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Best Managed Dedicated Hosting Services for #1 Companies

managed dedicated hosting services

One common element of large companies is high-trafficked servers. This is especially true when the majority of customers deal with an online presence for transactions, as opposed to a physical location. Managed dedicated hosting services are one of the best server options for larger companies. Built to enhance the smallest component, a dedicated server features two main virtualization technologies: a container and full virtualization. These allow a web page to reach unparalleled stability and speed.

While virtualization tech alone is enough to give businesses an online advantage, the fact remains that our servers are crafted with several helpful components in mind. Custom builds and well-tested applications unlock new possibilities for online brands. Server technicians who spend years piecing together superior systems will tell you that there is no comparison.

The Numbers

Managed dedicated hosting services can be adjusted for growth. Even if your company is currently on a larger scale, the possibilities of online expansion should never be hindered by server limitations.

For this reason, a large company benefits from high bandwidth numbers. A good host gifts up to 250,000 MB for top speeds. Performance levels will rise no matter which configuration you prefer. InnoHosting can offer such high speeds and advantages because our specialists work with Nginx (one of the fastest-moving web servers available). Our hosting services will adjust to your gains: new advertisers, product releases, or general clients.

Besides brand progress, fast-working managed dedicated hosting services use Real BGP route optimization. This tech advancement is paired with direct links for a global market, including clients in China and Europe. Network carriers include Level 3, PCCW Global, and TiNet/Tiscali.

Call it what you will—numbers, specs, tallies. Smart design adds up to provide your company with a foolproof website. These details show the dedication that it takes to run a web page in an impressive way. Sign up today, and plan your company’s gains alongside our dedicated hosting services.

Custom Versatility

Special components allow managed dedicated hosting services to adapt to website demands. Custom builds require quality checks and improvements before a business employs them. Even better, your website will never be put in a guinea pig position. Mistakes should be dealt with before your site goes live. This development process sets a dedicated server apart from basic hosting services that rely on the same builds, even if certain sites are incompatible.

InnoHosting’s custom builds are flexible enough to accommodate any site design. Since server components are built by long-time technicians, you automatically save on the costs of errors or repairs. A universal setup is less personal and harder to fix. In addition, our veteran specialists know these builds inside and out. This knowledge allows them to go straight to the source for fixes. This way web page speeds won’t take a hit.

Versatility makes for better business because you can focus your attention elsewhere. No worries here as we monitor new upgrades, transaction speeds, and dedicated environments. Our support is full-time during a project.

InnoHosting is proud of our computer specialists and their hard work. We want your business to experience this for yourself. Our servers are PCI-compliant and user-friendly. Our servers store the majority of site performance records. This allows tech support to stay ahead of glitches and shortcomings, as well as to halt any recurring errors.


Choosing managed dedicated hosting services for your brand requires a blueprint. Just like any business decision, you want to understand how things work before you jump in. You need to weigh resources, time management, and payment plans. Server prices often change depending on industry standards. Clearly, you want the best deal you can get.

Plan on keeping host server payments monthly; this way you can change direction if need be. Avoid extra financial costs and plans that might degrade web page performance. InnoHosting doesn’t do shortcuts. We keep every cost under one monthly payment. As a result, your upgrades and brand direction are easy to review. We won’t punish your company growth by applying hidden charges or a cumbersome payment plan.

Additionally, any site migrations or additional web pages won’t affect speedy transactions as far as your clients are concerned. This means no delays or unfortunate surprises in your future if you use managed dedicated hosting services. At the end of the day, you’re planning with us to ensure the best outcome.

The Features

Hosting services might come with special features, but they’re not always pronounced or useful across platforms. In response, our services use necessary features, not ones that won’t serve a purpose for your company. As a large company owner or employee, you can attest to waste. Time wasting, resource wasting, and so forth are ultimately damaging.

However, features like detailed bandwidth logs serve a purpose. Error detection software and InnoHosting’s exclusive Webalizer gives you access to mandatory information that informs your brand tactics. In addition, servers utilize SMTP and IMAP, high-speed RAID10 storage, and full KVM virtualization.

Managed dedicated hosting services use supercharged features to give your website an electrifying boost over the competition. Ask us which features will best benefit your company’s directives.

managed dedicated hosting services

The Safety

All the hard work it takes to build a large company can disappear overnight if your website has lackluster security. Server management should increase client trust in your brand and appeal to possible investors. Basically, if a hosting service doesn’t improve upon your business model, then you might want to reconsider your options.

InnoHosting adorns your web pages with noticeable site seals. Visitors will notice this proof of safety whenever they land on your site. SSL certification informs clients that they are safe against viruses and data mining. This kind of guarantee breeds client loyalty, makes your brand appear professional, and eases your own state of mind.

Here’s the hard truth: visitors won’t return if data leaks make for a miserable experience. And it’s not just data leaks; poor performance and presentation can lead to this, too. InnoHosting’s SSL certificates include premium displays by using a “green bar” visual on visitor browsers. This level of encryption will keep customers content and protect your online presence from attacks.

The Best Managed Dedicated Hosting Services

Hardware and software performance hinges on strong design. These numbers, versatility, and other categories should answer any concerns you might have about utilizing a dedicated server.

Your brand is a top priority for our technicians at InnoHosting. We take our clients’ goals and make them ours. You need a server host that treats your brand with respect, and a helping hand to reach the best outcome. Let our managed dedicated hosting services boost your profile–start a plan with us today.

Better Confidence in Affordable Business Hosting

affordable business hosting

Affordable business hosting computes with a confident business owner. If there’s one business truth, it’s the old adage “Never let them see you sweat.” This applies to management duties and the delivery of brand promises. A confident business is a vital one to its customers because those clients believe you know what you’re doing.

While it’s a nice sentiment, being confident 24/7 about your own brand can be difficult. Online business purveyors juggle financial and personal responsibility. Keeping up with client requests and promised services can take a toll.

This is to say that your web pages must be reliable. You can’t be everywhere at once, and priorities can suffer if you try to be. You shouldn’t have to worry about faulty software and hardware, bad visual presence, or online security. Affordable business hosting creates confidence because much of the weight isn’t on your shoulders. Instead, those responsibilities are secure with the web host service.  

Confidence in Personalized Tech

The specs behind your site seem all the more reliable if you helped personalize them. Accommodating client and site demands takes appropriate design elements. An affordable business hosting package includes the pieces you need to energize a complex site. Powerful additions include up to 40 FTP and POP3 Mail accounts, plus 15 Add-on/Parked domains to deliver on every level.

After choosing a personalized package, site migrations or creations can occur in little to no time. Online entrepreneurs know how beneficial a smooth process is in the business world. So does InnoHosting—we operate with painless service and transitions so you can remain confident about your site.

Sponsors love fast loading times, which ultimately create thriving business opportunities. Being able to personalize your tech is just an added bonus of affordable business hosting. You can even customize the “error page” messages for whenever clients experience bad Wi-Fi hiccups.

Confidence in Presentation

Compare late 1990s internet presentation to now and you’ll see professional standards have changed. Surprisingly enough, some online operations present like it’s still the past. Your web pages should avoid laughable animations and hard-to-find product links. As obvious as that seems, bad performance issues are just as damaging as an outdated site header. Both result in potential customers not taking you seriously.

You can have confidence in an online presentation that is optimized for desktop and mobile users. Transaction ease caters to low- and high-traffic customer bases. Higher amounts of storage create impressive load speeds, with space for copious amounts of user data.

Clients will find another provider if site crashes occur during PayPal or credit card uses. For one thing, they might think this is a security breach or a risky purchase. That kind of damage is almost impossible to undo. No matter what industry you serve, everyone is concerned about leaks and identity theft. Avoid this reputation damage at all costs.

Affordable business hosting allows you to advertise the strength of the site and its products or services. On-site certification graphics make an important visual promise of safety. InnoHosting’s host services give you recognizable, quality certificates that add prestige to the overall presentation of your brand. Get to know InnoHosting’s versatile package plans. We’ll give you the tools so you can excel and look good while doing so.

Confidence in Dedication

Operational confidence is meant to grow via proof and dedication. Your target audience/clientele base knows a dedicated product or service when they see it. This is fairly easy to achieve if you employ the best tech on the market.  

Our dedicated servers feature high-speed RAID10 storage and full KVM virtualization. Quality components are yet another customization aspect of InnoHosting’s affordable business hosting. These custom builds allow our veteran tech experts to monitor daily/nightly online server activities. One advantage of these in-house builds is that we are ready to fix any technical issues using previous experience and component research.

InnoHosting’s complete project management ensures that you see our dedication. In turn, so will your clients. Dedicated servers with custom components, plus unmatched performance accessories, will place your business site confidently at the top of the list. Affordable business hosting cultivates your online brand.

affordable business hosting

Confidence in Tech Support

Who’s got your back? Running an online business is no easy thing, especially if there’s no safety net to keep your system from plunging. Finding proper support that you can rely on is a rare occurrence. In addition, shouldering the financial costs of hardware and software might set you back without any real reward. Can you trust your investments to maintain for the duration of your projects?

Affordable business hosting gives you a clear advantage in this scenario. Rather than supplying the support on your own, InnoHosting’s specialized crew has your back. We stand by our technical provisions, with team members who monitor the level of risks.

Our employees are trained to pivot during red-alert situations and to respond with fast but thorough solutions. Simple problems are logged the same as dire scenarios; that way, everyone is on the same page. Affordable business hosting expands on and employs operation advantages. Support is available around the clock, not just during business hours. We promise to be ready so you don’t lose any momentum.

Affordable Business Hosting Confidence

InnoHosting isn’t afraid of using the word “affordable.” Stigmas about bad quality operations are understandable, but you can be confident in our server hosting packages. This isn’t about saving you a few coins, but rather about adding to your success. To continue with old adages, “to spend money you have to make money” doesn’t apply to affordable business hosting – because there is no sacrifice when your brand is in our hands.

Strong security accompanies our organization-validated SSL certificates. Your web pages will be presented in eye-catching detail, with all the inner workings giving you security. Site features let clients do business in convenient ways. On your side of things, transactions will zoom by to help increase numbers and spread the word. This is why you can remain confident after choosing a plan with InnoHosting: your hosting services is your new partner.

Quality Web Hosting: How to Figure Out What You Need

web hosting

Expecting a company to run smoothly on a day-to-day basis is unrealistic. No matter how successful your outreach and ventures are, a good show of profits does not reflect those moments where quality control fails. Slow-loading web pages, browser crashes—management will take a hit even if they’re not responsible for these money pitfalls.

A business web hosting service needs to support your internet presence without issues. It should also “show without telling” the elements that you’ve always needed for your site. What are the needs a web hosting service can fulfill for your brand? Are there other web page improvements you haven’t considered?

When it comes to quality, there is no “wiggle room” for the expectations of online entrepreneurs. A customer base won’t overlook areas that fall short. They expect pages to load without delay and for credit card payments to be secure. Customers won’t return if “small, non-priority” errors make their experience fit the definition of bad business. A web hosting service can ensure your operation stays far away from the double b-word.

You Need Encryption

Password theft is almost a daily occurrence in the online business world, though this isn’t something that anyone wants to admit to – let alone experience. Even brands that strive for reliable encryption can suffer leaks. The truth is, without a web hosting service your brand might suffer the same. This is a concern that you can expect to hear from your clients, and one that InnoHosting is prepared to answer with confidence.

We use encryption software that’s ever-evolving to keep track of current virus lists while providing a wall between a site and its visitors. Customers respond to visual cues, so the certifications that appear on each web page serve to remind them: this site is secure.

No matter what venue or clientele you cater to, people will show customer loyalty to a business that combines verbal and visual proof of legitimacy. Why? Because people want a trustworthy source if they are going to exchange currency or time. InnoHosting’s web hosting enhances the professionalism of your brand. Before you know it, visitors will become full-time clients.  

You Need Room to Focus

Web hosting can provide the tools that a site needs to run without you being present. A business demands that its owners pivot from one concern to the next. This hectic race to stay relevant and reach clients makes overseeing the more technical aspects of your brand next to impossible.

InnoHosting’s hardware and software are monitored by its creators, technicians who have the kind of expertise that only years of site management brings. Our team will have no problem keeping your site humming along. We offer the best all-around options for low- or high-traffic web pages. You won’t have to worry about losing focus with our dedication to all the moving parts of your site.

You Need Exclusive Advantages

Our custom-built servers will give your web pages several advantages. First, quality checks are performed to keep you in the running for new clients or upgrades. How do high-speed RAID10 storage and full KVM virtualization sound? Our supercharged web hosting gives you up to 5,000 MB of web space and 200,000 MB bandwidth, and these are numbers you’ll see on every hosting package that we offer.

Custom components will impress customers and make them feel catered to, which is definitely not a bad thing. Yes, you’re selling a product or innovation, but you’re also selling your website itself to visitors and possible clients. The right web hosting service can do a lot of this work for you.

You Need 24/7 Access to Support

A good support system uses quality remote monitoring for when a concern arises. If you choose InnoHosting, your site will be monitored by tech support that knows what infiltration looks like. We are on standby no matter what your operation is: entry-level websites, established brand names, or individual business ventures. When we say 24/7, that means you can contact us even if you’re not sure what the situation is. We’ll be glad to help. Most times you won’t even know there was a problem. All of this support is automatically yours if you join with InnoHosting. Both US and UK businesses will appreciate the variety of prices and features, and we’ll never charge you for “secret” upgrades.

You Need Quality Web Hosting

Setting up your site with InnoHosting means access to free server and data center migrations that retain elements your site used before. If you would rather retain only portions of the original site, then we can do that as well. Simply put, we develop and manage your web page alongside you to keep you in the loop. Our complete hosting services offer what your company needs: encryption, focused efforts, exclusive advantages, technical support, and complete control of incoming and outgoing funds.

Experienced clients look for sites hosted by innovative servers that employ modern features they can trust. Our exclusive ActivGuard Security Suite software shields companies from major vulnerabilities. This means that XSS & SQL Injection attacks and other high-security concerns will be dealt with in a way that improves future responses. ActivGuard keeps viruses and malware scan logs for reference in case an old concern tries to make a comeback.

To obtain all these benefits, you need a web hosting service that contains all the above by default. This shouldn’t be a hunt for each individual improvement. InnoHosting’s complete project lifecycle management will help cultivate your brand while you focus on what your clients want. Let InnoHosting help establish your web pages and lessen concerns about juggling responsibilities. We’re here for an assist any time you might need one.

Why Major Business Owners Choose Superior Managed Dedicated Hosting Services

managed dedicated hosting services

A business stays at the top if there is a dedication to detail. What sells, what doesn’t, what creates new client bases—this is information that propels an online venture to new heights. Still, this is a lot to handle even with a team of employees at the helm – unless you’ve invested in managed dedicated hosting services. A major business owner with a large clientele base can spend much of their time trying to funnel stats and reports. This kind of management doesn’t stop even when another company situation is critical.

Now consider juggling the above with the upkeep of your central online hub. Your entrepreneurial eye can’t keep up with the movement of social media trends and product demands when you’re worried about site crashes or stolen user data.

That’s why it’s important to choose your host wisely. In short, a business owner who’s in the know chooses managed dedicated hosting services for their web page representation. Here are some reasons to consider this type of service and its customized advantages.  

Global Presentation

The web page of a major business has its requirements, especially if you decide to take your brand global. Managed dedicated hosting services use Real BGP route optimization to accommodate site users in China and Europe. It’s a common—but vital—feature to offer clients uninterrupted transactions.

In turn, your business is well-positioned for a global debut, one that can be shaped over time with the right management. InnoHosting utilizes top carriers like PCCW Global to reach outside any given area of operation. Our software and hardware allow for custom design, build, and management for your complete hosting services. You have the option of supercharging your server if the tech specs don’t match global customer demands. Client needs cannot take a backseat when your company is establishing a bond with a new market. There’s a lot to lose if you’re not using managed dedicated hosting services.

Total Management

Supercharged servers can’t exist without proper hardware and software stability. Major business owners often choose a dedicated host because both of these components are managed via the best technology and quality systems. In fact, the total lifecycle of a project is monitored by InnoHosting specialists who document error and bandwidth statistics (both live and post-operation). Since InnoHosting uses exclusive custom components, these reports allow tech experts to diagnose issues quickly, with ready-to-deploy fixes. Ask us about our history with quick action solutions.

A managed dedicated hosting service plan gives you access to these reports. A dedicated environment runs on virtualization technologies containers and full virtualization, which offers advantages like Webalizer access, SMTP and IMAP, and dynamic high-speed RAID10 storage. InnoHosting’s server plans also feature KVM virtualization.

Not every business owner is an expert on virtual tech, so if you have questions or don’t completely understand the data we can give you a full rundown. InnoHosting is an extension of your IT department, not just a supplier. If you let us cover your infrastructure needs, you’ll save on the extra expenses of employing an outside management team (that you then have to manage as well). Rest assured, you’ll be able to see the improvements yourself and know you made the right choice for your company.

Better Security

Presenting your wares requires a display of safety. Clients want to know their money and passwords won’t disappear into the wrong hands. Strong encryption is proof of this, because your web page features an impenetrable wall between server and visitor. That is – if your brand uses a managed dedicated hosting service.

Customers come and go, especially if you overlook safety concerns. High-risk business sites damage reputations, often in irreparable ways. Customers won’t return if they are burned by bad processing or data leaks, and word of mouth travels faster than an urgent email. You don’t want your brand blocked like rudimentary spam.

InnoHosting promises server and data migrations without leaks or bad transfers. Our exclusive ActivGuard Security Suite shields companies against major vulnerabilities like XSS & SQL Injection attacks. This software employs on-demand scans and updates to match viruses, malware, and attacks. Our firewall tools are almost as experienced as our tech specialists. If there’s an issue, we’ll find it.

You can sell clients on safety with our organization-validated SSL certificates. This level of encryption comes with noticeable site seals that appear on crucial web pages. Many clients value a validated certificate, which helps to solidify trust for every business transaction. This is about presentation as much as it is real safety. Thankfully, our package plans include both.  

Total Server Support

The right support staff makes your web page run as it should. Business owners should expect around-the-clock support. In response, a managed dedicated hosting service delivers live chat and nationwide toll-free phone support. User forums let owners discuss their experiences and issues.

At InnoHosting, our veteran server experts take web hosting seriously, no matter the size of our client’s company. Subpar support can wreck your aspirations, which is why you want to stay away from “support” that leads to a dead-end business. This won’t be an issue with managed dedicated hosting services. InnoHosting wants to see your projects through to the end. We do so by actively waiting on standby, ready for any questions or dilemmas.

Why Managed Dedicated Hosting Services?

This is the aforementioned attention to detail. A managed dedicated hosting service features up to 5,000 MB of web space and 200,000 MB bandwidth. “Managed” also applies to e-mail hosting for keeping communication open and orderly. We capture the combination of specs that make your site run, and then we adjust each server to keep your web page tracking upwards.

If you’re switching over from a previous web hosting service, an engineer will configure the best approach for your brand. For inquiries on how managed dedicated hosting services can work for your brand, get in touch and let InnoHosting offer you our brand of dedication.

Choosing the Perfect Web Hosting Service: How to Look for What Matters

web hosting service

Selecting a web hosting service is a decision to weigh like any other business chess move. You’ve lost time and money if your initial choice leads to a host that you’re unhappy with. This begs the question: how can you avoid making the wrong choice in service? For starters, you want to align your brand with an experienced company, because a proven track record points towards a web host that listens to their clientele.

Following these criteria, weigh each factor that accommodates and improves upon what you’ve built. If you are a larger company, then you can benefit from more storage. If you have a smaller client base, then your site should cater to their specific needs (which you don’t always have access to on your own). Regardless of your company size, a good web hosting service will supply your business with the tools to expand, employ, and e-profit.


Ask yourself: what does your business need to grow? You can craft a strong online presence by establishing reliable practices. For one, easy-to-process transactions keep mobile users coming back. Low traffic and higher clientele bases seek smooth operations. Web hosting services provide reliability in performance areas. As a bonus effect, just the association of your brand name with an already-established and certified host company allows you to advertise. On-site certification graphics let new clients know that your company site can handle the growth. For a preview of strategies to expand your brand, stop by our own certified site. We know how to answer your future concerns, so contact us today.


Running an online business takes many hands. While smaller companies can sometimes manage to juggle duties, any serious effort requires several working components. A web hosting service provides current software and hardware that isn’t available anywhere else, at least not without a financially-draining effort. What matters is obtaining these upgrades without stopping your own progress.

If you employ a web host provider like InnoHosting, then you gain access to high-speed RAID10 storage and full KVM virtualization. Your company gains the best tech support on the market, with long-time employees monitoring your site’s build and potential 24/7. You’ll be the first to know about site hiccups and software improvements.

Basically, the decision to employ those in the know can create a bigger space for you to pursue higher goals. We work alongside you to run the best site possible. Your investment is our investment, and we’ll treat our time together as such.  


It’s safe to say that increased profits are a defining factor to look for in a web host. Online revenue gains (or e-profits) increase with each site visitor, especially if they become regular clients. Well-equipped web hosting services can transform temporary clients into full-timers via impressive site handling. Also, you will save on the cost of site migration or creations, whenever that time comes. Fast loading times mean a better business, which can bring new sponsors on board. With every element behind the scenes running at full steam, customers won’t experience frustrating delays and move on to the competitor’s page.

Trust InnoHosting to increase the exposure of your company. Our specialists plan from beginning to end and never put you in a position that halts your momentum. We specialize in complete project management, which means honing every technical aspect of hosting to your continued advantage. You’ll also receive free site migrations along with special offers just for trusting your brand to us. Our competent support engineers perform hundreds of migrations every day with precision, so all they need are the details of your old web host to make the move. It’s a win-win plan with only one easy-to-remember monthly payment.

Other Advantages

There are other factors to consider that you might not have come across before. Our packaged plans include custom servers to host your web page. These InnoHosting exclusives are updated regularly to stay ahead of viruses and computer updates. A custom server can also identify technical problems before they do harm. This helps to prevent future occurrences because detailed error logs will be on file for our engineers, should they need to address the occasional problem. Each server holds up to 5,000 MB of web space and 200,000 MB bandwidth for either UK or US web hosting packages.

InnoHosting is business-grade hosting, with our tested and re-tested branded hardware made to use in multiple configurations. For the best commerce driving force, Nginx is one of the fastest web servers on the market. If you require high uptime and reliable platforms, we can offer them. Bloggers and entrepreneurs take note–these improvements can help your goals find their footing.

Choice Web Hosting Service

Professional web hosting services are the solution to providing a fully-functional online business. Our web hosting packages are designed to fully accommodate both common and complex site requirements. These additions include up to 40 FTP and POP3 Mail accounts, plus 15 Addon/Parked domains. You can customize Error Pages to deliver a message and tone to fit your operation and assure clients. The choice to make is InnoHosting.  

We employ around-the-clock support for entry-level web sites, established brand names, and individual operations. Ask one of our technical specialists how you can expand, employ, and e-profit towards a better operation. Hosting packages are priced beginning at under $5 a month, which makes your choice of features customizable. The perfect web hosting service is a bonus, not a burden. Get to know InnoHosting and give your business a web hosting service that matters.

Why You Need a Dedicated SSL for Efficient Business Web Hosting

business web hosting

Expecting an online company to run smoothly on a daily basis is unrealistic. Veteran business owners will tell you that operation “needs” are not always obvious, which results in lost revenue and everyday progress. Poor decision-making when it comes to choosing webpage certification should be avoided. You want outstanding security and transaction convenience for anyone that comes across your site. User accounts and data should be safe once clients log into a webpage, because if a leak occurs they will find another shop to use.

One option for keeping transactions running without issue is to choose a dedicated Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for your site. An SSL encrypts communication between the web server and the web browser of the person accessing the site, while providing authentication for the shopper’s browser demands.

An SSL is a healthy ingredient for business longevity because it helps meet the everyday expectations of users, such as validity and security. Most customers will not keep your tab open if they feel they are at risk. But if you’re still not sure about choosing a dedicated SSL with your business web hosting, then here are some informative reasons for you to consider an upgrade.

Blocking Malicious Interceptions

We live in an age that depends on internet trade and livelihoods. Common sense dictates that criminal attempts to disrupt or steal will increase as more and more brand names move online, so the latest innovations in online safety are a concern for everyone. If you have a business to run, then you have to consider security for yourself and your client base.

An SSL blocks hackers and would-be thieves from accessing customer accounts. Any security breaches will result in nothing gained, as full-encryption allows decryption for the web site and no one else. Business web hosting that protects against damaging interceptions is certainly worth consideration. Contact InnoHosting and let us protect both your company’s owners and customers.

Domain and Organization Validation

A customer base will never grow in digits when a company presents itself as untrustworthy. An SSL verifies you as a domain owner and links you to the name on the email account that most subscribers will see (depending on your utilization of ad campaigns/email blasts). A site seal will reach clients who prefer a visual representation of trustworthiness. Your business site will benefit from extended validation that verifies your company’s legal, physical, and operational existence. Make your site more professional both on the surface and underneath. Clients will take notice and feel good about spending their time and money with you.

Budget SSL Certificates

InnoHosting offers budget SSL certification for low-trafficked sites that have a minimal number of transactions. For example, InstantSSL Pro or RapidSSL are certificates that provide secure domains for start-up ventures, local suppliers, and passion projects. Your company will have quality encryption between server and visitor; this way, any data sent to the webserver is pointed towards the intended target instead of a mimic server. A budget SSL can secure either a single domain or one of its subdomains. If you need to focus your company’s expenses on other avenues of business, then a budget SSL certificate is just right. While they’re affordable, they offer many of the main features that other SSL certificates offer for business web hosting services.

Premium SSL Certificates

Companies with higher clientele tend to require premium SSL certificates due to higher traffic and transaction numbers. Premium features like the green bar display visually illustrate the enhanced security of our business web hosting, which in turn increases consumer spending and trust. Such certifications will be easily recognizable and convince anyone on the fence about becoming a customer. Notable certification names include Secure Site Pro EV, Web Server EV, and TrueBusiness ID EV. Premium means not only recognizable quality, but also extended validation and high assurance. If you are a serious company owner, then consult InnoHosting to discover which premium name is the one you want on your site.

Wildcard Certificates

As the name suggests, wildcard certificates have several functions. For one, they can secure a domain and its subdomains without the need for multiple certificates, unlike standard or budget certificates. And like premium types, a level of authentication is performed automatically (via certificate authority) to ensure it is generated for its intended domain.

SSL for a Better Business Model

A range of SSL plans benefits a wider range of business models. If your company is small but growing, then your site needs certain specs. But there’s no need for a higher price point with unneeded features if they don’t fit your model. A larger company will require all the bells and whistles, while a medium-sized operation might see you land somewhere in-between.

Our ranges of premium SSL certificates are perfect for busy e-commerce sites and websites where consumer confidence is vital. All premium SSL certificates include the automatic display of a “green bar” on the visitors’ browser to emphasize the high level of security and validation performed. These certificates have been proven to increase consumer confidence.

InnoHosting provides your web page with site seals that add a professional shine to the interface design. A variety of features and plans will suit your business model. On top of the choice of SSL certificates, our business web hosting service can keep detailed logs of errors and bandwidth usage. Our exclusive Webalizer software gives you access to the information you need should you decide to increase your profile. Plans include both SMTP and IMAP. SSL certification lets visitors know they are safe to shop because your site is well-encrypted against viruses and data mining. Let InnoHosting help.

Web Hosting Services

Can a New Server Make Your Business More Competitive?

managed dedicated hosting services

Competition is as rigorous as ever, despite many businesses closing their physical doors. The race to increase business capabilities online means it is time to step up your game by choosing the best software and hardware for an online presence. A hosted site needs to be adaptable to change while maintaining its storage security. Most experienced clients are capable of recognizing innovative dedicated servers and the strength of modern features.

However, managed dedicated hosting services easily take the top spot of current, versatile technology. In order to make your business as competitive as possible, consider shopping for new servers. Veteran companies should especially check hosting service performances because the lifespan of technology is often lost in hectic schedules and tasks. Such oversights can hurt business in the long run, and if your servers are behind the competition’s own, then people will notice. InnoHosting presents tips and suggestions on how to help your brand stay afloat.

Superior Web Hosting

Package options are key elements to help increase business capabilities. Potential clientele in the US and UK will appreciate the variety of prices and features that come with managed dedicated hosting services, which helps to influence decisions. Of course, the perks of a new server are not just hollow sales pitches, but rather a concrete pledge to customers that high uptime hosting platform performances will be boosted by this technology. Competition means keeping up, and a dynamic web hosting service ensures that your company will.

At InnoHosting, around the clock support for entry websites, established brand names, and individual operations are all a part of every hosting package. Specs boast up to 5,000 MB of web space and 200,000 MB bandwidth, along with free migrations and other special offers.

Custom-Built Components

The word “custom” tends to raise interest levels when applied to a sales pitch. Clients like feeling catered to in competitive industries, which is why custom components will entice important brand names to the table.

A managed dedicated hosting service is easier to maintain when crafted in-house because the creators can address any issues with unmatched speed. A universal model is less predictable and often requires outside expenses to fix. A custom server can also receive regular upgrades to end identified problems before they happen again.

Complete Server Protection  

Online-centric customers want to know that their sensitive data is legitimately secure. Company servers are often targeted by insidious programming and virus attacks, so it’s not uncommon for a customer to choose hard-line security over other features. A managed dedicated server will never force clients to choose between advantages just to have a basic service fulfilled because the parts are all there.

InnoHosting offers full protection of every hosting service during regular hours. Special situations like server and data migrations are accomplished without any leaks or losses. These protections revolve around our exclusive ActivGuard Security Suite, software made to shield a company’s web presence against major vulnerabilities like XSS and SQL Injection attacks. Once installed, ActivGuard regularly scans for the latest virus and malware and attacks via proven firewall tools.

Adjustable to Company Growth

Whenever business is good, your servers should be able to accommodate new income and customers. A steady stream of funds allows for advertisers, product upgrades, and a larger clientele base. Extra upgrade expenses are typical for ordinary hosting servers that fail over time, but managed dedicated hosting services keep every cost under one umbrella and therefore easy to organize. Migrations and additional site creations are accomplished without hassle so your customers never have to worry about delays in transactions. One monthly payment ensures that company growth is both reflected and rewarded, as opposed to noted and then used up for accommodation reasons.

Constant Monitoring

Staying on your toes keeps server problems at bay, but not every company provides pro-active management of all server side operations. However, a dedicated host monitors both hardware and software, plus complete project life cycle management. This dedication can take businesses from starting points to new possibilities that will increase clientele and lessen concerns. Knowing the issue at hand allows for a quick response by support staff who can address whatever occurs. For backup, live chat support is widely available, along with nationwide toll-free numbers and user forums for consultation.  

Top-of-the-Line Advertising

As a result of the aforementioned details, your company can press forward with a strong presence. Managed dedicated hosting services advertises itself with an impressive high-speed RAID10 storage and full KVM virtualization. With supercharged web hosting services to flex technology, the monitored nature of a powerful server shows your brand is not meant to be temporary and that clients should go all-in.

Managed Dedicated Hosting Services  

The phrase “fake it until you make it” has grown so popular that it’s often loosely attached to commerce and business behaviors. This sentiment does not apply to managed dedicated hosting services because the technology involved is certified and proven. With a dedicated server, there is no need to falsify power or reliability.

The amount of bandwidth and RAM improves site loading times. A dedicated environment features two main virtualization technologies: a container and full virtualization that create unbeatable stability. One of the fastest web servers on the market, Nginx, ensures that multiple configurations are possible.

InnoHosting takes the capabilities of its clients seriously. A managed dedicated hosting service is a cut above the rest with a collection of features that should be sold separately. We believe new websites deserve the same chance that a veteran brand does, so consult with our tech experts to find the right package deal for your business.

How to Start Your Reseller Hosting Business During a Pandemic

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting allows you to provide full hosting services for your clients. Advanced control panel software (like Web Host Manager) lets you manage created accounts. The provider of the hosting manages responsibilities like backing up data, installing new applications, and security concerns. These are all taken care of if your business uses affordable reseller hosting.

We’ve now established that the smaller details are covered by most providers, but if you plan on starting a reseller hosting business during the era of social distancing, what about the responsibilities that you will face to keep a brand alive? Here are a few things you should know.

Know How to Talk to Your Audience

Audience—or client—connection is more important than it has ever been. For most entrepreneurs, a pandemic is an unknown when applied to business results and factors. There is a definite change with how business owners must address their customer base. For instance, using personal blogs to hook new clients still works, but only if their concerns are addressed with honesty. Your advertising campaigns cannot proceed as usual with the same results, and it would be foolish to think otherwise.

The home bases of your reseller hosting clientele must be re-evaluated. Is the area more urban, or less so, and which are more prone to security issues? Are locally-owned online business sales up or down due to the pandemic?

Do your research, and then be upfront with your target audience. They obviously know how chaotic their industry is, so any attempt to pretend otherwise could seem disingenuous. Reach out to them using social media you haven’t tried before. Do this in a way that shows an understanding of their concerns, and you will stand out next to the blunt, aggressive tactics that other companies use. It’s a fact that social distancing has increased online usage in every community. Your company should find their way in, and offer reseller hosting that seems attainable.

Build a Company Profile

If you choose a competent reseller hosting provider, then you can rely on their reputation. Customers want to know they are hosted by professionals. Therefore your brand must make any hosting service advantages known so that your company profile grows by proxy. If your brand becomes know for switching providers due to a bad choice then any stability or goodwill you’ve built is immediately back to zero.

A company profile isn’t difficult to build, but maintaining it is another story. Present your services as unbeatable because you have the best managed dedicated hosting services under your umbrella. With InnoHosting, we provide reseller hosting that has its own reputation for quality and options. Each account you create comes with its own set of features, one of those being the cPanel control panel software. Your company will be able to brand those control panels while managing every created account with ease. If you are still uncertain, check with us for an estimate or more details.

Back Up Your Brand with Power

Business hosting should openly run on enough power to gain the trust of investors and clients. Branded hardware should stand up to multiple configurations. Servers should be supercharged to impress your clients—both in capability and dedication to service. In order for your reseller hosting business to begin growing, your target customers should have confidence in knowing that their websites will load fast. Their transactions should execute without lagging or confusion. If a payment needs to be sent twice because of bogged-down servers, then your brand is going to suffer.

Be selective and demanding of your hosting provider. If they can deliver pure raw power to your web services, then you will have an immediate advantage. InnoHosting’s web services are coupled with Nginx, one of the predominant servers in the world. You can be confident in knowing your clients’ websites won’t stall.

Research Affordable Reseller Hosting

Starting a reseller hosting business amidst such a chaotic time is a bold decision to make, but that’s what business ventures are all about. A start-up lives and dies on how it interacts with trends and cultural wants, not just its wares. Thorough research should direct you towards a server hosting provider with 24x7x365 offsite support desk and powerful servers. Their staff should be easy to work with and void of bad attitudes if you find yourself in a jam, or just uncertain about a tech issue.

You can do the research, or you can speak to the friendly experts at InnoHosting who will tell you upfront: we offer all the above. Our features are unmatched by other hosting services, and we can equip you with every solution needed to build your profile and communicate with your audience on a personal but professional level.

We offer Premier and Executive plans as low as $33.95, with unlimited Mail accounts and a MySQL Database. No matter which plans you choose, each one includes AWStats, Webalizer, and logs for Bandwidth usage.

This is just a sample of InnoHosting’s featured plans. We can set up a steady monthly payment so you can better serve customers without checking the finances constantly. Let us help you dash ahead into success.

7 Tips for Choosing Between Server Types

Since an online company cannot exist without a workable server, understanding server types for your business is vital to growth and expansion. Your customers will expect your transactions and services to run smoothly, or chances are they will look elsewhere. Shopping for a new server during a busy work season can derail focus, so you want to start things off on the right foot. Here are 7 tips to help you decide on a server, along with their package deal specifics you should consider to make your business skyrocket.  

Shop Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are popular among forward-thinking businesses due to the ever-changing model and convenience. This type of server often gives you Full Root access to its stored contents. Migrations for data centers pose no problem thanks to quality standard procedures. Virtual servers communicate with each other using the same software resources, which makes for better infrastructure.

If you’re leaning towards choosing a virtual server, be sure to ask about its remote capabilities. Most modern virtual servers can be rebooted remotely or even have your preferred OS reinstalled in this manner. If this type of server sounds appealing, keep in mind that InnoHosting includes ready-made OS Templates to accommodate your optimized apps.

Shop Dedicated Servers

For stability, a dedicated server might meet your needs. This type is typically PCI compliant and user-friendly. Using a container and full virtualization, the server’s dedicated environment fits perfectly with a company that’s making waves in its industry. A dedicated server can be adjusted to meet your requirements, and upgrades are always an option. You should be able to step away from your server without worry, especially when your attention is needed elsewhere. This type of server should allow you to do that without guilt or worry, especially if your service provider is equipped to offer the best care around the clock.

InnoHosting custom-builds our dedicated servers using components that have passed every quality check. If anything was ever to go wrong, our veteran tech experts will know right where to look thanks to experience, pre-determined requirements, and project management.

Online Safety for Server Types

Choose a server that will keep your assets safe. The best online protection should feature on-demand support for any level of risk, known or unknown. If the situation is a code red, then quick action is required. If the situation is unknown but looks bad, that same speedy response should be expected for any type of server. Don’t choose a plan that only offers half the security just to save a few bucks. You never know when the latest virus or hack might bore its way into the sensitive areas of your company’s information database. The last thing you want is a security leak that damages your reputation.

InnoHosting doesn’t believe in half-measures. We provide strong encryption with a sturdy wall between server & visitor at all times. Our server types are suitable for low volume transactions and basic secure login areas. We use organization-validated SSL certificates to show the level of encryption for all to see via a site seal that will catch the eyes of anyone browsing your page. Your customers will take note of these validated certificates, which is a great way to build up your trust with the customer base. You’ll appear legitimate without question, so users will be much more willing to trade currency, or just interact in general with the site’s features. Ultimately, the idea is to provide you with a choice of servers that already have the basics covered. Online safety should be part of the package, not an extra add-on.

Check Tech Support Levels

Even if you are using a server that boasts all the latest technological advancements, the fact remains that if the provider fails at basic tech support, then it is all for naught. Efficiency is what you expect from your employees, and they can’t be at the top of their game without a reliable server. Check for toll-free contact numbers and live chat options. Some server providers use homegrown forums as a way to pounce on widespread issues that members report. Support should be available at all hours because you never know when a server could malfunction. Some server types are built for quick fixes via remote service (virtual servers, for instance), but it’s smart to get a feel for how dedicated the support is for your chosen server. Without experienced staff members to monitor the server, things could go wrong.

Check Price Points

The old cliché “You have to spend money to make money” is unfortunately true, but wise company owners should be aware of how much they need to spend to come out on top. Industry-level prices for servers can vary, so don’t make the mistake of going with the first plan you are offered. Look for types of servers that include a range of plans. If you can find a provider that organizes your bill into a monthly payment, that’s a solid start. InnoHosting offers supercharged server choices under a range of plans, with convenience as a key element. Hidden charges should be avoided to keep your company on the upward trek.

Each of our server plans includes Webalizer access, SMTP and IMAP, plus error and bandwidth usage logs. If you gather your business under the InnoHosting umbrella, we promise fast and competent solutions to keep your online presence thriving instead of watered-down. Regardless of your choice of virtual or dedicated, your server will be configured and optimized for meeting the highest order of expectations. All of this comes with our promise of security and tech support over the course of your plan.

If you are still unsure about which type of server to choose, get in touch with InnoHosting. We can cover each plan in an in-depth way, evaluate the best server for your company, and help you set up no-hassle monthly payment. At the end of the day you have a business, and you need a server. Let us help.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service with Top Speeds: How to Determine Which Web Hosting Service Will Give You the Best Speeds

When it comes to business grade hosting, determining what makes a quality enterprise system is directly tied to the future success of your business venture. Quicker site performance is associated with managed dedicated hosting services, but this should be just one of the elements to consider. You will want to look for a hosting service that is quick on its feet and employs a variety of ways to stay on top. Their services should accommodate your customer base, while also helping to create a professional reputation for your company. A slow site can lead to bad business, so here are a few things to consider when shopping around.

Ask about Loading Speeds

There’s a chance of would-be customers promptly exiting your page if they have to wait for more than a few seconds to see your wares. It’s common for people to move on when content delivery isn’t quick enough to meet their daily pace. For instance, how often do you scroll past a post on social media that isn’t on par with the surrounding images or videos? There’s an endless supply to look at, so why wait? This logic applies to any traffic-driven site, especially with many customers using mobile devices to shop. A fast web hosting service needs to meet the speedy demands of today’s browsers, while keeping sites properly optimized for different formats. This is key to reaching a larger customer base.

Evaluate Site Traffic Numbers

In order to deliver an outstanding site experience for customers, fast web hosting services must be able to handle high numbers of traffic while maintaining speeds. When choosing a web hosting service, pay attention to number specifics. Try out established sites that use the service you’re curious about. Measure how well it handles your inputs. Perhaps you can contact the owner and ask how well the web hosting service has performed, or directly call the company for a thorough number evaluation.

Check Hardware Options

Consider hardware advantages when choosing a fast web hosting service. Certain drives—solid-state, for instance—will complement page loading times. In comparison to standard drives, SSDs feature lower latency and resistance to physical jostling. A typical SSD stores persistent data while working as a secondary storage, which ultimately helps to increase speed. Therefore, choose a website hosting service that has multiple hardware choices. If a service only offers standard drives, then you should consider a more modern option.

Fast Web Hosting Services Security

The web hosting service you choose should have optimal security against hacks, but also keep lag-inducing viruses at bay. Most of us have come across a business site that immediately sets the virus software bells ringing, especially when you are suddenly redirected to a new mystery site. With such encounters, high-risk web pages will turn away customers who value their devices more than the chance to see what you’re selling. They might even block your site before you have a chance to gain their trust.

If you choose InnoHosting as your web hosting service, our exclusive ActivGuard Security Suite will protect your company’s web presence against major vulnerabilities, such as XSS & SQL Injection attacks. ActivGuard will scan for the latest malware and virus attacks using state of the art firewall tools, and regular updates will ensure that we stay on top of incoming threats. At the end of the day, site security is as important to your customers as it is to you.

Dedicated Servers and You

When it comes to fast-running sites, dedicated servers are ideal for web hosting. Extra bandwidth and RAM helps to increase website speed, along with providing a better life cycle management. A trustworthy service should offer up to 250,000 MB bandwidth to achieve top speed performance. Your servers should be adjustable as new income allows for advertisers, product upgrades, and a larger clientele base. A dedicated environment features two main virtualization technologies: a container and full virtualization, both helping to retain stability. When it comes to business decisions, choose the most dedicated option.

Level of Support

For business owners, free time is hard to come by when clients need your attention. The importance of support you receive for a hosted site cannot be undervalued because the old cliché about time and money is certainly as valid as ever. To keep your eyes on the road, you will want to choose a web hosting service that boasts efficient customer support for any given medium. This should include live chat support, nationwide toll free numbers, and user-friendly forums to ask other users for quick fixes. Before making a final decision, seek out site hosting plans that offer proactive handling of your server operations. This way you can focus on other business aspects while the provider keeps everything moving at a smooth pace.

Making Your Decision

Comparing services will ultimately pay off. At InnoHosting, we supply fast web hosting services to ensure your customers won’t lose interest due to poor performance. We protect against long wait times, so your database transactions will continue without pause, even under heavy traffic. Our branded hardware is certified to work alongside multiple configurations thanks to one of the quickest web servers on the market, Nginx. With an informed opinion on further solutions and industry standards, you are certain to make the right choice for your company as long as you consider the important ins and outs of hosting services.

InnoHosting offers a range of plans, each billed under one monthly payment for easy organization. Available plans include our supercharged web hosting services, with dynamic High Speed RAID10 storage and Full KVM Virtualization. We give customers the speed they need with up to10,000 MB of webspace, the best online safety, and on-demand support for any level of risk. For inquiries, get in touch with InnoHosting and we can walk you through the best plans for your business.


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