What is an Extended Validation SSL Certification?

Extended validation SSL certification is an important aspect of reliable IT operations, regardless of your web needs or focus area. Whether you are a business owner or an individual IT user, everyone benefits from reliable SSL certificates. They protect assets and information in one proven method. That’s why it’s always a good idea to stay informed and learn the basic principles of extended validation SSL certification for enhanced web security practices.  

InnoHosting has IT professionals who are ready to help you navigate the ins and outs of extended validation SSL systems. If you need to obtain a valid certification quickly, we are here to help. There are also many different SSL certificates to choose from, some of which are more applicable for certain needs. Let us help you choose the right investments for your specific needs. 

Learn more today by visiting our website or giving one of our representatives a call. Read on to learn what an extended validation SSL certification is and why it’s so important. 

What Are Extended Validation SSL Certificates? 

SSL certification means Secure Sockets Layer certifications. That final ‘s’ you might notice on URL links, such as HTTPS, actually alerts users to the presence of a trusted, secure SSL system. It might not seem like a major thing but that tiny ‘s’ means a secure connection is present, preventing risky operations that could put data at risk. If you are a business owner, that extra ‘s’ shows your customers that your systems are secure.

As a result, shoppers can buy with confidence that their online information is safe. In fact, it’s always a good idea to be diligent and look for an SSL certification notification when shopping online, conducting online banking, or inputting any personal information. Personal information includes identification data, banking information, or other sensitive data that should not get into the wrong hands. SSL certification uses secure encryption technology to lock down this information for business owners and customers alike. 

Extended Validation SSL Certification for Business Owners

As a business owner, it’s your duty to protect business info as well as customer, employee, and visitor data. The significance of obtaining an extended SSL verification should not be overlooked. Using encrypted data files, a trusted link can easily be set up between your server and any web browser. Therefore, SSL certification is useful regardless of who is using your systems or trying to access your website. No matter what, the privacy of your connections is ensured with a reliable SSL certification.

Furthermore, showcasing these certifications on your website is a wise choice regardless of whether or not consumers are entering sensitive information. In fact, it has been proven that having this added protection can protect your website against hacking or other cyber attacks. 

Overall, these certifications are both a matter of business information safety and consumer liability coverage. Finally, competitors might not have made the same investments. Obtaining extended validation SSL certification can set you apart from other businesses and attract customers looking for extra web security.

Extended validation SSL certification from InnoHosting.
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SSL Certificates As a Consumer 

As a consumer, learning about SSL certificates is also important. If you have ever entered financial information or shopped online, then you probably have come across an SSL certificate – even if you didn’t realize it. SSL certification gives you the benefit of added security as you surf the web. Furthermore, these certificates don’t impede connection speeds.  

Generally speaking, it is a bad idea to fill in any online form without the presence of an SSL certification. It can simply be too risky to know the hidden dangers of online threats to any business website lacking SSL validations. Hackers could be lurking just around the cyber corner to steal banking info, identification data, or private work emails. Once they get their hands on sensitive information, they can cause extensive damage quickly. Therefore, it’s best to stick to sites with SSL certificates whenever possible and proceed with caution otherwise. 

Extended Validation SSL Certification at InnoHosting

There are many choices when it comes to SSL certifications. Not all of them come with the same degree of security, so it’s a good idea to seek out options that fit your needs best. Varying levels of encryption are the biggest difference when it comes to different types of SSL certificates. The strength varies on domains and subdomains. At InnoHosting, we work to pair users with the best extended validation SSL certificates for their needs.  

We have many different types of certificates available. However, we highly recommend our extended validation SSL certification for business owners of all types. With this option, you can start with a flexible and affordable option. Our software system allows us to give you the best security for a reliable extended validation SSL certification. 

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Investing in an SSL certification is a wise choice, no matter your background. Having added security is the biggest benefit. However, you can also attract new customers, increase business sales, and skyrocket your profits. That extra letter ‘s’ or lock symbol will let customers know your site is secure with the help of InnoHosting.  

Let InnoHosting help you get started today with your SSL certificates. We offer all of the most popular options for SSL encryptions, including extended validation SSL certification. Contact us today for more information about extended validation SSL certification.

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