The Six Pillars of Managed Dedicated Hosting

Managed dedicated hosting can drastically help your business grow and run smoothly. At InnoHosting, we know how to answer all of your managed dedicated hosting questions. We offer a wide variety of affordable dedicated hosting options – all with the six major pillars critical to good managed-hosting service. 

What Are the Six Pillars of Managed Dedicated Hosting?

The six pillars of managed dedicated hosting simply refer to the six most critical elements that a managed hosting service should provide. While these elements are not the only features you should consider in a web hosting provider, they are essential. These elements are so important to web hosting that not having them functioning properly could make or break your business operations. To ensure the smooth operation of your enterprise, it is worth searching for a reliable web hosting provider. 

At Innohosting, we promise to provide our customers with all six pillars of managed dedicated web hosting. These pillars include speed, reliability, security, 24/7 support service, data backups, and rapid mitigation. Read on for a look at each in more depth, since it is very important to understand how each element plays into a successful web hosting experience. 


Web hosting is a wonderful way to help manage your business. Managed dedicated hosting is even more efficient, since it comes with the bonus of having an outside service provider helping you manage your web hosting. One of the first major pillars of a managed dedicated hosting service is speed. Nobody wants to fall behind on important business operations because of a slow and faulty connection. Therefore, trust the professionals at InnoHosting, who always promise you a managed dedicated hosting service that is affordable and speedy. 


Another bonus of managed dedicated web hosting is the added security element. Your personal and business data is a critical part of your enterprise, plus you also have your customers’ data on file. Never fear the risk of losing sensitive data or leaking crucial business information. InnoHosting offers the most secure plans to our clients to protect against data breaches, phishing scams, and hacking.

Our password protection ensures that you and your authorized personnel are the only ones with access to important business information. We also use ActivGuard technology to protect your web security against major vulnerabilities, including XSS & SQL injection attacks. We perform regular security scans to avoid viruses and malware and use powerful firewalls to avoid brute force attacks.


A managed dedicated web hosting service provider can also ensure a reliable connection. With cloud-based services, connections can be weak and unreliable as well as vulnerable to web scams. Trust a reliable connection with the InnoHosting difference. Our supercharged servers are part of what makes us so reliable. These servers help your business-grade hosting excel by using sheer raw power to give you the fastest and most reliable connection on the market.

Managed dedicated hosting support teams.
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24/7 Support Team  

The fourth pillar of an effective managed dedicated hosting service is having a 24/7 support team at your fingertips. Customer support is critical for all your business hosting needs. At InnoHosting, we offer access to US-based toll-free numbers and live chat options for support at the drop of a hat. Support teams can also provide you with links and resources to vital information that can help your business function even better. 

Data Backups

Sensitive data is always at risk of being lost in data crashes. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have an effective data backup system. The fifth pillar of a managed dedicated hosting service is having a reliable data backup system in place. With the reliable data backup systems that come standard with all our web hosting plans, never fear losing what is most valuable to your business.

Even if we don’t have all the answers for you, we can put you into contact with resources that can best help your business excel. This is a feature that not all web hosting services can provide. Many only help in the initial stages of business with their clients, but InnoHosting promises to be here for you throughout your entire web hosting career. Whether you are looking for advice on daily business operations or want to expand your web hosting capabilities, our responsive team is here for you. 

Rapid Mitigation

The final major pillar of an efficiently managed hosting service is rapid mitigation systems. You can rely on InnoHosting to provide you with an effective rapid mitigation system. We can migrate all aspects of your web hosting platform quickly and easily. These elements include your emails, databases, fundamentals of your web hosting account, control panel setting, web applications, and all your files. At InnoHosting, our professional support engineers are trained to efficiently migrate hundred of client files with precision each day.

Contact InnoHosting Today

InnoHosting offers multiple pricing and service options, including information and services regarding affordable complex and basic managed dedicated hosting. If you are an entrepreneur or own a company, InnoHosting is here to help. With low-cost options all featuring the six pillars of managed hosting, we are here to answer all of your questions. Contact us today, and we will help you make the right choice for your business. For more information, visit our website and read our blog posts or learn more about all the suitable options for your business and personal needs. 

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