3 Ways InnoHosting Can Increase Security Measures

Safety first should be a rule of thumb, especially when it comes to websites, software, databases, and other IT systems. Protecting information for your business or personal operations is something we take seriously at InnoHosting. Our security measures are designed to give you peace of mind 24/7 when using your IT systems, no matter your needs. Hackers become more creative every day finding new ways to steal, alter, or destroy your sensitive information. 

From increased data security to firewall protection, antivirus software, and regular security check-ups, our reliable InnoHosting plans have you covered. Learn more about how to protect against cyberthreats with InnoHosting by visiting our website today!

Here are three ways InnoHosting can increase security measures for all your IT systems. 

Cyberattacks & Other Security Threats

There are several security threats to be aware of. It is even more critical to pay attention to the hazards of these systems if you are a business owner. You are not only responsible for the protection of your information, but also the safety of your employees’ and customers’ information. Any type of cyberattack or other security threat can put their information at risk, including personal, financial, identification, and other important details. 

Unfortunately, cyberattacks and breaches are all becoming more prevalent. Therefore, it’s even more critical to be diligent and invest in the best security measures. Some types of security threats to be aware of include password attacks, malware, eavesdropping attacks, injection attacks, and phishing scams. However, the list is limitless when it comes to new threats within the cyber community. 

Basic Security Practices

Understanding the basic principles behind reliable security measures is a good place to start. Good security habits can make or break your investment in computer-based systems. Plus, they might make the difference between having your assets stolen and profits ruined or being successful. Knowledge is power when it comes to basic security measures.

Some basic principles you can employ to lock down your sensitive data include investing in reliable cloud security systems, choosing strong passwords, and training employees about the dangers of cyberthreats.

It can be easy for attackers to take advantage of those who don’t understand the risks of online security threats. Phishing scams happen at many places of business. With some basic training on phishing scams, you can reduce the chances of these scams ruining your business. Let your employees know to never open an unknown email, enter sensitive data into online forms, or click on suspicious links. 

Enter InnoHosting Security Measures 

However, your actions are not always enough to eliminate cyberthreats. That’s why it’s important to invest in an IT company that has your back. InnoHosting enters the picture as the leading IT provider with security measures that are unrivaled in the industry. We care about our clients’ data, sensitive information, and financial security, so we employ multiple methods to lock down your system securely.

Security measures from InnoHosting can change your IT life.
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Keep an Eye on Users and Logins

InnoHosting can help you keep a watchful eye on user access and logins. This is important for tracking where potential breaches or hackers might have gained access to your information. It does not mean somebody within your systems is the culprit, but it might show you where more training is needed in the future. Plus, our alerts help you act on potentially suspicious activity before it can become an issue. With limited user access to your systems, you can rest assured that cyberattackers will have a hard time getting past us. In the worst-case scenario, should a data breach occur, we will alert you and begin acting fast to retrieve data.

Data Backup and Recovery Systems 

Our InnoHosting data backup and recovery systems work 24/7 in case of a data breach or crash. This means that you never have to worry about losing personal or business information. With this element, your data will be automatically backed up at regular intervals. In case of a crash, we can retrieve most – if not all – of your data safely. 

Regular Security Reports and Scans

InnoHosting also offers every client standard security scans and reports. These can be customized based on your needs. With our watchful eye, you will receive a report of any odd activity, logins, and other issues. You can easily view this from your own IT systems and call us with questions. Having regular system reports helps you to chart changes or patterns over time. It can help you tighten up any potential areas of risk before they become a problem in the future. 

Contact InnoHosting for Added Security Measures 

At InnoHosting, we use robust ActivGard web and software security standard on every InnoHosting plan. With affordable plans backed by ActivGuard technology, you can concentrate on more important matters than worrying about data security. InnoHosting security measures help protect against cyberattacks and scams of all kinds, including XSS & SQL Injection attacks, data breaches, phishing scams, and brute force attacks. With firewall protection, nothing gets past us.

Here at InnoHosting, we take security software seriously. Want to learn more about our services and what we can do for you? Visit our website and find out more about what makes InnoHosting the industry leader in security measures.

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