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The Warning Signs of a Cyber Threat

Cyber threats put you and your data at risk

Keeping data and information safe online is crucial when hosting a website. If hackers or other cyber threats access your account, identity theft and money loss are almost a guarantee. Thankfully, there are ways to stay alert to cyber threats and to defend your servers and personal computers against them. By running diagnostics and keeping an eye on how your server operates, you can identify threats and remove malware before it becomes hazardous.

Signs of Cyber Threats

Many cyber threats are difficult to spot, especially in the early stages of their attack. But there are a few indicators that can give you a warning of potential threats and allow you to stop them before they steal your information or destroy your data.

Slow Connections

There’s bound to be some fluctuation in connection speeds from day to day. The more people are accessing your servers, the harder the servers have to work and the slower they’ll run. But continuous slow connections could indicate a cyber threat. You can check the traffic logs of your network to determine where the bandwidth is getting caught up and if any suspicious programs have been installed. If there are any programs you don’t recognize, research them to determine if they’re part of a larger cyber threat.

File Changes

To help keep their activity hidden, hackers often utilize quick file changes to appear as if everything is operating normally on your network. Because these changes happen so quickly, they aren’t always easy to spot. However, you can work with a cyber security team or software suite that helps monitor files and pick up on these changes. While it is possible to set these systems up yourself, it’s not recommended unless you have a background in cyber security, as even a minor error can let hackers through.

Glitchy Behavior

Sometimes computers and networks will glitch, but if it happens consistently, then you likely have a cyber attack on your hands. Glitchy or suspicious behavior could be something as simple as your cursor moving even when you aren’t touching the mouse. Or it could be more complex, like applications or extensions on your network that you didn’t install. These can be a sign of hackers who have infiltrated your system and are working on getting access to your personal information.

Inability to Log in

These days, two-step verification makes it easier for your accounts to stay safe against cyber threats. But that doesn’t mean they’ll work perfectly all the time. Dedicated hackers can still get into your accounts or find ways to mess with your login information. If you’re trying to sign into your account but are having difficulties, it may be a cyber threat issue.

One of the important things to remember when logging in to any account is to double-check that you’re on the right page. Many hacker scams use realistic copies to get your information by having you enter your most recent password to change your password and unlock the account. If you don’t see a (typically green) lock symbol at the end of the URL, don’t enter any information.

Loss of Data

Although hackers will often work in the shadows to keep their presence unknown, many cyber threat operations include messing around with your data. You may find that files have been deleted or replaced, or recent backups and changes aren’t accessible. If you notice any data loss, even a minor case, it’s always a good idea to run a systems check and contact your cyber security team to ensure your network is secure.

Cyber security professionals can help keep your data safe from cyber threats
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Defending Against Cyber Threats

Cyber threats can be frightening to deal with. After all, it’s difficult to know right away just how much information a hacker or malware was able to snag before they got caught. And it’s even more difficult to trace the issue back to the attacker. However, there are ways you can defend your server and network against cyber threats and keep your data and information safe.

SSL Certification

Getting SSL certification for your website is one of the best ways to protect your server and your users. SSL security measures encrypt the link between the server and the computer accessing it. Not only does this help your users stay safe, but it also helps you stay safe. If you remotely access your server to make changes and updates, then having SSL certification helps ensure no hackers get in while you’re connecting.

Malware Scans

There are plenty of software options available that can scan your server or network to detect any threatening activity. While many of these programs only identify the threats, others are capable of removing them as well. Running malware scans regularly can help you catch the early signs of a cyber threat, saving you from having to scramble after the damage is done.

Cyber Security Professionals

If you really want to ensure your server and network are safe, you can also hire cyber security professionals. Many in the computer programming world dedicate their education and practice specifically to cyber security. While you can perform minimal protective measures and removal on your own, working with a professional allows you to gain even more security for yourself and your network.

Prevent Cyber Threats with InnoHosting

At InnoHosting, we believe that everyone should have a safe and secure connection. That’s why we work hard to ensure every hosting plan we offer provides every safety measure you could need when hosting a website. Our exclusive ActivGuard Website Security helps protect your server against cyber threats with active scans and malware removal. We also help provide SSL certifications and many other cyber security applications that keep your data and information safe. If you want to host online but are worried about keeping your connection secure, send us a message through our contact form for more information about how we help you avoid cyber threats.

How to Begin Web Hosting with Limited Resources

Innohosting web hosting services are here for you.

Web hosting is something anyone can get involved in. Even with limited resources and a tight budget, trusting the right IT provider is the best way to start successful hosting. Furthermore, many different server systems make it easier to choose the right IT configuration for your needs. With the right beginner web hosting systems, services, and support in place, anyone can start with reliable platforms at an affordable cost.

Benefits of our web hosting plans include easy-to-use interfaces, a 24/7 support team, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Learn for yourself the InnoHosting difference in web hosting in 2023 by contacting us or visiting our website anytime. In the meantime, here is your guide on how to begin web hosting with limited resources.

What Tools and Resources Do You Need to Begin

Before investing in the right IT provider, you don’t need any major tools for web hosting. A reliable computer and a well-planned budget are all you need to intuitively take the first steps toward web hosting. 

After you choose a web hosting plan provider, they can help set you up with all the other tools necessary to begin web hosting. Knowing your budget ahead of time and shopping for web providers who offer a wide range of hosting plans is a good idea. This can help you make the right investment in a provider and plan configuration, setting you up for the highest levels of success early on. 

Do a Little Research

Next, it never hurts to do a little background research on web hosting plans that are beginner-friendly. These days, research is a key component of what sets IT users everywhere up for success. Learning the basics behind how web hosting systems operate as well as some background tips is a great jumping-off point. There are many reliable blogs and educated sources that are easily accessible online.

Even better, connecting with a trusted IT provider is the best way to get all your background research done before committing to a plan or service. InnoHosting is happy to help, since sharing our knowledge is a major component of what we do. Taking notes on posts such as this one will help you quickly reference important points whenever they’re needed in the future. 

Things to Check

When it comes to web hosting with limited resources, it’s important to be on the lookout for plans that have the essentials.

First, a reliable uptime guarantee is critical for web hosting purposes. At InnoHosting, our uptime guarantee is an amazing 99.9% with no slow connections, glitches, crashes, etc. That is part of the reliable software system we offer on our most basic plan, starting as low as $5.99/month.

Furthermore, we guarantee you increased productivity since you don’t have to worry about losing precious data to crashes or poor connections. In case of an emergency data breach or crash, we also have you covered. An automatic data backup and recovery system is standard on all of our web hosting plans. Backed by a security protection system including firewall protection, ActiveGuard security scans, and so much more; we protect what matters most day and night. 

Learn more about web hosting today.
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You Will Need Reliable Software and Server Options 

Of course, one of the most critical components for web hosting is reliable software and server systems. InnoHosting provides fast connections with data backup protocols that are truly secure. However, we are also on top of regular software upgrades in order to constantly provide you with the latest and best web hosting plans on the market today. 

Even better, InnoHosting’s IT Services offer a wide range of server options to choose from. We provide both managed dedicated servers and virtual private server systems. Both come with Linux and Windows configuration options, allowing you to further customize your preference. Our software is developer-friendly, easy to navigate, affordable, and most importantly, adapted to be beginner-friendly for web hosting.  

Contact InnoHosting Today

Web hosting is something anyone can get into if they have the right resources at their fingertips. Luckily, the tools you need to begin web hosting are simple when you choose the right IT provider. That is where we can help you at InnoHosting. Let us pair you with the right web hosting platform today with all the software, applications, servers, and data protection you need for success. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.

Understanding Managed Dedicated Hosting Platforms

Managed dedicated hosting at it's best.

In the world of web hosting and managed dedicated hosting platforms, InnoHosting has much to offer clients of all backgrounds. In today’s post, we will learn the ins and outs of managed dedicated hosting platforms to help you make the right choice for your needs. We are here to help 24/7, with our support team ready to answer questions and help you troubleshoot issues if they arise. With a wide variety of managed dedicated hosting platforms to choose from at affordable price points, we have carved out a name for ourselves as one of the nation’s leading hosting companies.

Learn more and get started today by calling us or visiting our website anytime. Here is your crash course on understanding managed dedicated hosting platforms from InnoHosting.  

Introduction to Managed Dedicated Hosting Platforms

Managed dedicated hosting is a great option for anyone interested in beginning web hosting. Unlike virtual private server hosting, managed hosting systems give users the same personal control and accessibility with extra management support from their IT provider. At InnoHosting, we offer a few managed dedicated hosting options and plan configurations. Plus, we work one-on-one with every client to tailor their plan to their specific needs.  

The Six Pillars 

At InnoHosting, we like to refer to the six most critical elements that we include in our managed hosting plans as the six essential pillars of managed dedicated hosting. In fact, they are so critical that we believe they are key to the overall successful operations of your business.

Let’s take a closer look at these six pillars to understand the vital aspects of a managed dedicated hosting plan. The six pillars include reliability, speed, security, support services, rapid mitigation, and data backup procedures.

Reliability with Your Hosting Plan

When it comes to managed hosting plans, reliability is a top priority for everyone. A reliable connection on your dedicated hosting plans is what enables you to perform daily tasks. With a high up-time guarantee at InnoHosting, we give you better reliability for all your IT tasks.

This is all made possible by the supercharged servers we invest in, which provide business-grade hosting speeds for raw power to fuel your daily operations. It doesn’t get more reliable than supercharged servers with a 99.9% uptime guaranteed standard on all our InnoHosting plans. 

Speed & Efficiency 

Second, speed and efficiency matter when it comes to fast operations with your managed dedicated hosting plan. After all, you don’t want to fall behind on your basic responsibilities because of slow loading or lag times. With better connectivity and fast speeds managed by our IT professionals, you can stay ahead of your competitors with ease. 

Security Software for Hosting Safety 

Of course, none of these other features matter if your hosting plan is in danger of cyberattacks. Therefore, investing in a managed dedicated hosting plan that offers you reliable security software is critical. At InnoHosting, we have the most robust security software on the market today, including ActivGuard technology to protect against major cyberthreats.

Common cyberthreats we help protect against include XSS & SQL injection attacks, antivirus attacks, password schemes, and phising scams. Learn more about all of our security measures by speaking with our knowledgeable security professionals today! 

24/7 Support Team With InnoHosting Professionals 

The fourth pillar of hosting with a managed dedicated hosting plan is having the support you need when you need it. With InnoHosting’s 24/7 support staff team, you can get live chat support anytime. Plus, we have a US-based toll-free number where you can reach us with questions, troubleshooting issues, and informational resources day or night.

Learn more about managed dedicated hosting with Innohosting systems.
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Rapid Mitigation Technology 

The fifth pillar of managed dedicated hosting is the rapid mitigation technology we offer at InnoHosting. Rapid mitigation systems allow us to switch over any existing IT services or features with ease. Elements that might need to be transferred from an old configuration to a new configuration include web hosting information, emails, databases, control panel settings, and web applications. We can take care of all these issues for you in minutes with our rapid mitigation systems.  

Data Backup Systems 

Finally, we provide data backup systems standard on all of our managed hosting plans at InnoHosting. After all, losing vital data to sudden crashes or security breaches can spell out big issues for your business. Therefore, having an automatic response for backing up your information in case of an emergency is critical. Our reliable data backup systems kick into gear in case of a data crash or breach.

Plus, we have a recovery system that can recover more of your lost data in case of a crash. With managed dedicated hosting, this added layer of protection means peace of mind and better overall success for your business with more control all around.

Contact InnoHosting Today

When it comes to understanding the world of managed dedicated hosting, we are eager to help at InnoHosting IT services. We offer multiple service options with unique add-ons and features for your convenience. Shop our managed hosting plans today, explore our website, and reach out to learn more anytime with InnoHosting’s IT experts

Welcome to Magento Paired with InnoHosting

Magento and InnoHosting work together to help your online store

With Magento and InnoHosting, you get the best of both worlds. The powerful e-commerce application Magento works seamlessly and efficiently with the powerhouse hosting at InnoHosting. By using InnoHosting to host and manage your Magento store, you get additional security and support to make your hosting journey the best it can possibly be. All of InnoHosting’s hosting plans are optimized for Magento integration. Whether you have a small store in mind or an extensive store already in full swing, InnoHosting has the perfect plan for you.

What is Magento?

Magento is a flexible e-commerce application that makes running an online store easy and accessible. With a variety of unique e-commerce features, Magento allows you to fully manage your online store as you see fit. You can quickly add, update, and move the content of your store. There are also several options for customization, helping you create a store that matches the look and feel of your brand. Since its creation in 2008, Magento has been used by over 240,000 reputable online brands. It has quickly grown as a global leader in e-commerce, especially since Adobe acquired it in 2018. Now, Magento and InnoHosting have teamed up to provide powerful and secure hosting for your online store.

How Magento and InnoHosting Work Together

When running an online store, it’s important that you have a hosting service that can match expectations. Everything from speed and power to reliability and security needs to be able to keep up with your store’s growth. Magento provides plenty of scalability for your website, and InnoHosting’s hosting plans easily match the flexibility you need.

Speed and Reliability

As your shop begins to grow, Magento becomes a ‘heavy’ application to run. The more products you offer, the more power you need to keep your shop online. If you don’t have a hosting plan that can scale with your growth, your shop can experience slow loading speeds and even downtimes. Most online shoppers don’t want to wait around as your pages load and are more likely to cancel their order and shop elsewhere if they have to wait too long. By hosting your Magento shop through InnoHosting, you can keep your website running properly no matter how big it grows.


Keeping your data and your customers’ information secure is the top priority of any e-commerce business. With InnoHosting’s in-house security system, activGuard, you can rest assured knowing that your Magento store is safe from cyber threats. With activGuard, there is no setup or configuration on your end. No files to upload, no settings to tweak. InnoHosting’s activGuard is a non-intrusive program that runs on the server level. As soon as your account is up and running, it’s protected. Our security continuously monitors your online store and protects it from intrusion attempts. All security programs and hardware are well-maintained and updated frequently without any work on your end. You can rest easy knowing your Magento store and your customers’ information is safe and secure.

Rapid Deployment

Believe it or not, starting your Magento store with InnoHosting only takes a manner of minutes. Our streamlined one-click installer gives you access to Magento (and over 100 other website applications) with just one click. Unlike using Magento on its own with other hosting options, you don’t need to download or upload any files, and the databases are already preconfigured for you. Just click once and you, or your clients, are ready to start using Magento right away.

With Magento and InnoHosting, your online store will be safe and secure
Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

How Magento and InnoHosting Work for You

With Magento and InnoHosting working together, any business can reap the benefits. No matter what you need Magento for, InnoHosting has a hosting plan for you.

Shared Magento Hosting

Small businesses or Magento stores that are just starting out can benefit from InnoHosting’s shared web hosting plans. These cost-effective options allow you to share server space with other users, saving you money while providing the power and support your Magento store needs.

Magento Reseller Hosting

With InnoHosting, we offer reseller hosting packages that help you provide additional services for your clients. Whether you’re a web developer, online store manager, or marketing guru, our reseller hosting plans can boost your business. By offering Magento through InnoHosting, both you and your clients can quickly and easily create beautiful online shops without the extra setup hassle.

Managed Dedicated Servers for Magento Hosting

As your store continues to grow, you’ll find that you need more power to help keep it running. Eventually, shared hosting won’t be enough to provide those resources for you. At InnoHosting, we offer scalable virtual servers and managed dedicated servers that provide extra power to your Magento store. We offer unparalleled speed and power to enterprises worldwide, keeping their online stores up and running no matter how big their inventory gets.

Get Magento and InnoHosting

If you’re looking for a powerful hosting company to help support your beautifully designed Magento store, InnoHosting has the hosting plan for you. Whether you’re starting out with a brand-new store or migrating a well-established online shop, we can help support your Magento hosting. With Magento and InnoHosting working together, you get powerful hosting speed and support with the amazing e-commerce features that Magento is known for. To begin your hosting journey with Magento, you can browse our online plans now or call us at 1-888-522-4666 if you have any questions.

Mistakes to Avoid When Web Hosting This Year

Learn more about web hosting with Innohosting today.

Congratulations on starting your web hosting journey by getting all the information you need to ensure your success. You have come to the right place with your IT partners at InnoHosting. We are experts with professional IT infrastructure services, including VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and managed dedicated server hosting platforms. As a beginner in the world of hosting, the first step is to learn all the essential features to guarantee your overall success. This includes common mistakes you should avoid in the web hosting world. Here are some of the most common mistakes that newbies make. 

With InnoHosting services, you get the best IT service company on the market today, available with 24/7 support team services. Get the latest insights, upgrade your systems anytime, and troubleshoot issues as they arise in real-time with our help. Learn more by visiting our website or reaching out to our customer service representatives anytime. 

The First Mistake: Choosing the Wrong IT Provider

The first mistake you can make is choosing the wrong IT partner to provide hosting services. It’s a good idea to switch providers before you launch a new web hosting plan if your current provider isn’t meeting your needs. We make it simple to switch to our systems at any point, streamlining our features for easy scalability. 

Choosing the wrong web hosting provider can lead to major consequences for your company or business. For starters, the wrong IT provider might not be able to guarantee you reliable connections on a secure platform. At InnoHosting, we bring you reliable software, servers, and data backup systems with the highest levels of security. Our interfaces are easy to use and affordably priced for your convenience. Furthermore, we have a trusted support team, knowledgeable in all aspects of web hosting, to help you to prioritize your uptime and get more done. 

Failing to Practice Security Protocols

Next, don’t become the victim of malicious online activity on your web hosting plan because you failed to integrate best security practices. Security is a major aspect of the IT world in a modern setting where hackers, online scammers, and other malicious cyber threats are a constant concern. Educating yourself about the many cyber threats, such as phishing scams, brute force attacks, hacking attempts, and password scams is a great start. However, it’s also important to make sure your entire web hosting team is on the same page. You should also report any suspicious activity to your InnoHosting security team.

Here are some helpful things to keep in mind regarding best security practices for web hosting plans. First of all, know that hackers and scammers can be quite clever and crafty. They can use disguises in the form of emails and fake logs to pretend to be entities that they are not. Never open suspicious links. Report odd activity. And always err on the side of caution. Furthermore, it is wise to update passwords regularly and use complex character sets or phrases.

However, the best and most effective way to ensure your web hosting systems are secure is to invest in an IT provider who has your back day and night. InnoHosting’s security systems bring you more bang for your buck. We offer ActivGuard technology systems that alert you to threats, conduct regular scans, and include anti-virus software.

Start web hosting today!
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Not Adding Helpful Applications

Finally, don’t make the mistake of not adding other helpful applications and features to your InnoHosting web hosting plan. We offer our customers hundreds of useful applications to choose from. Our easy download and installation process saves you time with quick, one-click installation. You can even launch multiple applications while others are installing. Plus, our support team can help you choose from many applications, navigate new systems, and switch your plan without you experiencing any downtime. Web hosting applications are numerous and can make your life easier. 

Contact InnoHosting Web Hosting Services Today 

If you are ready to tackle web hosting head-on with all the support, technology, knowledge, and latest insights on the market, don’t wait. We are eager to help you achieve success today at InnoHosting. We hope that learning about some of the mistakes you should avoid with web hosting has already inspired you to get started on the right track. We offer low-cost plan options with standard security software and additional application add-ons anytime for an affordable price. Learn more about what we bring to the table by contacting us or visiting our website today. 

How to Begin Web Hosting With A VPS Server

VPS web hosting with Innohosting is simple for anyone to do.

VPS web hosting is a great way to make some extra profit on the side and boost your overall IT expertise. However, it takes the right tools, insights, and IT systems to back up a reliable web hosting platform. That’s where the professionals at InnoHosting have plenty to offer individuals interested in the world of web hosting. One critical aspect of starting web hosting is the type of server you invest in. Both virtual private servers (VPS servers) and managed dedicated servers can be used for web hosting purposes. However, each has its limitations and benefits to consider. 

If you want to learn more about VPS web hosting, then you have come to the right place at InnoHosting. In today’s post, we will explore the ins and outs of VPS server systems, in particular applying them to VPS web hosting. Then you will have all the tools and information you need to begin web hosting with a VPS server. And you can get started with all your web hosting needs just by reaching out to our customer service representatives today.

Introduction to VPS Servers

First, let’s get down to the basics of what a VPS server is and how you can get started with an InnoHosting VPS server plan. 

VPS stands for virtual private server systems. A VPS server is a private server connected to a public cloud network and is not a physical server itself. In contrast, managed and dedicated server systems are physical servers that don’t rely on a parent server system elsewhere for their support. In a nutshell, a virtual private server works by establishing itself in a host environment that allows it to connect through a public network to other electronic devices, creating what is often referred to as “the cloud.”

Therefore, it can act like its parent server without being a physical server itself. This makes the server easy to access conveniently from anywhere by anyone, as long as they have the proper user information and secure connections. 

Finding the right VPS server configuration for your needs is easy with the aid of our friendly customer service representatives. You can reach out anytime to learn more about our VPS servers and explore some of the unique functions, features, and applications for VPS servers. We are happy to answer your questions and brainstorm ways to give you even better connections with your current plan. 

Benefits of VPS Web Hosting Servers 

Of course, one of the best ways to apply your VPS server is for web hosting purposes. In fact, there are many benefits of choosing a VPS system with InnoHosting’s services. VPS servers are usually a lower-cost option that gives you the same capacities you need for web hosting without breaking the bank. Since they aren’t a physical server system, they also require less maintenance – which is both less hassle and saves more money. 

VPS server web hosting is also very secure, backed by reliable security protocols and software from InnoHosting. We bring you a firewall, anti-virus scanning technology, regular security alerts, and a 24/7 support team for all your IT needs, standard on any VPS web hosting plan. You can also ensure your data is protected day and night with our data backup and recovery plans. In case of a data crash or breach, we back up your data and have a 99.9% recovery rate for any data that is initially “lost” during a crash. 

The final benefit of VPS web hosting plans is their scalability. Now you don’t have to lock yourself into a plan that might not suit your needs in the future. As a beginner in web hosting, launching with a simple but scalable VPS web hosting plan is a great way to start strong. Then you can add on features, applications, and other features at any point as your needs shift. VPS web hosting has so many benefits when you pair it with the reliable security software, technology, and backing of InnoHosting’s IT systems. 

Computer VPS web hosting is for everyone.
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Who Can Begin VPS Web Hosting?

Anyone can enter the world of VPS web hosting if they have the right IT provider. VPS service plans are great for a wide variety of applications since they are designed with simple interfaces. Large and small businesses alike can begin web hosting with a VPS server configuration from InnoHosting. VPS web hosting is something anyone with the right IT systems can do, including virtual employees, remote workers, and businesses that use a mix of in-person and out-of-office workers. 

Contact InnoHosting for More Information 

Virtual private servers have much to offer IT users. Some unique functions that come standard on VPS web hosting plans from InnoHosting include OS installation, key root access, management control panel access, and remote reboot capabilities. We even offer a 99.9% data recovery rate and a 99.9% uptime guarantee standard on any plan from InnoHosting. So if one of our VPS web hosting plans sounds like what you’re looking for, don’t wait. Contact InnoHosting today for low-cost options that bring you more bang for your buck. For more information, visit our website and read our blog posts to learn more about all our suitable options for your business and personal needs. 

5 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Business Website

Learn more about business website maintence today!

Owning a business means managing multiple aspects of daily operations that keep your profit margins increasing or at least stable. However, it can become overwhelming to try and manage all those aspects by yourself. One aspect of overall business management is creating a reliable and functional business website. Then comes the hard part of business website maintenance, which is hard to balance if you don’t have a dedicated team of employees in charge of the task.

However, your IT provider can help when it comes to reliable business management. InnoHosting has all the tools and resources you need to successfully create, launch, market, and maintain your business website. No matter what your products and services are, we can help. Reach out to our business website maintenance team today to learn more, or visit our website to explore all the plan options we have.

In the meantime, learning some helpful tips on how you can increase traffic to your business website is a great place to begin. These tips will help you integrate practices to increase traffic to your website and bring more customers your way in the long run.

Tip 1: Become a Social Media Professional

Social media is not just for teens anymore. In fact, social media platforms of all kinds have become a popular method for businesses to market their websites and increase traffic. In the long run, becoming a social media professional, or at least proficient in basic social media settings, can bring you higher profit margins by reaching the right clientele. Furthermore, there are many options when it comes to which social media platforms you want to concentrate on. However, we recommend using at least a few for different types of marketing, as you can reach a wider audience this way. 

Social media allows you to show your creative side and establish a unique voice that matches your business website. When it comes to business website maintenance, social media can be directly linked together to bring customers more information with eye-catching posts. From Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, the options are endless for how your business can integrate social media content. 

Tip 2: Word-of-Mouth Promoting

On the other end of the spectrum is the old-fashioned approach of spreading your business website’s info by word of mouth. While it may be old-fashioned, there is a reason that word-of-mouth marketing is so effective even today– people talk! Simple flyers, as well as comments at your physical business location telling customers to visit your website, can increase traffic drastically. 

Furthermore, you can offer incentives for clients to share information about your business website, like discounts for posting on their social media accounts. You never know who might be interested in the products or services you have to offer if you don’t begin the cycle of spreading information.

You can also share information about promotional sales on your webpage, giveaways, and other things like featured blog posts. Once customers are on your site, they are more likely to explore features and shop online, thus increasing your sales. You can get them to sign up for an email or mailing list linked to your website simply by asking them at checkout. 

So don’t stay silent! Spread the word of mouth about your business website and you could be on the track to increased sales. 

Business website maintence using social media.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Tip 3: Blog About It

Of course, bragging about your amazing business website is one way to increase traffic, but you can also blog about it. Blog pages and content are a great way to increase website traffic. When it comes to business website maintenance, a blog is pretty low-key and easy to fit into your schedule or timeline. You don’t have to post every day to create engaging, fun, and informative content that your readers will love about your products or services. 

Most customers want to learn more about the companies they are investing in, and blog posts are the place to do it. Plus, blog posts allow you to integrate SEO functions. SEO, or search engine optimization, means you use keywords that users might search in Google to find your products. The more you use these words or phrases, the more likely it is that people will stumble across your website. A short 500-word post once a week or every other week is all it takes for better business website maintenance and increased traffic. 

Tip 4: Examine Your IT Systems

Of course, reliable business website maintenance relies heavily upon trusted, secure, and fast connection speeds in your IT systems. Ask yourself if your systems are suiting your needs well. Are your IT connections reliable and secure? Have you had issues with sudden data crashes, breaches, or security threats recently? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it’s time to reconsider your IT provider and switch to InnoHosting. We offer secure, reliable, and fast connections – guaranteed. Using the latest and most cutting-edge servers, software, hardware, and database, we bring you more for your money. We offer plans starting as low as $5.99/month paired with 24/7 technical support. With InnoHosting, you are never alone when it comes to business website maintenance. 

Tip 5: Contact InnoHosting

Our final tip to you is to go after the features and functions you need for the successful maintenance of your business website. InnoHosting makes creating, marketing, and maintaining a business website simple. Meet with our IT experts for more advice on your business website maintenance or to get started with one of our amazing IT plans. Learn more about how we can help and the InnoHosting difference. Contact us today!

3 Reasons Reseller Hosting Can Be Lucrative for Your Business

Reseller hosting for your business is simple with InnoHosting.

Operating a business requires a lot of tenacity and precision. Making the right investments and taking chances with new IT systems is a great way to advance your operations. However, it’s important to make the right choices and become informed before diving into any new IT systems or plans. One thing you might have already considered as a business owner is reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is a very lucrative path for business owners who are prepared.

There are many ways you can get started with reseller hosting without adding too much to your plate. With cutting-edge IT systems, security features, and insights from InnoHosting, reseller hosting is more accessible than ever before for the average business owner.

If you are interested in reseller hosting for your business, then we can help at InnoHosting. We will begin by helping you learn the basics and finding the right reseller hosting plan for your needs. Then, we offer our continual support throughout your entire hosting journey so you are never alone when questions arise. With reliable software systems backing you 24/7, you have everything you need to become a successful reseller hosting professional with InnoHosting. Learn more today by visiting our website, where you can contact our customer service experts to start anytime. In the meantime, here are three reasons reseller hosting can be lucrative for your business.

Intro to Reseller Hosting

Before we go over the reasons you should consider reseller hosting for your business, let’s get down to the basics. What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting that offers the use of hard drive space and website capacity. In most types of web hosting, one account owner gives other IT users access to their IT services and systems on their behalf. The same principles apply for reseller hosting for your business, but with reseller hosting, it’s specifically hard drive space being shared. The users can use the hard drive space to start, maintain, or advance their website. This saves costs all around and can generate extra income while the hard drive space owner also makes some cash. 

Therefore, if you are a business owner, reseller hosting can be lucrative for you in many ways. Here are just three of the reasons you might want to consider reseller hosting for your business – although the benefits are truly limitless. 

Start reseller hosting for your business.
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It Can Help With Business Marketing 

As a business owner, you probably already understand how important marketing is to your success. Marketing strategies can come in all shapes and sizes for a successful business. However, a streamlined marketing plan often includes a well-laid-out business website. Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially if your business is new, small-scale, or just doesn’t have a large amount of hard drive space to support a proper business website.

Lacking proper IT systems is one of the leading reasons businesses struggle to launch a successful marketing plan in the first place. Even if you have a concrete idea of how you want to market your business, it’s not possible if you simply can’t do so. Therefore, reseller hosting for your business can step in to fill the gap between an awesome marketing plan and executing that plan in your everyday business operations. 

With reseller hosting for your business from InnoHosting, you can implement your marketing plan on multiple levels. First, you can buy the hard drive space you need from InnoHosting platforms for an affordable cost. Using that space you can launch, create, and maintain your business website with ease. Plus, we can give you helpful tips and tricks to navigate your website or help you establish a strong marketing strategy. Our IT experts are here for you from troubleshooting reseller hosting problems to crafting a stellar website, all combined with our reliable IT systems, software, and security protocols. 

Save Yourself Money While Making Money 

Part of owning and operating a business is managing money well. In fact, business success relies heavily on its ability to make more money than is spent on maintaining its operations. Whether you are a traditional storefront business or entirely online, this principle applies. So why not find more ways to save yourself money and make more money at the same time? It seems obvious when you think of it this way, but that’s one benefit of reseller hosting for your business you won’t want to overlook. 

Reseller hosting can save business owners money because they don’t have to go out and purchase their own hard drive space. Plus, saving that money upfront allows you to focus your attention on other ways to advance your business. In the long run, allocating this money elsewhere could pay off by helping your business become more profitable, draw in new customers, and maintain repeat customers. Not only will you save money upfront, but you also will in the long term – and make more money at the same time. 

Support and Management Input 

Finally, InnoHosting’s reseller hosting platform is a good investment for your business because it can help you locate the management and support you need for your success. Sometimes businesses struggle because they simply don’t have the right resources to ensure their success. Now, with our 24/7 support system and insights from InnoHosting IT experts, you get more help when you need it most. 

Contact InnoHosting Today!

Getting started with InnoHosting’s reseller hosting platform is simple. All you have to do is contact us, set up an initial consultation, and discuss your needs. Then we will help you choose the right IT systems, plans, and add-ons to fit your business needs. We offer you a dynamic and easy-to-use interface for all your reseller hosting needs. With simple tools, numerous resources, and continual support; InnoHosting makes reseller hosting for your business easy. Contact us today to get started!

So You Want to Start Reseller Hosting? Here’s How!

Your guide to reseller hosting with InnoHosting.

Many people have heard about the lucrative option of reseller hosting. However, knowing the ins and outs and feeling ready to start reseller hosting yourself can be a different story. 2022 could be your year to begin reseller hosting if you work with InnoHosting to establish the right resources. Getting over the initial reseller hosting learning curve is simple with our expert help and advice. So you want to start reseller hosting? Here’s how you can. 

You can learn everything you need to know about reselling with the help of the best-trained professionals in the IT industry. Our affordable and flexible plans make reseller hosting simple, secure, and user-friendly for beginners and advanced hosts alike. Contact us today to learn even more about our services and how we can help you excel. 

The Basics: What is Reseller Hosting?

Before we dive too deep into reseller hosting, let’s get down to the basics. What do we mean when we say reseller hosting? 

Reseller hosting is a subtype of different categories of web hosting. Reseller hosting allows an account owner to host their hard drive space to others’ websites. Therefore, prosperity relies on robust hardware and software systems, as well as the support of the right IT provider. 

Another way to think about reseller hosting is the example of a middleman. A host acts as the middleman between people’s websites and the secure hard drive space of their hardware systems. This helps users get the functions they need without paying as much for direct hard drive space, especially if they don’t have the physical capacity for a hard drive system. It also allows the host to make a small profit by virtually renting out their hard drive to others.

In essence, it’s a win-win for everyone. All you need for true success is a wholesale web hosting service to step in and give users the capacity they need. That’s where we come in at InnoHosting. 

InnoHosting Reseller Hosting Systems

If you are ready to start reseller hosting today, check out InnoHosting’s reseller hosting systems. Every reseller plan is designed to accommodate the demands of web hosts. Our professional IT experts take care of everything including software installation, system backups, security protocols, application downloads, and overall fast connectivity. You get a personal control panel and unique features for every account you create with InnoHosting. You can also take advantage of our amazing web host manager panels to manage all your accounts in one location.

InnoHosting’s reseller hosting systems make starting reseller hosting simple. Here is a quick snapshot of the many features you get when you choose InnoHosting for your hosting needs. We provide email forwarders, anti-spam protection, webmail, PHP5, MySQL5, SPF & DKIM, SMTP & IMAP, and you can install over 100 scripts with just one click.

Start reseller hosting today.
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Rapid Migration Systems 

InnoHosting helps you achieve greatness with reliable rapid migration systems. Migrate your web hosting accounts, emails, control panel settings, applications, and database efficiently with our help. Our 24/7 trained expert technicians are here to support you during your migration with precision and diligence. All you have to do to begin the process is contact us, sign up, and give us the details of your web host. Leave the rest to us and relax while we begin your streamlined migration process.

ActivGuard Security You Can Trust

Do more with the peace of mind our ActivGuard Security systems offer you and your clients. You can stay protected with 24/7 ActivGard technology protecting your website against major vulnerabilities that might threaten data security. We lock down your website against XSS and SQL injection attacks and other scams, malware, and malicious activity. Viruses stand no chance against our regular viral scans, which will alert you to any suspicious activity on your account. Plus, our firewall protection works around the clock to warn you of danger before it can strike.

Reseller Hosting with Our Supercharged Servers 

InnoHosting makes reseller hosting even easier to start with our robust and supercharged servers. When it comes to business-grade software and server systems, we deliver. Our branded hardware is tried and tested within multiple configurations to give you raw power no matter what. We implement some of the fastest and most innovative servers available in the world today. Build confidence and so much more with the power of our supercharged servers backing you up 24/7. 

Affordable Reseller Hosting with InnoHosting 

While you might not know everything there is to know about reseller hosting, you know enough to contact us and start today. InnoHosting has carved out a name for ourselves as one of the nation’s leading reseller hosting providers. We meet your needs at an affordable cost. You have everything you need at your fingertips.

Contact us today to learn more.

3 Things You Can Do With Virtual Servers

Virtual servers can be used from anywhere.

Many people are investing in virtual servers. They’re a popular choice in the IT market for business owners and individuals alike. There are many useful applications for a virtual server system over a managed, dedicated server system. Learning the basics of virtual servers makes it easy to decide whether this configuration is suitable for your particular needs. In fact, a virtual server configuration is affordable and manageable for IT users of all types, especially when you begin advancing your systems for new operations. You can also increase overall productivity and business sales with the right VPS systems from InnoHosting.

InnoHosting makes virtual servers simple! With numerous options to choose from, we have something to fit everyone’s needs. When you contact us, we begin by talking through your needs, questions, and interests with your IT systems. This helps us pair our clients with the perfect virtual server format for their needs. As a result, you can achieve better business operations or daily tasks. Learn more by visiting our website today to browse our plan prices and options. 

Here are three things you can do with virtual servers to take note of right now! 

Virtual Servers Crash Course

When it comes to choosing a reliable server system, you can’t go wrong with a virtual configuration. Let’s mention some of the basics of virtual servers, aka VPS systems, before we find out how you can apply them.  

A virtual server or virtual private server system is an operating system that runs entirely virtually. VPS systems are nestled within a larger parent server that is managed at a physical facility. Using the robust parent server configuration, virtual servers can function as if they were a standard server without having to physically rest anywhere. This makes it even easier to access from anywhere as long as a user has the correct login information. 

For this reason, they are convenient and reliable methods of obtaining server functionality without the same cost, upkeep, and management needed for physical systems. In fact, they are regarded as some of the handiest options for business owners who can’t manage a larger server system on their own. 

Why Should You Choose a Virtual Server System?

You might be wondering if a virtual server system is truly right for you. Here are just a few of the many reasons you should consider investing in a robust VPS configuration from InnoHosting. With affordable plans to fit your needs, overall cost-effectiveness, and security you can count on, VPS systems are unrivaled in their benefits. For both personal and business usage, a virtual private server system brings you better control in one convenient package.

However, we are just getting started. Probably one of the best aspects of virtual private servers is how widely they can be applied. So if you are still on the fence about investing in an InnoHosting VPS system, read on! These three things that you can do with a virtual private server system might change your mind. 

Establish a Strong Business Website

If you have been considering starting or upgrading your business’s website, now is the time. Website design and maintenance are simple to accomplish from anywhere if you have a virtual server configuration. Now you don’t have to be in the office or meeting with your dedicated team of web design experts to configure a strong web presence for your business. 

Virtual server systems allow you to choose your website platform, create a plan, and begin designing a website quickly. Once you are ready to launch your site, basic maintenance and upkeep are also easy. You can log in from anywhere to add blog content, create new web pages, and link important resources for your clients. Whether you are a small- or large-business owner, a virtual server system might be just what you need to achieve the website of your dreams. 

Begin Web Hosting

If you have heard about web hosting, then you already know how lucrative it can be. Investing in a streamlined VPS system from InnoHosting actually makes it simple to start web hosting today. With all the functions you can enjoy, backed by fast connection speeds, high guaranteed uptime, and data backup systems, virtual servers are a great option for web hosting individuals. 

InnoHosting virtual servers.
Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

Connect With Worldwide Users from Anywhere

Finally, virtual systems are the perfect solution for connecting with like-minded individuals from anywhere. Globally speaking, you can connect with anyone using a cloud-based system from the comfort of your own home. This is great for networking and establishing a new business or career connections. However, it’s also a good way for individuals to meet new people, find groups with similar interests, or maybe meet their future life partner. Regardless of how you intend to use your InnoHosting virtual server, it can achieve the highest quality of operations without glitches – guaranteed. 

Contact InnoHosting for Virtual Servers 

Virtual servers are the obvious choice for so many needs in the IT market. From saving yourself valuable money both upfront and long-term to connecting with users anywhere on the globe, they bring you so much value for your money. InnoHosting VPS systems also contain full and container virtualization, which both provide a dedicated environment that you can customize according to your needs. Join the InnoHosting community today by contacting or visiting our website for more information about virtual servers!


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