7 Things You Should Know about Affordable Reseller Hosting

It’s been a weird year for the economy, to say the least. Traditional business doesn’t work the same way that it used to. Meanwhile, savvy entrepreneurs are looking for new ways to make money from home. For instance, more people are looking into affordable reseller hosting. Some want to start a new business from scratch. Others want to add reseller hosting to their current web-based businesses. 

Either way, if you’re looking into affordable reseller hosting as a business option, there are several things you should know. Here are some of the most important things to help you get started. 

Affordable Reseller Hosting Does Exist 

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First of all, getting started with reseller hosting doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Don’t get discouraged if all of your options seem expensive at first. These options are not your only options, so keep digging. With enough research, you can absolutely find a high-quality affordable hosting option to offer your customers. 

Research Affordable Reseller Hosting 

Speaking of research, you’ll want to make sure that you do that research before you dive into the hosting business. This is especially true if you’re starting a brand-new business from scratch instead of adding reseller hosting to your existing business. The more you learn upfront, the more prepared you’ll be to help your business grow. 

Don’t just look up affordable reseller hosting choices. Look up things like startup costs and the business laws in your city and state. 

You Don’t Need Extensive Tech Knowledge 

All of that said, one thing you won’t have to do is get a tech degree before you start offering web hosting services. That’s the best part of reseller hosting. Once you find your affordable reseller hosting service, that service should take care of all of the technical details. 

Nearly anyone can start their own web hosting business if they have the right resources. It doesn’t take an engineer to provide web hosting. You won’t have to worry about learning tech jargon, and you won’t have to fix any technical difficulties. Assuming that you’ve chosen the right hosting service for resale, that service will be in charge of the hard parts. 

You’ll Need Excellent Customer Service 

However, because your reseller hosting service is in charge of handling technical difficulties, you’ll have to make sure that this service handles those difficulties with patience, care, and speed. These days, the internet isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity, both for individuals and businesses. Most businesses can’t function if their websites and online storage spaces don’t work. If something should go wrong, they’ll need swift action. 

Now, if one of your clients doesn’t get the swift action they need, it reflects poorly on your business. Keep that in mind when you start looking for affordable reseller hosting. Don’t choose the first hosting service that catches your eye. Instead, look for a hosting service that provides quick and complete attention to its customers. Look for reviews that mention customer service, and pay attention to how the company interacts with you. These clues can help you figure out if you’re dealing with a good company for your reseller needs. 

Understand That You Have Options 

We already mentioned that you should compare reseller hosting services, but even within a single service, you should have several plan options. In fact, that’s one way to tell that you’ve found a good service. If they offer you multiple plan choices, then you’ve probably found a good one. 

Take InnoHosting, for example. We offer five separate plans for resellers. The Standard plan is the most affordable reseller hosting option. It starts at $16.95 per month, and it comes with 200 GB of bandwidth. This plan makes a good choice for beginners who want to host 25 accounts or fewer, and many people who are new to reseller hosting choose this option. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the Semi-Dedicated plan, which comes with 3 TB of bandwidth and can support 500 accounts. All five of our plans come with free end-user support, free website templates, and other benefits. 

We offer so many options because reseller hosting doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You deserve options, and you should be able to take advantage of those options. Whether you’re just getting started with reseller hosting or you’ve been working in web hosting for years, you should have the options that meet your needs. Why should you pay extra for account space that you’re not going to sell? Or why should you run out of space when you want to sell more? 

Don’t Forget About Your Billing System 

When you look for affordable reseller hosting plans, remember that you’ll need a solid billing system. Some hosting platforms come with a built-in billing system. If possible, use one of these platforms for your reseller hosting. Automated systems are best because they let you receive payments without any hassle. 

For example, every InnhoHosting reseller account comes with a free WHMCS license. This billing and automation platform has everything you need to receive payments, so you don’t have to track down invoices. 

Some reseller hosting platforms only look affordable until you find out that the billing software isn’t included. When that happens, you end up paying money that you didn’t expect to pay. 

InnoHosting is Here to Help With Affordable Reseller Hosting 

Finally, know that when you need affordable reseller hosting, InnoHosting is ready to help you get started. InnoHosting is home to supercharged servers, top-tier website security, and excellent customer service. All of our plans are highly affordable, whether you plan to host 25 accounts, 500 accounts, or any number in between. We’re here to help you provide the best for your clients, and we’re here to provide the best for you. 

Take a look at your reseller hosting options today. Have questions about reseller hosting? Get in touch with us. Our team members would love to hear from you. 

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