What Are SSL Certificates and Why Do They Matter?

If you own a website, run a business, or are an IT professional, you probably have already heard of SSL Certificates. However, you may not understand the ins and outs of why they are so important. Plus, not everybody needs to know about these functions, so they are often overlooked. However, SSL Certifications play an essential role in security for websites every day. 

InnoHosting is your expert for everything IT infrastructure- and software-related. We offer customers affordable prices, excellent customer service with 24/7 support, and reliable IT systems for all their needs. You can learn more about us by visiting our website today. Here’s a crash course on what SSL Certificates are and why they matter. 

Intro To SSL Certifications

If you are wondering what an SSL certification is, then wonder no more! SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. If you have ever looked at a URL and seen an HTTPS, you have noticed a website with an SSL certification. This extra ‘s’ stands for a whole lot more than just some certificate; it helps you know you have different web security looking out for you while you shop, interact with financial entities, and go about your daily tasks. In short, the extra ‘s’ shows that you are using a secure, encrypted connection and that your data is protected within that website. An SSL certification powers this. 

Your Experience as a Consumer

What does this mean for your experience as a customer? Using a website with an SSL certification won’t slow down or alter your experience as a consumer. It only benefits you by giving you a secure connection to trust your personal and financial data entry. If a site doesn’t have this certification and you are about to make a purchase, you might want to consider the risks of inputting bank, credit card, or financial information into an unsecured site. 

SSL Certifications for Business Owners

On the other hand, SSL certifications are also significant for business owners. You should shop around to gain these certifications for your consumers to ensure their safety and your liability. Plus, it’s one more thing that could give you a significant edge over your competitors. 

SSL certificates are data files that are encrypted to establish a trusted link between your server and any web browser. They ensure the privacy of data that is transferred between these two outlets. It is nearly impossible for hackers to intercept this data. In short, if you are a company or business owner which might require users to input sensitive personal or financial information into an online format, you should consider SSL certification. 

Important Details to Remember

There are a few essential details you will need to remember. First, SSL certifications come in different categories depending on the level of encryption and the number of domains/subdomains under each certificate. Therefore, not all SSL certificates are equally appropriate for every business need. As a result, it’s critical to do your research and ensure you provide customers with the best and most comprehensive SSL certificates available. 

InnoHosting SSL certifications.
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Types Of Certificates

There are many different types of certificates. Any certificate must first be processed by a Certificate Authority, such as InnoHosting. We have the right software to grant and protect your SSL certificates. Extended Validation, Organization Validation, Domain Validation, Single Domain, Unified Validation, and Wildcard Validation are all types of certifications you can invest in for your business. At InnoHosting, we make it easy to compare and order certificates based on your needs. One of our IT experts would be happy to talk with you about the different aspects of each SSL certification!

Other Benefits

Finally, there are other benefits of investing in an SSL certificate. First, it can increase your Search Engine Optimization ranking for web and blog content. That means an SSL certification helps you reach more customers in the first place. Customers might be more interested in your site when they notice the extra ‘s’ on your URL, boosting your sales as well. Lastly, padlock icons on URLs can also indicate a secure SSL-certified website, making it easier to advertise your certifications to potential website visitors. 

Contact Innohosting Today!

If you are ready to get started with SSL certifications, InnoHosting can help. We offer the most popular options for encrypted web security systems for your business. Plus, we provide these at an affordable price and offer a 24/7 support team if you have any questions. Contact us today for more information about SSL certifications and why they matter!

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