need to do is to set up a reseller hosting account with a hosting provider. You must do the correct research to find a reputable hosting provider that is the right fit for your potential business and the services you wish to offer to your clients. Reliable reseller hosting is only as good as your provider. This is the foundation of your success.

With a lower quality reseller hosting provider, your clients’ websites might have a lot of downtime, slow loading pages, poor customer service, and security. For example, if your reseller hosting service is frequently down, you may lose your client’s trust and business. You must choose quality reseller hosting so you can be confident that your clients get the best service possible. Take the time to find the right partnership, as it will affect your reseller hosting business in the long-term.

To make your reseller hosting more manageable, you might want to choose a plan with WHMCS. WHMCS, or web host manager complete solution, is a robust client automation tool that gives you total control of managing your web hosting reseller business. With WHMCS, you can automatically handle sign-ups, billing, provisioning, and support. 

Create a Lucrative Profit Infrastructure

After the initial set-up, you can start to turn a profit. For example, let’s say you’re the web designer, and you’re working with two different clients. Both of your clients want you to design a new website and help them set up hosting services. Since you have already set up a reseller hosting account with your hosting provider, you can now propose or resell hosting services to your customers.

As an example, if the reseller hosting plan you bought is 20 dollars a month, you can resell that plan to each of your clients for 40 dollars a month. Or, you can agree to an annual fee. The price you charge your clients will differ depending on the hosting provider and the plan you choose. It also depends on your client’s requirements, budget, and the added services you provide. 

Resell Add-on Services

Some web hosting companies allow you to resell more than just hosting services to your clients. You may be able to sell a variety of add-on services such as domain registration, SSL certificates, and email to generate additional income. 

Provide Great Customer Service

One thing you do need to be aware of, however, is providing front-line services for your customers. It’s always essential to establish a good relationship with each of your clients. Clients will be more willing to pay higher fees because you have a great business relationship.

The web host will take care of the big, daunting tasks in the background. Nevertheless, your customers will contact you for initial support. When things take off, you can start to automate your hosting business, such as tasks like billing. 

Stand Out from Your Competition

Since you need to turn a profit, you might not be able to offer the most affordable hosting plans like the big brand names. However, there are steps you can take to differentiate yourself from the competition. 

To make your hosting services more engaging and customized, you can also bundle your hosting services with your web design, web development, or marketing services as a packaged deal. This is something they won’t get with the larger hosting websites, but only if they host with you. Most business owners would much prefer working with one person who is familiar with their website to give them the personalized support they need.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is an excellent opportunity for web designers and web developers. Since you’re aware that your clients need hosting services for their websites, it can be a simple sell. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can also greatly benefit from reseller hosting who want to provide more services to their clients. 

If you’re looking for a reseller hosting partner, make sure to check out InnoHosting’s affordable reseller hosting plans. Contact us today to learn more information!

7 Effective Tips for Running Your Web Hosting Business

affordable reselling hosting

Reseller Hosting: The New Way to Earn Money Online

Web hosting is part of all types of e-business opportunities today. Why? Every website requires hosting space to secure the necessary files for its functioning, and that comes with a ton of business possibilities. Reseller hosting has become a massive phenomenon in the internet industry. It comes with the many benefits you receive from selling web hosting, without the added stress of starting your own hosting company. The key to success is discovering an affordable reseller hosting service to help you become a significant player in this market. 

What Is Reseller Hosting, Exactly?

As most are already aware, reselling an item entails buying a product and reselling it as your own, typically for a profit. Reseller web hosting is not that much different. Reseller hosting is the practice of creating a web hosting business from tools and services you resell from larger hosting companies. Affordable reseller hosting services can provide hosting to your clients as if you yourself were the web hosting company.  Reseller hosting services have become popular amongst entrepreneurs and business-oriented individuals in recent years due to its flexible and adjustable nature.

Another fantastic benefit of finding an affordable reseller hosting service is that your provider will handle all the back-end work. It will be beneficial to you to vet these services, as you do your research, to ensure that you’ll receive the best tech support in case issues arise. Web hosting is a competitive field – but can be highly profitable when run correctly. With a web hosting business, you can earn passive income every month, increase your earnings, and work from anywhere you want.

However, no matter how easy it sounds, it is hard work to kick off any business so not everyone may flourish. Lucky for you, we have created a simple guide with seven tips to afford you all of the world’s chances to succeed.

Here are seven tips to succeed in running an affordable reseller hosting business:

Create a Business Plan and Refer Back to It Often

Before starting your reseller hosting business, you need to make sure that you have a solid business plan. What goals do you have for starting the company? Before even getting started, take the time to put together a legitimate business plan. Running a business comes with many moving parts, and a plan will help you stay aligned with your goals, giving you leverage to succeed and keeping your mind focused on the tasks ahead of you. 

Pick the Right Reseller Hosting Plan for You and Your Business

The reseller hosting plan needs to be chosen wisely and carefully during the initial stages. Do your research and carefully choose when picking a reseller hosting service. If you are starting your business, you want to keep your costs low, so finding an affordable reseller hosting service is critical. A reliable source will offer excellent service, and their reputation will help your company grow exponentially. 

Establish a Memorable Online Presence

You are going to want to establish a notable online presence, one which people can’t forget. The first step you want to take is registering a domain name that is both unique and easy to remember. Next, build a website to be placed on this domain or hire a web designer to add finishing touches or anything else needed for your site to look its best. Many hosting service providers give customizable, affordable website templates for this purpose or offer related services. Display the available hosting packages and prices on the site, using the general business plan you wrote.

Market Your Business Effectively with Purpose

Branding and marketing your reseller hosting the right way is essential to gain more traffic and make potential customers aware of your website. You can’t sell if they don’t know you exist! Thankfully, the internet is chock-full of the best marketing tactics, so you don’t have to be an expert on the subject to get started. Start with basic tools, such as SEO, Google Adwords, and social media to expand your presence online. 

Keep Your Current Customers Engaged

After you have established a solid customer base, you want to make sure that you keep them engaged. Create a contact list of all existing customers and send them email campaigns, promotional deals, and newsletters to remind them of your company and the fantastic services you provide to them. There are many online tools to complete these tasks available for free or at a minimal cost. 

Provide Excellent Customer Service

One of the most critical traits of having a successful reseller hosting business is to provide excellent support and service. Typically, the best type of marketing for business are referrals from happy customers: and it’s free! If your customer service is exceptional, expect that information to spread. Highlighting the testimonials of satisfied clients on your website is one of the best ways to attract and gain more business.

Continue Your Growth and Expansion

Maintaining customer growth can make or break any business. Never forget your core values as a business while you gain more customers, and treat every client as if they are your first. Some ways to do this include:

Don’t try to rip off your customers. There are ethical approaches to handle a financial situation. People remember how you treat them. 

Take time to listen to your customers actively and respectfully. Could you get to know them and their stories? It’s useful to reach out to new customers based on your strengths. Pay attention to your web hosting services issues; your customers will love you for it. 

And there you have it! If you follow these seven tips, you will be well on your way to become successful in the web hosting industry.

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How Does Affordable Reseller Hosting Work?

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How does reseller hosting work? Reseller hosting is a white label service. The reseller buys web space from a server provider and then rents that space out to other parties for web hosting. Once you find an affordable reseller hosting service, you can develop a thriving addition to your web business. 

Finding Affordable Reseller Hosting 

The key to running a successful hosting business is finding an affordable reseller hosting service. The more affordable, the better. As you look for possible server providers, make sure that affordability stays at the top of your priorities list. The more affordable the service, the faster you can make a profit. 

Finding a Quality Server Provider 

Now, just because you want an affordable reseller hosting provider doesn’t mean that your provider shouldn’t also offer a high quality service. 

For example, your server provider should handle any potential software or connectivity issues that your clients experience. When problems do arise, you’ll want your server provider to handle those problems quickly. Otherwise, their slow service could damage your professional reputation. 

More importantly, choose an affordable hosting service that has highly reliable uptimes. After all, you won’t keep your clients unless you provide a good product. 

Choosing Your Plan 

Once you’ve chosen your reseller hosting service, the next step is choosing your plan. The right service will have several plans for you to choose from. 

How much space will you need for your service? How many end users will you want to support? Think about these questions as you get started. Your server provider should have a simple guide to their affordable reseller hosting plans. 

Branding Matters 

While your server provider will take care of the nuts and bolts, it’s up to you to establish your brand. If you’re starting your reseller hosting business from scratch, learn some self-promotion basics to attract potential customers. 

If you already have a brand and want to include reseller hosting as an add-on service to your work, you won’t have to start from square one. Still, put some effort into promoting this new service, and you may see some new clients emerge. 

Affordable Reseller Hosting from InnoHosting

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