3 Scams That You Might Not See Coming

Security scams are, unfortunately, inevitable in our high-tech, fast-paced world. Scammers are becoming more creative and inventive in their forms of attack. As a result, business owners and individuals must be educated in the best web security practices. Furthermore, reliable security software is a crucial element of any business operation. 

Business and personal data could be at risk when unreliable software fails. If security threats arise, sensitive information, such as financial information, personal identification, and customer data could all be at risk. If any of this information falls into the wrong hands, a lot of damage could be done in just a short period. 

Thankfully, InnoHosting is ahead of the game with robust and detailed security software systems to protect your data. Our security software helps keep you aware of potential security threats, sends out alerts, and protects you with solid firewall systems. Your web security is always our top priority. Learn the InnoHosting difference in cybersecurity for yourself today by visiting our website to learn more about what we have to offer. Here are three scams that you might not see coming and how to avoid them with InnoHosting. 

Signs of Security Threats 

Security threats can come in many forms and sometimes be hard to detect. Scammers have established new ways to hack into personal and business information systems. However, learning what different types of security threats look like can help anyone more effectively protect their sensitive data. Common security threats include cyberattacks, phishing scams, security breaches, and brute force attacks. Read on to learn how to detect and protect against three common but sneaky types of web security threats. 

Email & Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are one of the most common categories of scams today. However, they come in many disguises, making them challenging to detect. Most commonly, they occur via email. Additionally, phishing scams can occur via text messages and phone calls, among other crafty methods. 

The worst part of phishing scams is they can appear to be legitimate emails from a reliable source. Usually, they pretend to be a financial, business, or government agency claiming to need personal information. Sometimes suspicious links will be attached. They can be convincing, using fake logos or seals which appear to be accurate. 

For example, a scammer might send a phishing email impersonating the Department of Motor Vehicles and a fake DMV logo. However, they are trying to trick individuals into handing over personal login info, sensitive ID data, or financial details. 

Viral Injection Schemes

Viral injection schemes can occur through sketchy links or strange downloads. Sometimes a user has no reason to suspect anything out of the ordinary is happening unless their web security system sends a warning. In some cases, it can be too late to save data once it is stolen or destroyed. However, general web security practices and always being cautious before opening or downloading files can protect against viral injections. As scammers learn new ways to create viruses, investing in reliable web security software becomes even more critical. InnoHosting can help with streamlined and robust software you can always count on for protection. 

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Phone Scams

Using the phone to convince users to hand over personal information is not uncommon. Although other formats of scams have become more prevalent, hackers still use these methods. Since phone scams are not as prevalent as in the past, it can be easy to assume they do not pose a threat. As a result, they actually can be a more severe threat overall, catching users unaware. 

Scammers will use phone calls to impersonate other businesses or agencies. However, a real government agency is not likely to call you directly without you knowing it ahead of time. Furthermore, they won’t ask for sensitive personal information over the phone. If you are unsure whether a phone call seems legitimate, you can always ignore the call and look into it with your web security team later on. Being cautious can save you a lot of heartache in the long run. 

General Smart Web Security Practices 

As a rule of thumb, always err on the side of caution regarding web security. Second, invest in InnoHosting’s reliable web security systems for the added benefit of an extra watchful eye protecting you 24/7. We have a trusted support team that can answer your web security questions at any time. We can also help educate your fellow users and employees on various web threats and how to safeguard against them. Having regular meetings to discuss potential scams can help everyone be diligent in watching for potential threats. 

Contact InnoHosting Today to Learn About Security Software

InnoHosting has you covered with the most reliable security software available. Our security systems employ ActivGard web security software to protect you against many vulnerabilities. Furthermore, our software will help you fend off XSS and SQL injection attacks, data breaches, and phishing scams. Trust our robust firewall tools to stop sneaky hackers in their tracks. Want to learn more about our services and what we can do for you? Visit our website and find out more about what makes InnoHosting the industry leader in security software. 

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