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Affordable Reseller Hosting Matters. Here’s What Else You Need

affordable reseller hosting
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One of the biggest benefits of reseller hosting is its affordability. That is certainly a trait many entrepreneurs take into consideration when starting up a new business. There is a significantly low cost to entry when it comes to affordable reseller hosting; however, there are also additional benefits that can support a new reseller hosting business and its clients.

Here are some of the additional benefits beyond affordability that you should take into consideration.

Little to No Maintenance

As the reseller, you are essentially the broker between the web hosting service and your client. The web hosting service is the entity that is responsible for maintaining upkeep of the servers, disk space, and performing routine maintenance.

While most web users only interface with the intangible part of the internet on their computers, there is still a physical aspect that props up all the websites that are available. Web hosting services must invest significant amounts of time and money to purchase and properly maintain servers and databases. This is a responsibility that requires staffing, time, and money.

As a reseller, you do not have to worry about that. Instead, you can do the work of connecting your clients to the services they are seeking and allow them to create their own websites. 


If you find the right reseller host provider, you will be able to scale the growth of your business as it grows. A good provider should present numerous options to you for bandwidth, disk space, design, number of users, and more.

If you start off small, you will have the opportunity to scale up into bigger pricing options presented by the provider. It is important to determine ahead of time if the provider’s pricing options are affordable. If you do not plan accordingly, you may discover that the pricier options are too expensive. This could lead to you trying to find a way to migrate your users to a new platform, which can lead to a variety of technical issues. 

As the reseller, you can also mirror the idea of different pricing options that you present to your customers. This creates the opportunity for you to allow your customers to scale with their growth as well. If you have customers who do their research and anticipate growth, they will appreciate the opportunity to scale their websites over time. 

Pricing Plans

Even though you will be dependent on your provider for your business’s pricing plans, you have the freedom to set your own prices for your customers. This can provide you with the freedom to ensure you both cover your costs and earn a profit. 

Pricing plans will be dependent on a variety of factors. Some of the important things to take into consideration are the niche market you hope to enter, the benefits you provide your customers, and the reliability/connectivity of the network. 

Security and Patching

Along with maintaining the physical equipment, the host provider should also be regularly performing updates, installing matches, and optimizing cybersecurity. When the provider undertakes this responsibility, it will be one less issue on your plate. 

If you are new to the world of reselling, ensuring cyberthreats are mitigated can be a daunting task. A cyberattack can be potentially catastrophic and can completely stop operations. If a hosting provider has a professional IT staff that is regularly checking for security issues and installing patches, they are more likely to do a proficient job if you are not familiar with the topic. Ensuring cyberthreats are mitigated is an essential responsibility if you are providing a web hosting service. Fortunately, those who decide to try reselling will have that opportunity provided to them by their provider.

It is important to note that you should do your research to ensure your provider does indeed do a thorough job of maintaining cybersecurity. Threats continue to evolve and having professionals on the other end to catch those threats is crucial. 

Along with security updates, a hosting provider should also be regularly providing software and network patch updates. This is another task that could be the responsibility of the provider. These updates may not necessarily involve security issues; however, the purpose is to optimize and improve user experiences. Some of these regular updates may be issued in order to increase speed or memory. 

Niche Marketing

As a reseller, you have the opportunity to advertise in a niche market. If you are an entrepreneur who has an expertise in something other than web hosting, you may be able to appeal to people specifically from that area of expertise. This is a fantastic way to build a returning customer base.

When customers see that the person providing them web hosting capabilities is familiar with their sector, there will be increased trust. With more trust, your clients are more likely to feel comfortable maintaining their business relationship with you for a longer time. 

Growth Potential

Reseller hosting has room for growth if you find a provider who has different pricing plans. If you start off at a lower-priced plan but discover there is a strong demand for your product, you have the potential to increase your customer base.

It is important to get a glimpse into what the future may hold for your business by analyzing and comparing different reseller hosting plans. 


You will be able to modify and brand your reseller products so your clients know your unique voice and trademark. This is helpful if you are marketing to a niche demographic, or if you intend to grow your business into multiple sectors. 

affordable reseller hosting
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At InnoHosting, we offer multiple pricing options for those who are interested in affordable reseller hosting. It is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the online hosting world with a low cost to entry. Contact us today to review your options and find the right choice for you and your goals. 

How to Start a Reseller Hosting Business in 2021

start a reseller hosting business

If you want to start a reseller hosting business, one of the first and most important steps you can take is finding a reliable and reputable hosting service. One of the many perks of starting a reseller hosting business is that it requires little capital to start up; however, your success hinges largely on the provider you choose. It is somewhat counterintuitive for an entrepreneur to place a portion of their likelihood of success in someone else’s hands; regardless, starting a reseller hosting business is certainly an exciting step for anyone who wants to enter the online hosting world.

In order to successfully start a reseller hosting business, the entrepreneur will have to take other steps to ensure their success beyond just selecting a good hosting service. They will also have to identify and choose their target audience, set an appropriate budget and pricing, prepare to scale for the future, and market their business.

While it may seem like there are a lot of steps to take, it is certainly not an impossible task. Here’s a closer look at some of the steps an entrepreneur should take to set their new reseller hosting business up for success.

Selecting a Good Hosting Service

As previously mentioned, the most critical part of starting a reseller hosting business is finding a good provider. There are benefits and challenges to running a reseller hosting business. One of those challenges is that the reseller is largely dependent on the abilities and efficacy of the parent hosting company. 

For example, the reseller will not have control if the servers hosting their websites unexpectedly go down. Instead, they will have to wait for the provider to get the systems back up and running. This can be frustrating for several reasons. If the hosting company is unreliable or not communicative, the reseller may be left in the dark and unable to provide answers to their clients. On the other hand, if the provider is reliable, they may provide concise updates to the reseller and work quickly on getting the server back online. 

Selecting a good reseller hosting provider is the most crucial step in this process. The entrepreneur must be sure to identify reliability, credibility, and connectivity of the parent host company.

Choosing a Target Audience

The entrepreneur should consider targeting a specific demographic or audience with their reseller products. Focusing on a niche allows the entrepreneur to fill a void where there were no previous providers. They can also focus on connecting with their clients, understanding their unique needs, and providing web hosting solutions that meet those needs. 

Choosing an appropriate target audience will allow the entrepreneur to attract and retain customers. It is important that this niche be an area of expertise so that clients are not put off by a lack of knowledge surrounding their issues. 


The online hosting world is a competitive marketplace. As a result, thoughtful and eye-grabbing marketing is an important step in attracting new customers. Once a commerce website is established for customers to browse, additional steps can be taken to ensure it ranks high on search engines for relevance.

Anyone entering the reseller hosting business world likely knows of, or has at least heard of, search engine optimization (SEO). Both the entrepreneur and their clients will need to utilize SEO to ensure their websites catch peoples’ attention. 

In order to boost SEO, the reseller website should have relevant keywords, regularly updated information (such as a blog), and a social media presence. Additionally, the entrepreneur can invest in advertising platforms such as GoogleAds in order to promote their products. 

Budgeting and Pricing

Starting up any new business requires meticulous budgeting and pricing. Although starting a reseller hosting business has a low cost barrier, there will still be an initial investment required. An entrepreneur should also plan for unforeseen financial requirements.

While choosing a reseller provider, the entrepreneur should closely analyze their pricing options. A diversified reseller provider should have a variety of options available for different budget sizes. A large investment is not necessary because a reseller hosting business has potential to grow. As a result, the entrepreneur can reevaluate which pricing program they choose from their provider. 

When choosing their initial budgeting plan, they should also consider future plans they may need to utilize. While initial low-budget plans may be very affordable, it is possible that the upgraded plans are too expensive. As the reseller hosting business grows, they do not want to be hindered by the sudden costs they did not consider if they discover they need to upgrade their plans. 

After establishing their own budget, the reseller business should then develop their own pricing plans for their customers. The reseller will be offering a variety of services in different price ranges, and should ensure their customers are well-informed. Similar to how the reseller searches for a reliable and communicative provider, so too will the customer search for an equally worthwhile reseller hosting service. 

In order to build trust with a new client base, the reseller business should make their pricing plans clear and concise. Each plan should include a comprehensive list of which services the customer will receive. Including hidden fees or deceptive advertising is a surefire way to lose customers and receive poor reviews. Setting a good price range depends on competition research as well. The prices should not be prohibitively high, nor should they be so low that the business loses money with each sale. 

Ultimately, choosing the pricing options depends on your competition and the buying power of your audience.

start a reseller hosting business
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Contact InnoHosting

At InnoHosting, we believe in providing a range of reseller hosting options to suit your needs. Whether you are starting off in the reseller hosting world, or are established and want to upgrade your system, InnoHosting provides an array of options for any budget. Contact us today at InnoHosting to discuss your options, or view our reseller packages here. 

The Most Important Trait for Web Hosting Services? Consistency

web hosting services
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When entrepreneurs and business owners are searching for web hosting services, the most important trait that service should have is consistency. This is a broad concept, but it is an aspect that must be applied to a variety of areas. When using a web hosting service, consistency with maintenance, connection, IT support, and more is vital in making sure customers are happy. Web hosting services know the importance of consistency; if they do not, they may not be a very successful or reliable web hosting service.

If you are planning to create a website or are already managing one, it is vital to perform your due diligence on your web hosting service before contracting their services. During your research, be sure to keep in mind that consistency is key in gauging their performance and whether or not they can provide you with adequate web hosting services. Ultimately, the performance of the web hosting service you provide will have a significant impact on your ability to perform your job with the website you want to create. 

Let’s look at some of the important elements that web hosting services should consistently uphold. These are some of the key indicators you can use in determining the efficacy of the web hosting service you are researching. 

Consistency in Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a part of life when it comes to hosting websites. In order to deliver optimized and faster loading web pages, web hosting services must perform maintenance. This is also necessary in order to avoid bugs or glitches, as well as to enhance security. 

There will also be instances where a website may experience glitches or technical problems. When this happens, the website owner is going to expect consistent maintenance after they submit a bug report or help ticket. For example, if a website owner discovers a bug, makes a report, and the web hosting service fixes it within 24 hours, they will expect a similar response if a similar situation arises in the future. However, if a similar bug happens again and the web hosting service takes over a week to respond, that can be a major red flag.

If a lack of consistency in maintenance is apparent, this can indicate poor organizational efforts behind the scenes of the web hosting service. If they cannot maintain the websites that users create on a consistent basis, it is quite likely they are unable to consistently maintain other important elements of website development and hosting. 

Finally, maintenance also comes in the form of integrating or uploading patches. New patches are essential in avoiding malware, cyberthreats, and software bugs. A web hosting service that regularly updates their programs and hardware is a company that clearly cares about their product. Be sure to find a web hosting service that regularly maintains and updates the product they are providing to customers. 

Consistency in Connection

When someone purchases a domain name and designs a website, their expectation is that the website will regularly be connected to the rest of the internet. A spotty connection or irregular outages can prove to be significantly disruptive to websites, especially e-commerce platforms. 

Researching a web hosting service’s connectivity capacity is an important aspect in determining whether or not they can reliably host your website. Consistent connectivity is essential to reaching as many customers as possible, and providing those customers with goods or services.

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, this is another area you will want to ensure is consistently online. It is possible to have your website regularly connected; however, some e-commerce functions can experience disruptions independent of the rest of the website. This type of disruption can become problematic for you as well as your customers. If your customers feel that your website’s e-commerce capabilities are unreliable or inconsistent, they will be much less likely to trust the platform with their money. That is why it is essential to research not just the connectivity of the website, but other website elements as well.

Finding a web hosting service that can provide consistent connection is vital to ensure continuity of the services you provide. 

Consistency in Support

As previously mentioned, consistent maintenance is an important part of effective website hosting. Along with maintenance, it is wise to ensure the service provides consistent support, too. 

If you are just starting off with hosting or designing websites, you may have some questions. Web design can be a tricky process and it is normal to have questions or to encounter challenges. If you find a web hosting service that cannot provide answers to any of your questions but is quickly willing to take your money, be wary. The web hosting services that care about their customers and the quality of their product will promptly and consistently be able to answer your questions and help you overcome challenges.

In a different scenario, if you are an experienced web designer, you will still want a web hosting service that will consistently be able to provide you with support. In these circumstances, support is not just answering questions; it can also be in the form of helping users overcome bugs or glitches, taking their bug reports and working on them, and helping them with any other technical problems.

A consistent IT team is crucial in ensuring a quality product for people who are managing websites. Whether you are new or experienced at web hosting, having a consistent response and presence from an IT team is helpful in ensuring continuity of service. 

Web hosting services
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Contact InnoHosting

At InnoHosting, we take pride in helping both new and experienced users successfully start and manage their websites. Our IT and support teams are available to go through the process with you. We also provide consistent service and pricing options. Contact us today to explore your options for web hosting.

Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Ambitions with Affordable Reseller Hosting

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Entrepreneurs are continuously thinking outside the box and often have their hands in many projects. Affordable reseller hosting is an option for entrepreneurs to expand their business network and offer additional services. It is also useful for entrepreneurs who are managing multiple projects or brands. Reseller hosting can create new opportunities to allow your customers to host their websites through you, without having to do any of the heavy lifting, such as owning servers and hardware to run website hosting services.

Affordable reseller hosting is an effective way for entrepreneurs to get into the world of website hosting. It generally has a low cost to entry and has multiple options so you can tailor the experience for potential clients. 

Reseller hosting can be a confusing concept at first; however, read on to learn what reseller hosting is, along with how it can benefit your projects and ambitions. 

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is done by essentially creating a “middle man” to broker website hosting services. A website hosting company, which houses the physical servers and hardwares, allows a reseller to sell subscriptions to their website hosting services. The reseller does not have to house the hardware or do the maintenance work that the website hosting company performs. The reseller also has the opportunity to do more than just selling the web hosting product.

Basically, this is a process in which a web hosting company rents out their services to a reseller, and the reseller rents out the web hosting to a customer. 

A reseller has the opportunity to choose different types of subscription packages to sell their customers. They can also pick their own prices and offer additional services. The reseller is more than just a middle man; they can provide an array of services to their clients, too. 

One of the challenges that resellers must take into consideration before embarking on this new business venture is the technical aspect of hosting websites. As the reseller, they will likely have little to no ability to provide any maintenance or technical support to their customers. As a result, their customers’ website stability and service is dependent on the original web hosting company. For an entrepreneur, this can be a concerning aspect if they are unable to meet their customers’ demands and needs. 

It is best for resellers to find reliable and reputable reseller hosts to provide their service. Reliability is critical, as is a good reputation. Performing proper research before engaging in this process is necessary to ensure continuity of operations once the reseller hosting system goes live. 

Startup Benefits

A benefit for the entrepreneur themselves is the chance to step into the web hosting world without significant amounts of capital. Purchasing and maintaining web hosting hardware and software can be a substantial investment. Reseller hosting is a good step for curious entrepreneurs who want to experiment with a new business idea.

After establishing their business, logistics, and gaining general experience, resellers can expand their business. If they have been successful and gained substantial capital, they may be able to stop renting out web hosting services and provide their own services directly from their equipment. Resellers will also enter the web hosting world with more experience and preparedness after providing the service to their customers. 

Resellers can target specific demographics with their products. If an entrepreneur has a level of expertise in a certain niche market, they may be able to better connect with other business owners in the same market. The website hosting service and design software may also be tailored to better suit their needs. This opportunity allows the entrepreneur to create their stake in that niche market and attract and retain customers.

For entrepreneurs who are considering stepping into the web hosting world, using affordable reseller hosting is a wise step to take. It is an opportunity to mitigate risk, gain experience, and see if web hosting is truly what you want to invest your time and money in. 

Additional Services

Beyond providing web hosting services, resellers can receive additional benefits and services that can be passed on to their customers. For example, resellers can customize their interface to incorporate their branding and logo into the end-user dashboard. Branding is one of many important tools when establishing a new business, and this is one step that helps. 

Resellers can also provide website registration services to their clients. A good domain name is necessary, so that people browsing the internet can easily navigate their way to the reseller client’s website. It is also a good tool to have so that clients will feel like they are getting an all-in-one package when signing up for a web hosting service. One aspect of web hosting that can irritate people is the need to shop around for different aspects of their website creation. For example, if a client has to find a website editor, domain registration, and website maintenance service in different areas, they may feel discouraged. Instead, offering all these items and more in one subscription package is a very enticing deal, especially to new website owners and designers. 

Offering clients an intuitive website design process is another excellent service that a reseller can provide. Designing websites can either be an enjoyable or stressful experience; the difference depends on two key factors: the experience of the website designer, and the effectiveness of the website design software itself. Some website designers are well versed in coding languages like HTML and Java, which will allow them to finetune their website to their exact specifications. However, newer website designers may not have coding experience but do know how to use simple design concepts that are as simple as clicking and dragging. Offering an effective website design tool in a reseller hosting package is a good step to take to attract and retain clients. 

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At InnoHosting, we provide reliable and trustworthy website reseller hosting. Our services are affordable and dependable. We stand ready to provide you with reseller hosting that you can use to boost your business plan. 

Four Ways Hosting Can Make or Break Your Business

business hosting with cPanel

Whenever someone is starting a business, they know they will need a website. Regardless of what type of business you are running, your website may just be an auxiliary component to your business model, or your entire business model may be entirely dependent on a good website hosting service. Each business owner should perform their due diligence to discover how valuable an asset their website might be to their specific business. After that research is performed, business owners can decide on how much they want to invest in their website. 

Business hosting with cPanel is an optimal way for any business owner to improve their online presence. Whether it is your branding, e-commerce platform, or social media interaction, business hosting with cPanel is an ideal way to have detailed control over your website.

Here are four points to consider when shopping around for a new or upgraded business hosting service. 

cPanel and SEO

One of the most important steps in running a successful business is effective marketing and advertising. When it comes to the online world, search engine optimization (SEO) is the key element in getting your brand out there. If you are unfamiliar, SEO is the ability to get your website ranked highly on Google and other search engines. This allows people who are searching for businesses to see yours on the first page of Google instead of the fifth page. Most users don’t search beyond the first couple of pages in any search engine.

cPanel has a set of tools that allows you to optimize your website so its SEO score can rank higher. This is essential if you notice your website is not getting a lot of traffic, or if it is relatively new. The cPanel SEO suite provides you with the ability to integrate social networks, include inbound and outbound hyperlinks, participate in tutorials, and more. 

If your website is new or low in traffic, using the SEO tools in cPanel will help remedy that problem. Ultimately, increased traffic will also help you get ranked higher and will likely lead to new customers. 

Easily Usable Dashboard 

When it comes to website development, many people believe they simply lack the technical knowledge to develop an online presence. Decades ago, it was necessary to have an in-depth understanding of HTML and computer science; however, as technology has advanced, the power to develop and host websites can be placed in almost anyone’s hands. 

cPanel provides its users with a graphical interface that makes website development much simpler than writing hundreds of lines of code. If the users have a basic understanding of how to use a computer, they will come to understand how cPanel works. This is due to the intuitive nature of the cPanel graphical dashboard. 

Backing Up Your Website

As technology advances, so too do the techniques used by hackers. Additionally, internet and website code is never perfect, which means there is always the possibility of catastrophic technical glitches that could damage your website. 

Finding your website held hostage or infiltrated by a hacker is a very compromising situation. It can completely disrupt your business flow. The same goes for a technical issue that can put a hold on business processes. 

Backing up your website with cPanel is an easy process. It can also save you from significant stress and issues in the future. Backing up a website will allow you to revert your website to a previous form, the point at which you backed it up. This can remedy many issues created by human error, such as accidentally deleting an important line of code. Similarly, if a malicious line of code has been injected into your website by a hacker and you are unable to find it, you can revert your website to a previous state and get rid of the malware. 

Additionally, if you discover a technical glitch or issue during a scheduled update, you can revert back to a previous state. It is advisable to keep your website regularly updated; however, if the issue creates a significant enough problem, you can put a pause on the update while you contact the web hosting service regarding the technical issue.

With these thoughts in mind, backing up your website with cPanel should be a part of how you manage your website. It can prevent significant issues while simultaneously allowing your business to avoid disruptions to service. 

Metrics and Analysis

Another important element of website hosting is understanding the traffic that comes to your website. On a more detailed level, just knowing the number of people who visit your site on a daily basis is not necessarily enough for business owners to visualize trends or actionable insights. cPanel analytics and metrics can offer more nuanced details.

Understanding trends and metrics is necessary for business owners to tailor their business accordingly. cPanel metrics can show you not just your number of daily visitors, but other useful information, such as what pages they visit, how much time they spend on those pages, whether they are new or returning customers, and more. These insights can provide business owners with substantial knowledge to chart trends or discover what parts of their website need to be improved. It can also provide you with an understanding of whether your marketing investments are providing a positive return on investment. 

business hosting with cPanel
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At InnoHosting, we recognize that running a business can be a challenging endeavor. It can be even more challenging if running a website is an unfamiliar task for you. We offer four different plans that you can use for your website. Whether you are just starting out or have a complex e-commerce platform, all our plans include cPanel so that you can get the most out of your website hosting. Contact us for further information on how you can have more control over your website and see better returns on your investment. 


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