Your Countdown to Better IT Services With Innohosting

When it comes to making a choice that can benefit your personal, business, and everyday IT tasks; the best IT services matters. Choosing the right provider for your IT services is a critical step towards better IT Services. Having the right knowledge to make an informed choice about your service matters. That is why our team is dedicated to helping you learn all about our Innohosting IT services. Our company knows these decisions are balanced delicately with cost, plan offerings, customization levels, and easy-of-navigation.

Luckily, we make it simple to tailor your IT configuration to your needs at Innohosting. Our reliable plan options give you more customization, applications, and functions to choose from than many competitor companies. What more could you ask from one of the nation’s primary IT providers?

If you are interested in taking the path to better IT Services with our team, don’t hesitate. Our comprehensive IT services are an affordable option for anyone’s IT needs from web hosting, to business-grade server plans, and beyond. Servicing clients with the best connections, reliable security protection and so much more; we are here for you at Innohosting IT Services. Visit our website or contact us to learn more today! Here is your guided countdown to better IT Services with Innohosting.  

5. Security That Has Your Back 

One of the biggest aspects of reliable IT services that are better for all your IT purposes, is a streamlined security system. Security software that has your back is at the forefront of our IT services at Innohosting. Cyber threats of all types from phishing scams to brute force attacks, viral injection attacks, password scams, etc are a real threat in the IT world. Luckily, the solution is simple when you invest in Innohosting IT services and security software. We employ ActivGuard security systems at Innohosting. 

ActivGuard guarantees greater protection against multiple security threats. We also provide a regular virus scanning system that alerts you to potential threats on your IT systems. These alerts allow you to back up essential data, remove potential viruses, and act fast to stop hacking attempts before they occur. All cyber threats can threaten your data by attempting to steal, alert, destroy, or manipulate it for malicious purposes. Now, wherever you go Innohosting IT Services and ActivGuard security software protection have your back 24/7. 

4. Better IT Services In Data Backup, Recovery, and Protection Systems

When it comes to better IT Services, your data is central to all aspects of daily operations. Data collection, data management, data protection, data backup, and data recovery are all interconnected whether you are running a business or surfing the web. Therefore, better IT Services mean better data backup, recovery, and protection systems in place from your IT provider. 

Innohosting IT Services offers comprehensive data backup and recovery systems. Whatever threats occur, our data backup system kicks into gear to automatically back up your data. In case of temporary loss of information, our data recovery system can recover up to 99.9% of data guaranteed. Even better, our databases are protected by numerous systems that secure your information 24/7. We offer fire protection systems, security systems, and alert warnings to potential threats on all our database sites. You can learn more about these protection measures and our data recovery systems by reaching one of our team members today.

3. Choose From Virtual Private Servers or Managed Dedicated Servers

Innohosting IT Services also gives you more options to choose from when it comes to server configurations. We offer both virtual private servers and managed dedicated server systems. We also provide both Windows and Linux options. Pricing begins as low as $5.99/month for our most basic plan. However, we offer business-grade, fast-speed servers which have even more functions built-in for your convenience. 

With any server option you choose you can add additional applications at any point. Plus, we make it simple to upgrade, downgrade, or add-on to your plan without loss of connection when the time is right. Our team is always happy to talk over the benefits of each server option for your needs with just a quick phone call inquiry. 

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2. 24/7 Customer Support 

Finally, Innohosting IT Services brings you a 24/7 customer support team. Our support team is here to field questions, troubleshoot problems, pair you with IT services, and help you set up accounts anytime. We even can help you choose an upgraded system that might better suit your needs to help streamline your operations. We have both a phone line support team option and an online ticket window option. With two ways to contact your team 24/7, our support experts can help you with any issue anytime guaranteed.

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Finding the right IT provider doesn’t have to be a hassle when you know the right features to look for. We hope Innohosting IT Services can help you find the right IT plan for your needs with straightforward, affordable, and secure IT options. With a support team that is there for you 24/7 to field questions, troubleshoot issues, or pair you with the right plan options; you get more for your money at Innohosting. Contact us today to get started with your future IT services.

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