3 Security Threats on the Rise This Year

There are constantly evolving security threats when it comes to IT systems. Every year, scammers and hackers get more adept at finding new ways to steal, alter, or destroy personal data. Unfortunately, this situation isn’t going to resolve itself anytime soon. As a result, strong and reliable IT security software systems must be in place to stop hackers from their malicious online activities. At InnoHosting, we provide protection against security threats of all kinds. With our ActivGuard security systems in place, you get even more protection against security threats and cyberattacks of all kinds.

Here are just three security threats that are likely to be on the rise in 2023. Visit the InnoHosting website today to learn more about how you can avoid the dangers of cyberattacks by working with our professional IT experts.

Security Threats: The Basics 

A cyber or security threat can come in many different forms, which means being on high alert and using reliable security systems is critical. These days, cyber threats and attacks are always evolving with new and creative ways to access your private information. Whether you are an individual IT user or part of a business corporation, these security threats pose a risk to everyone. 

A security threat might attempt to access personal data, financial information, business data, identification information, or other types of private data collection. Different scams often have different goals, such as destroying secure information, stealing bank account information, or identity theft. Learning early warning signs of security threats is one way you can be prepared to stop hackers in their tracks. 

Warning Signs of Cyber Threats 

Some key warning signs of cyber threats include sudden changes to account information, log-in warnings, passwords changed without your knowledge, or loss of vital data. If any of these have occurred recently, it’s a good idea to contact cyber threat specialists. InnoHosting’s team of security experts is here to help if you think any odd activity could be threatening your information. With our fast response and 24/7 support team, you can tackle security threats before they cause long-term loss of information. Keeping a watchful eye out for these particular issues could help you stay ahead of any cyber crime in 2023!

Phishing & Email Scams

One of the most prevalent types of security threats is email and phishing scams. Phishing scams happen when you receive a text or email from someone pretending to be a reliable source. For example, you could receive fake mail from a scammer posing as the IRS, trying to steal your vital information for identity theft. 

Signs of a phishing scam can include logos or seals which appear “off,” suspicious links, or a request to input personal information from a company that usually would not require info through email. With the onset of text messaging, phishing often comes via scam texts. With so many threats on all fronts, it is important to recognize the early signs of scams and report possible issues to IT professionals. Never open links from unknown sources. You can also block emails or tighten up your spam filters to help avoid these scams. 

Here are three common security threats this year.
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Viral Injection Attacks

A viral injection attack is another common type of security threat that continues to be prevalent. A virus can attack your computer systems through sketchy email links, hardware installed in your devices, suspicious downloads, or even thumb drives. From destroying your database systems to accessing vital private information such as your date of birth or Social Security number, viruses can cause catastrophic damage. They often damage computer systems, leaving them with slow connections and operations. This can have even more detrimental long-term effects for business owners as well as private IT users. 

Password Schemes, Scams, and Hacks

Finally, password schemes, scams, and hacks of all natures are likely to increase. To avoid the most basic password scams, creating strong passwords is advised. Longer passwords contain complex sets of characters or number combinations and are less likely to be hacked. However, even creating strong passwords cannot protect against all types of password schemes. 

With hackers becoming increasingly adept, there are creative maneuvers they employ to access passwords and your accounts. Adding a dual authentication system can help protect password systems. Dual authentication requires a second authentication method when logging into an account. Many email and banking systems already employ these features. However, you can add them to most login systems for even more protection.

Contact InnoHosting for Protection Against Security Threats Today

Security threats can happen to anyone, even business owners who have training and experience regarding cyber protection. That is why having the right IT systems to protect your assets is critical. InnoHosting’s ActivGuard technology protects against security scams, breaches, and attacks with firewall protection, regular security alerts, and other software. Learn more and get started with our services by visiting our website or calling us. 

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