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Imagine that you’re holiday shopping. You’ve spent a chunk of time picking out and curating your shopping cart and you finally approach the finish line at checkout – only to find your payment doesn’t go through. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending all that time and effort for it to be put to waste. Transaction issues will quickly deter customers. This is where managed dedicated hosting services come in. When left on their own, companies may find it a bit overwhelming to have to manage their servers and the technical difficulties that come along on top of their daily duties. Additionally, any brand or company knows that server issues such as these are avoidable. With a managed dedicated hosting service like ours, you won’t have to worry about online transaction issues, or anything else related to your web hosting platform. Here at InnoHosting, we have a few ways we can make sure your online transactions are running well.

Strong Servers

A guaranteed way for online transactions to fail is if the server cannot support a substantial increase in traffic volume. Whether the next big sale brings in more traffic than projected or holiday shopping gets a bit out of hand, guaranteeing that your site’s servers can handle high traffic is one way to help prevent online payment issues.

Proactive management of all server-side operations, server and data center migrations, and comprehensive server monitoring assures you that InnoHosting has your back when it comes to maintaining a strong, reliable server. With plans including up to 250,000 MB bandwidth, our servers can accommodate your growth. Not only that, but we also ensure that we can deploy a fully customized solution to any of your server needs.


The last thing a customer wants to worry about is the security of their online payments.

When it comes to online payment transactions, security is the lifeline of a managed dedicated hosting service. Without dependable security, online payments would be impossible. Our free and dedicated SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts transactions, making our payment details confidential. That’s why InnoHosting is committed to providing security planning and monitoring around the clock, so neither you nor your customers have to think twice about the protection of their payments.

Last but most definitely not least, proper PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance is vital in ensuring smooth sailing for online transactions. Through PCI compliance, customers can ensure that their information follows the requirements so all companies in charge of processing, storing, and transmitting credit card information keep a secure environment.

Lack of security is a recipe for disaster in the world of managed dedicated hosting services. Without it, online transactions would be next to impossible, which is almost unimaginable in today’s age. With managed dedicated hosting services, we make sure we are protecting your customers’ online transactions.

Constant Support

One of the best aspects of managed dedicated hosting services is that the weight of worry is lifted off your shoulders. With comprehensive server monitoring on both hardware and software services, complete project life cycle management, and much more, our dedicated servers are custom-built. Through using proven components that face our quality checks, we can ensure that your sites are in the best hands. This way, we can not only attest that your online transactions run effortlessly, but that your site is always supported. We also know that site issues such as online transaction difficulties can happen at any time, even in the middle of the night. We offer 24/7 support so that no matter the time of day, you know we’re there.  


With technology evolving faster than ever, it’s no wonder companies are running into issues related to online transactions. If the person or company running your site is not equipped to keep up with the ever-changing demands of technology, online transaction issues won’t be the only problems you face. That’s why we stay true to our name: through innovative hosting, you know that we will always be one step ahead of potential issues. These days, running a site with outdated methods and tools is nearly impossible. InnoHosting is committed to constantly striving to achieve better results and providing solutions that are designed to elevate your hosting experience. We are confident in our ability to provide high-quality solutions at affordable prices – so much so that we have a 16-day money-back guarantee.

In today’s world, online payments mean more than just a simple transaction. For many, it may be their livelihood. With e-commerce becoming the new brick and mortar option, online payment transactions are more essential now than ever. That’s why InnoHosting, a managed dedicated hosting service, is committed to providing affordable custom hardware and software to fit your company’s needs. Whether you’re a small business and this is your first website, or you’re a large company looking for additional support, we have you covered. We’re ready to coordinate a plan to fit needs from basic to complex. Make sure to check out our variety of plans to learn more.

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