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With Magento and InnoHosting, you get the best of both worlds. The powerful e-commerce application Magento works seamlessly and efficiently with the powerhouse hosting at InnoHosting. By using InnoHosting to host and manage your Magento store, you get additional security and support to make your hosting journey the best it can possibly be. All of InnoHosting’s hosting plans are optimized for Magento integration. Whether you have a small store in mind or an extensive store already in full swing, InnoHosting has the perfect plan for you.

What is Magento?

Magento is a flexible e-commerce application that makes running an online store easy and accessible. With a variety of unique e-commerce features, Magento allows you to fully manage your online store as you see fit. You can quickly add, update, and move the content of your store. There are also several options for customization, helping you create a store that matches the look and feel of your brand. Since its creation in 2008, Magento has been used by over 240,000 reputable online brands. It has quickly grown as a global leader in e-commerce, especially since Adobe acquired it in 2018. Now, Magento and InnoHosting have teamed up to provide powerful and secure hosting for your online store.

How Magento and InnoHosting Work Together

When running an online store, it’s important that you have a hosting service that can match expectations. Everything from speed and power to reliability and security needs to be able to keep up with your store’s growth. Magento provides plenty of scalability for your website, and InnoHosting’s hosting plans easily match the flexibility you need.

Speed and Reliability

As your shop begins to grow, Magento becomes a ‘heavy’ application to run. The more products you offer, the more power you need to keep your shop online. If you don’t have a hosting plan that can scale with your growth, your shop can experience slow loading speeds and even downtimes. Most online shoppers don’t want to wait around as your pages load and are more likely to cancel their order and shop elsewhere if they have to wait too long. By hosting your Magento shop through InnoHosting, you can keep your website running properly no matter how big it grows.


Keeping your data and your customers’ information secure is the top priority of any e-commerce business. With InnoHosting’s in-house security system, activGuard, you can rest assured knowing that your Magento store is safe from cyber threats. With activGuard, there is no setup or configuration on your end. No files to upload, no settings to tweak. InnoHosting’s activGuard is a non-intrusive program that runs on the server level. As soon as your account is up and running, it’s protected. Our security continuously monitors your online store and protects it from intrusion attempts. All security programs and hardware are well-maintained and updated frequently without any work on your end. You can rest easy knowing your Magento store and your customers’ information is safe and secure.

Rapid Deployment

Believe it or not, starting your Magento store with InnoHosting only takes a manner of minutes. Our streamlined one-click installer gives you access to Magento (and over 100 other website applications) with just one click. Unlike using Magento on its own with other hosting options, you don’t need to download or upload any files, and the databases are already preconfigured for you. Just click once and you, or your clients, are ready to start using Magento right away.

With Magento and InnoHosting, your online store will be safe and secure
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How Magento and InnoHosting Work for You

With Magento and InnoHosting working together, any business can reap the benefits. No matter what you need Magento for, InnoHosting has a hosting plan for you.

Shared Magento Hosting

Small businesses or Magento stores that are just starting out can benefit from InnoHosting’s shared web hosting plans. These cost-effective options allow you to share server space with other users, saving you money while providing the power and support your Magento store needs.

Magento Reseller Hosting

With InnoHosting, we offer reseller hosting packages that help you provide additional services for your clients. Whether you’re a web developer, online store manager, or marketing guru, our reseller hosting plans can boost your business. By offering Magento through InnoHosting, both you and your clients can quickly and easily create beautiful online shops without the extra setup hassle.

Managed Dedicated Servers for Magento Hosting

As your store continues to grow, you’ll find that you need more power to help keep it running. Eventually, shared hosting won’t be enough to provide those resources for you. At InnoHosting, we offer scalable virtual servers and managed dedicated servers that provide extra power to your Magento store. We offer unparalleled speed and power to enterprises worldwide, keeping their online stores up and running no matter how big their inventory gets.

Get Magento and InnoHosting

If you’re looking for a powerful hosting company to help support your beautifully designed Magento store, InnoHosting has the hosting plan for you. Whether you’re starting out with a brand-new store or migrating a well-established online shop, we can help support your Magento hosting. With Magento and InnoHosting working together, you get powerful hosting speed and support with the amazing e-commerce features that Magento is known for. To begin your hosting journey with Magento, you can browse our online plans now or call us at 1-888-522-4666 if you have any questions.

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