Why Web Security is Not Taught Enough

Web security is something that business owners and individuals frequently hear mentioned. However, many people still don’t know enough when it comes to integrating proper security protocols into their web-based systems. As a result, security threats, breaches, scams, and other malicious cyberactivity continue to cause extensive problems for IT users everywhere.

Furthermore, increased creativity and evolving methods of stealing user information have made it even more difficult for individuals to protect themselves against cyberattacks. Without proper knowledge and resources to combat malicious online activity, cyber threats will continue to pose significant threats within the IT world. Therefore, web security needs to be taught to users everywhere in a streamlined and comprehensive way to reduce the threat. Simply put – web security is not taught enough. 

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Cyberattacks are Underestimated

Unfortunately, one of the reasons web security isn’t taught and applied vigorously is because of how underestimated the danger of malicious cyberattacks often is. Attacks, breaches, viruses, and other forms of malicious online activity are only becoming more prevalent. However, many people don’t recognize these threats as a real issue and underestimate the damage they can do on the web. Even large business owners often overlook the severe impact a cyberattack could have on their business operations. As a result, detrimental consequences arise from those taken who are unprepared for sudden web security breaches. 

There Are Many Types of Cyber Threats

Another reason there is a lack of proper education regarding web security is due to the many different threats IT users face. It is simply impossible to fully understand the constant evolution of web security threats in great depth. However, an overall understanding of common cyber threats is a great place for all IT users to begin. Cyberattacks can employ many different methods to steal, destroy, or alter critical data. In other words, a cyberattack by definition is any offensive action that targets computer information, data, systems, networks, or personal devices.

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Types of Cyber Threats 

Cyber threats might include one or more of these common attack methods. Sometimes multiple factors are working together to create an even more serious issue. All IT users should learn a little about each of these threats to help alleviate the chances of web security breaches. Common threats might include an eavesdropping attack, system malware, password attacks, drive-by or phishing scams, man-in-the-middle attacks, or SQL injection threats. Regardless of the nature of a web security attack, education can help users learn methods of combating cyber threats, protecting their systems, and reporting suspicious activity before it destroys data. 

Basic Web Security Protocol

Understanding basic web security protocols can help protect against cyberattacks of all types. Educating yourself and your staff is the best way to stop malicious threats in their tracks. Integrating what you learn from InnoHosting is a great place to begin securing your web systems. 

Phishing Scams and Email Safety

Phishing scams often occur via email or text message. Phishing scams include a message often accompanied by a suspicious link from a hacker pretending to be some other business, person, or government agency. Using sketchy links and false information, they often try to lure you into giving personal identification or financial information that enables them to steal data, your identity, or money. Never open suspicious emails from unknown senders or click on links from these sources. Report suspicious activity to your web security team right away. 

Dual Network Authentication

Web security isn’t taught enough, which means a lot of people are not implementing dual authentication technology. Dual authentication systems can save you a lot of heartache and are easy to use. All they do is require users to confirm their login identity from another device when signing into secure systems, emails, or protocols. Dual authentication systems make it even harder for scammers to steal your data, because it’s just one more hoop they have to jump through. 

Set Up Reliable Data Backup Procedures 

Of course, it’s good to be prepared for the worst. That is why reliable data backup and recovery systems should also be a top priority for all IT users. At InnoHosting, you get the most reliable data backup and recovery systems with a 99.9% recovery guarantee. Trust us to secure data in our data centers and avoid crashes or hacking attempts with secure systems. However, if something does occur, we will fight to get your data back. 

Contact InnoHosting For Better Web Security

InnoHosting brings you more knowledge and power with our trusted web security systems than any other IT provider. Our robust ActivGuard system protects against multiple cyber threats, including XSS & SQL Injection attacks, data breaches, and phishing scams. We also employ strong firewall resources to stop brute force attacks and other hacking attempts. One of our guiding principles at InnoHosting is to put user web security first and help educate your clients on protecting their IT services. Our regular security scans will alert you to potential hazards and help you act fast to avoid damage to your IT systems. If you want to learn more about our web security or services, visit our website today.

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