4 Rules We Live By At InnoHosting

When it comes to your IT company, you need someone you can trust. Trust is important to ensure you can complete daily business operations, personal tasks, and enjoy your IT systems. Furthermore, that trust provides you with the best customer service on the market and can change your plan as needed. However, trust isn’t enough to guarantee you have everything you need for success. There are other standards you should hold your current IT provider to or consider switching. Innohosting standards help us stand out from our competitors and prove we genuinely care about each client we work with.

Whether you run a small business or a large business, are an individual entrepreneur or a family who needs cutting-edge IT services, InnoHosting standards have you covered with streamlined, affordable, and flexible service for everyone. Our Innohosting standards are the guidelines and principles we live by. We pride ourselves on these standards and hope that our clients receive everything they need. Learn more about what Innohosting has to offer by visiting our website anytime. Here are the rules we live by at Innohosting. 

Rule 1: Invest in the Best Security Protocols

The first rule we live by at Innohosting is investing in the best security protocols on the market. We all know that it is essential to have reliable connections when using your IT systems. However, reliability comes in many forms. A steady relationship is wonderful but it doesn’t protect you against malicious cyber attacks. That is where security software systems and protocols come into play. Without these, your information will be at risk 24/7. 

Innohosting’s standards mean we have invested in the highest levels of security software and protective services for our clients. We keep your connections truly secure, no matter which Innohosting plan or configuration you have chosen. Whether you are using cloud-based systems or a standard managed and dedicated server, we have your back. Now you don’t have to stay up at night worrying about losing your information to data leaks, security breaches, phishing scams, or other types of cyberattacks. Our services help protect against brute force attacks, viral injection invasions, password attacks, phishing scams and other security issues. 

Finally, you can find the best in security systems with us. We give you ActivGard technology with web security protection against XSS and SQL injection attacks. Furthermore, our regular security scans will alert you to any potential threats before they become a significant issue. Finally, our firewall protection and viral scan technology watch out for sneaky threats 24/7. Learn the Innohosting difference in security systems for yourself today!

Rule 2: Fast Speeds And Guaranteed Uptime Are A Must

Second in our list of Innohosting standards, we bring you fast connection speeds with little downtime guaranteed. In fact, this is a must because we want you to succeed in all your IT endeavors. We give you up to 99.9% guaranteed uptime with all our plans, so you never break the bank due to slow connections. Now you can streamline operations, expand business outreach, and onboard new employees with ease. With 99.9% uptime guaranteed, you can always trust InnoHosting to efficiently deliver what you need to operate your personal and business tasks.

Learn more about out Innohosting standards.
Learn more about our Innohosting standards.

Rule 3: Scalability You Can Count On

Everyone knows that the IT plan you have now might not always be the best option for your personal or business needs. However, some IT companies don’t give their clients easy scalability, which traps them in plans or contracts that are wrong for their needs. We believe this isn’t the best way to do business. Instead, our Innohosting standards in scalability services make it simple for you to upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed anytime. 

As your business expands or streamlines your current processes, you might realize that you no longer need specific systems, applications, or software installation. That is fine! At Innohosting, we help you find the right plan for your needs whenever they shift. Plus, with rapid mitigation systems, you can switch between current projects easily. We can even move from a different provider fast, including your emails and databases; scalability is simple with the InnoHosting difference.

Rule 4: 24/7 Support Team

Finally, we bring you the fourth rule we live by with our Innohosting standards. We pride ourselves on offering our clients 24/7 support from our customer service team. We have technicians available at all times waiting to help you with all your IT questions. Let’s be honest, issues will arise over the course of your investment with Innohosting. In the IT world, troubleshooting problems is inevitable. However, having a support team waiting to help you isn’t always standard across the board. That’s where we stand out, offering our clients the help they need whenever they need it most.

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If a plan with Innohosting standards seems like what you need to get started with the best IT services, then don’t wait. Contact us today to get started. We give you support, security systems, fast connections, and scalability you can count on. The Innohosting difference is affordable and robust IT infrastructure and support at its best. Contact us today, and we will help you make the right choice for your future IT configurations. 

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