The Difference Between Dedicated Servers and Cloud-Based Servers

Choosing the right server systems can seem daunting when there are so many different systems on the market. If you are a business owner, many of these decisions carry impact the overall success of your business. Managing all your computer systems goes hand in hand with investing in the right software solutions. Business owners will need to consider factors such as what type of server system is best suited for their needs. In the world of different server systems, managed dedicated servers and virtual private server plans each have unique functions to offer clients. 

InnoHosting offers both dedicated servers and cloud-based server plans. We can help you find the best solution for your individual needs. Connect with us today to compare plans, software systems, server configurations, and more, all at affordable per-month prices.

Here are some of the differences between dedicated servers and cloud-based servers from InnoHosting. 

Different Server Systems: Managed and Cloud-Based

Different server systems have different functions and features to offer. However, the main difference between is how they operate and what software connections they need for successful usage. A dedicated server plan, for instance, relies on a physical server that is tailored for precise functions. This is often a popular option for business owners or IT users who need multiple highly specific server systems. 

In contrast, a virtual private server (cloud-based server) is not as concrete. However, this option can still be a wise investment for business owners of all types. A cloud-based server can be thought of as its own operating system that nests within a larger server system elsewhere. The virtual operating system can use nearby devices for stable connections. 

This is where the common term “hosting” originates, since cloud-based servers use the physical server as a sort of host. Different server systems also come with a variety of benefits, which are also an important consideration. 

Benefits of Virtual Cloud-Based Server Systems

There are many obvious reasons to consider investing in a cloud-based server system. One of the main reasons is its easy accessibility. Since virtual servers don’t rely directly on physical operating systems, they can be accessed from anywhere by anyone at any time. Therefore, they have the widest range of accessibility of any server configuration on the market.

Furthermore, cloud-based servers are highly customizable to fit your individual or business needs. Other elements to consider include their cost-effectiveness and reliability. VPS systems are more cost-effective than managed servers because they don’t require the same amount of upkeep as a managed physical server system.

Finally, they can be more reliable than some alternative systems because protective security software can alert users to any potential online threats.

Security Features of Both Server Options 

Security is essential for different server systems of all types, including managed and cloud-based options. IT users need to be aware of the dangers of common security threats, from phishing scams to brute force and viral injection attacks. Both options come with ActivGuard protection systems at InnoHosting. ActivGuard software systems paired with regular security scans and check-ins allow you to keep your different server systems secure day and night.  

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Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server Systems

There are also many benefits of choosing a managed dedicated server system from InnoHosting. The first and most obvious benefit is allowing business owners to focus more on their daily tasks than the management aspects of their IT systems. A managed dedicated system allows you to choose how involved you want to be with your system’s processes. Furthermore, it makes it simple to scale your plan up or down at any time, giving you the chance to change as your needs change.

Second, managed server systems are definitely a larger investment upfront, but they can help business owners save more money in the long term. How? With a managed dedicated server system, you won’t need as large of an IT department. This will save you money on payroll upfront and can help you focus on your customers’ needs. As a result, you can achieve a more efficient and secure business plan. 

Other benefits of a managed dedicated server system include PCI compliance, data center migration, email hosting, and secure hardware and software systems on every plan. These features work together to make a dedicated server a good option for business owners who need to free up their time, save money, and excel in their business.

Contact InnoHosting and Shop Different Server Systems

InnoHosting makes it simple to determine which option is best for your business needs. When you shop our different server systems, you can find a cloud-based or dedicated server option with ease. We provide multiple pricing options so you can find a plan that suits your budget. Contact InnoHosting toll-free at 1-888-522-INNO or visit our website to get started. 

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