How Parents Can Make Money on the Side

As a parent, working a side job from home has a lot of benefits. Not only does it allow you to spend more time with your children, but most side gigs allow you the flexibility in your schedule needed for daily tasks. Being a parent is a full-time job, but you can still make some money on the side with IT side gigs. There are many IT jobs that don’t require a degree or experience to get started. Most companies will train you, and if you choose to work for yourself, you can take all the time you need to research and study.

Freelancing IT Side Gigs

Freelancing an IT job isn’t as hard as it sounds. For starters, freelancing doesn’t require any experience or education to get started. It may take a while before you can find a gig, but there are more companies that are willing to hire newer freelancers every day. Because you’re working for yourself, freelancing gives you the opportunity to truly steer your job the way you want.

As a freelancer, you can schedule your own workload, often only working within deadlines set by clients. This means you’ll have the free time you need to prepare meals, clean, play with your kids, and handle any emergency situation that arises. If you freelance for IT side gigs, you’ll also find yourself learning more with each job, as each new client will bring you a varied project to work on. This broadens your horizons, allows you to choose which technologies you want to focus on, and helps you build a portfolio of your work for the future.

Tech Support

Tech support is very common among IT side gigs. Many people may shy away from this job if they lack a degree or any previous experience in the technology world. However, a majority of tech support jobs don’t require much in the way of experience or knowledge. Because the jobs are directly related to the technology developed by the company, you’ll be trained in everything you need to know.

Because all of the training happens after being hired, most companies won’t care if you don’t have a lot of tech support experience. Being knowledgeable with a computer and able to sort through a handbook is all that’s needed. The handbook is also another advantage of a tech support job. There will be few cases where someone will call with a problem that you won’t be able to talk them through after reading the handbook. In tech support side jobs, the customer service aspect is more highly sought after.

Tech support jobs are a great way to support your family with extra money, but it’s often best to wait until your children are a little bit older before taking it on. Because you’ll be on the phone, it’s important that your children can stay quiet or are away at school or other activities. You’ll also be more tied to a schedule, although often you’ll be able to plan out your own hours when being hired. Tech support jobs are a flexible and viable option for many parents to help earn some additional money.

With an IT side gig, you can be a parent and still make extra money
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Whenever a new software or other technology is made, it has to go through rigorous rounds of testing to ensure that the product works. Being a tester for new technology is not only a great side gig, but it can also be a lot of fun. As a tester, you get to experiment with new technology and be at the forefront of what’s going on.

Being a tester provides more freedom than tech support, but you’ll often have tighter deadlines and less time to complete your jobs. The benefit is that you’re not often on the phone or in video calls, so you can have more peace of mind without worrying about background noise. Working as a tester can also provide you with some bonding time with your older children. Children love to play with new things, and they’re often better at finding ways to ‘break’ things. And that’s what being a tester is all about! Every day can be “Bring Your Child to Work” day.


If you have a great deal of background knowledge in the IT world already, then being a consultant is an excellent side gig that has the potential to bring in a lot of money. Consultants are hired to train people in programs and software their company needs to use. You may also be hired to help consult on the creation of new software or programs.

Being a consultant is a bit like being a teacher, but with a lot more flexibility. You’ll be able to schedule your meetings and training sessions so that you don’t run into any conflicts. You can either join an IT consulting company, or work as your own boss as a freelancer. Either way, you’ll have the control you want over the jobs you take on and the skills you’re passing to others.

Working a side gig as a parent can be draining. You already spend a great deal of energy raising your kids and keeping your home intact. IT side gigs provide you with the flexibility you need and the appropriate level of challenge you want. And you don’t even need a degree or previous experience to get started. InnoHosting is a great place to get started when you’re learning the ropes or taking the plunge into freelancing. We’re more than happy to help anyone get their work off the ground and moving forward. Search our database and get yourself registered to see how the IT world can help parents bring in some money on the side.

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