Introduction to ActivGuard Security Systems

We live in a technologically-based world, which means cybersecurity threats are everywhere. There is no way around this fact, although there are ways to decrease your chances of becoming a victim. Hackers and scammers alike can target your IT infrastructure all they want, but with the right protocols and protection systems, your data can remain secure. ActivGuard security software is just one element of reliable and secure security protocols at InnoHosting. No matter which services, add-ons, servers, software, or hardware you implement with your InnoHosting plan, we’ve got your back. 

We use ActivGuard security software in tandem with streamlined security practices to ensure the safety of your personal, professional, and financial data. Whether you are a business owner, an individual, or part of an independent entrepreneurial team seeking out services, we know that protecting this data is your number one priority; therefore, it’s also our top priority. Learn more about our security measures by visiting our website anytime, and read on for a handy introduction to ActivGuard Security software.  

The Basics of Security Threats

You might think security threats are something that only happens to major CEOs or businesses, but you would be wrong. Security threats are something everyone faces, even if you are just working from home on your laptop. In fact, it’s often individuals who are at a greater risk of these hazards because they lack reliable security software. 

Cyberattacks can take on many forms and even disguises. These attacks might include viral injections, security breaches, data leaks, password scams/break-ins, phishing or email scams, and more. The important thing to remember is there is no limit to the creative ways people will use to hack in or steal your important information. Therefore, it’s critical that you are prepared and that you implement regular security protocols into your IT infrastructure and strategies.

What Cyberattacks Do

Cyberattacks might have different purposes. Overall, a cyberattack uses any method possible to infiltrate your personal or business devices to steal, alter, destroy, or remove important information. Sometimes multiple motives might be behind the attack. Plus, they can occur to anyone, anywhere. They might attack your computer, mobile devices, servers, data network, data centers, databases, software, or hardware systems. 

Basic Security Protocols

One of the best ways to protect against security threats is to practice the best security protocols. Some helpful tips include regular employee training and staff meetings about security protocols, changing your password often, using strong passwords, never logging onto public networks, always logging out of your accounts, and never opening suspicious or unknown emails. However, hackers can be creative, and scammers are working every day to find new ways to trick innocent people. Therefore, as important as regular security protocols are, it’s a good idea to have the backing of reliable ActivGuard security software with InnoHosting. 

ActivGuard security software.
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ActivGuard to The Rescue

If all of this seems a little overwhelming and worrisome, things get better quickly with ActivGuard. ActivGuard is a reliable security software system that can help people of all interests, focus areas, and IT needs to get the peace of mind they deserve for their IT infrastructure. With ActivGuard systems standard on every InnoHosting plan and platform, you can sit back and relax. 

What Does ActivGuard Do? 

ActivGuard helps regulate suspicious activity on your personal and business accounts. For example, our systems will alert you when/if suspicious activity occurs, and give you tips on how to lock down your account before any data can be accessed by the cyberattacker. However, we also implement regular security scans to avoid these initial red flags and employ firewall protection for another layer of protection. All of this comes standard with your current or future InnoHosting plans, saving you time and money on searching for outside security software. 

24/7 Support Team

Another helpful element of any InnoHosting plan is our 24/7 support team. Of course, this means we can answer any IT question you have but it also makes worrying about your web security less daunting. With access to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives, you can have all your ActivGuard security software questions and concerns addressed quickly. 

Contact InnoHosting Today to Learn About ActivGuard Security Software

Now that you know more about cyberattacks, security threats, and the best security protocols for your enterprise, you can get started with InnoHosting. ActivGuard security software is a critical aspect of every InnoHosting plan. It protects against many vulnerabilities, including XSS and SQL injections attacks. Furthermore, data breaches and the chances of phishing scams stealing what matters most to you are a thing of the past!

Let our powerful ActivGuard technology protect you against brute force attacks with integrated firewall systems, security alerts, and phishing scans for an affordable price. If you are ready to lock down your important information, then visit our website for more information about our comprehensive InnoHosting services.

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