How To Protect Against Security Breaches

Protecting your data and sensitive business information should be one of your top priorities, no matter which web services you currently use. InnoHosting is committed to data security with all of our reliable InnoHosting plans. As we progress further every year into a world where digital hackers continually find loopholes, security software is more critical for every business than ever before. With InnoHosting’s robust security software programs, you can rest assured that your business’s sensitive information is safe. Learn more about how to protect against breaches with security software today. Speak with the IT professionals from InnoHosting to find the perfect plan for your enterprise’s security needs.  

Common Security Threats

Cyberattacks, breaches, and viruses are becoming increasingly common in our tech-driven world. As a result, it is crucial to understand the different types of security threats and what you can do as a business owner to combat them.


Cyberattacks use a variety of methods to infiltrate your personal and business devices. They steal critical data, personal information, and destroy data by altering the entire landscape of your software system. In short, “cyberattacks” can be defined as any offensive action that targets computer information, data, systems, networks, or personal devices.

There are many different types of attacks, some more common than others. Attacks to keep an eye out for include password attacks, malware, eavesdropping attacks, SQL injections, drive-by and phishing scams, man-in-the-middle attacks, denial-of-service attacks, and cross-site scripting attacks. Other types also might occur, but are less common. In any instance where you suspect a cyberattack, act quickly and report it immediately. 

Understanding Basic Security Practices

Understanding basic security practices and general good cyber habits can save you a lot of heartache in the long run. One of the best ways to protect against security breaches is to be knowledgeable in the first place.

For instance, knowing what good cloud security looks like is one way to avoid security breaches. Cloud security policies work together to protect your sensitive information when you are using a public cloud network. Basic cloud security practices might include only giving out login info to those who need it, monitoring system use, and never using a network that seems suspicious. 

Other best practices include educating your staff on cybersecurity and threats. Sometimes cyberthreats happen because people are not aware of hazards and fall victim to scams. Scammers have become even better at honing their skills. Phishing scams often come in email format and look like emails from reputable sources. Never open links or reply to emails that seem dangerous. 

Always ask superiors to look things over before investigating these emails. Companies will have official logos and contact you by your name if they need you to fill in the necessary information. Never enter sensitive data in reply to random emails claiming to be someone they are not. 

What You Can Do

You and your business can do many things to keep your software secure. Here are some critical tips to remember. 

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Employ Dual Network Authentication

Dual network authentications can save you a lot of heartaches. These systems require two separate devices to prove that you are the correct person logging into your device. It lessens the chances of hackers accessing personal data even if they got your password. Save business data with this simple addition to your business emails, software applications, and financial information. 

Watch Users

Sometimes people have access to information they don’t need to do their job. Therefore, check users often to ensure that people only have access to the files they need. This will make it easier to detect where a security breach originated from should one occur. 

It also makes it easier to remove old employees from your business sites. Not every senior employee could be a threat to your business, but it’s always a good idea to keep business information only among current employees. 

Backup Data

Another thing to keep in mind is the loss of personal data due to a data breach. With the added element of a data backup plan, you can protect your data even if a data breach occurs. While this alone won’t deter data breaches in the first palace, it can still save you a lot of heartache. Meet with other managers to get some ideas of what would work best for your company and data security. 

Contact InnoHosting Today to Learn About Security Software

With the ActiveGuard web and software security that’s standard on every InnoHosting plan, you can rest assured we have your back. Our ActiveGuard security suite protects against many vulnerabilities, including XSS & SQL Injection attacks, data breaches, and the chance of phishing scams. Our powerful firewall tools block brute force attacks and sneaky hackers’ attempts to ruin your business’s operations. At InnoHosting, we take security software seriously. Want to learn more about our services and what we can do for you? Visit our website and find out more about what makes InnoHosting an industry leader in security software. 

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