Business-Grade Hosting: A Starting Point

Consider business-grade hosting as the start of a new direction for your brand. Naturally, new companies want an impressive online debut, while veteran brands want to use “refresh” tactics to keep their name in the news. Professional website hosting can indeed jumpstart a new or fresh direction, but have you ever wondered how?

After all, the term “bad business” can apply to a number of wrong maneuvers. Among those mistakes is the act of choosing an online upgrade without first asking questions. InnoHosting was founded on this kind of notion: the client should know what they’re paying for. As a result, we’ve broken down what business-grade hosting means and how it can become the boost your brand’s been seeking.

Business Grade Hosting Numbers & You

The foundation of proper business-grade hosting is built on ever-growing numbers. After all, provided servers should be adjustable for whenever you gain new advertisers, product upgrades, and more general clients.

InnoHosting provides supercharged web hosting services that feature dynamic High-Speed RAID10 storage and Full KVM Virtualization. Our numbers boast up to 5,000 MB of web space and 200,000 MB bandwidth, along with free migrations and occasional special offers.

Allow us to host your website and you’ll gain a dedicated environment that features two main virtualization technologies: a container and full virtualization. As a result, you’ll experience site stability and reliability. Our branded hardware uses custom elements that are certified to work alongside multiple configurations via the phenomenal web server, Nginx.

For more questions about numbers and how they’ll help, get in touch with InnoHosting’s specialists. We’re always ready to answer any question you might have. Get the numbers straight from us. No complicated personal research needed.

cPanel & Other Business-Grade Hosting Advantages

Just because business-grade hosting does the heavy lifting for your brand doesn’t mean you should go without control options. Each server plan has an exclusive set of features, including cPanel control panel software, which simplifies server and web page management. As a result, your hosted site will be maintained at full capacity.  

Our digital experts value both quality and options. For example, most virtual servers are created with remote capabilities for the utmost control. You’ll be able to reboot servers remotely if the need ever arises. Not only this, but InnoHosting will accommodate optimized apps with pre-built OS templates and can install them remotely as well.

In effect, you’ll have options ready immediately as opposed to coming up with a solution on the fly. Our business-grade hosting services are ready for anything when it comes to server control, to the extent that you’ll always be in the loop regarding site performance.

No High-Risk Web Pages

The debut or refresh of a brand can go sour immediately if your pages are seen as high-risk. Not only does this affect your clientele base, but it also impacts possible investors. Poorly-run websites can send users to unwanted areas on the web or expose them to harmful virus attacks. Were these negatives to happen, your reputation would plummet because news spreads fast—especially when it’s bad news.

A functional business site needs constant protection against major vulnerabilities, such as XSS & SQL Injection attacks. As a way to achieve this, InnoHosting’s ActivGuard Security Suite scans for the latest malware and viruses using firewall tools that check for updates on a daily basis.

What about scenarios that no one anticipated? We believe in approaching any situation—even on the lower scale—with speed. Our server technicians were trained to handle any virtual assault with clear-headed responses. In addition, these specialists have years of experience, which is a benefit in cases where a scenario isn’t listed in the books.

Business-grade hosting makes for a great starting point because any possible risks will be addressed before harm is done. We offer Premier and Executive hosting plans to fit your business model. These plans include unlimited Mail accounts, a MySQL Database, and Webalizer. Head over to our website for a look at even more features.

business-grade hosting

Highlighting Website Content

As a business owner, you probably have site features in mind or ready to post. Personal blogs, convincing videos, and past-client testimonies are all proven tactics to draw customers in. While certainly useful, all of these are a waste of time if not properly supported or utilized.

It takes a professional web host to highlight website content in a way that goes beyond the initial buzz. Users will come across your content through various means, but unless your site itself complements the features, then longevity is in question. For instance, solid-state drives make for better loading times. SSDs feature lower latency and physical resistance.

InnoHosting employs SSDs to store persistent data while functioning as secondary storage. Better speeds mean users won’t lose patience waiting for content to load. This is the modern age—there is so much for potential clients to ingest. You’d be wrong to expect them to stick around if your site isn’t optimized for its own features.

Our business-grade hosting lets users access your site via mobile devices and tablets. Your blogs and videos will fill their screens without fail. You’ll be able to preview how web pages appear to clients, which in turn allows you to pick and choose the most effective features. Look at this as a team-up. Our specialists are your key to starting your brand off on the right foot.

Business-Grade Hosting

Business-grade hosting can start a new or fresh direction because every element of your site will be monitored 24/7. Our technicians have learned the best strategies and problem-solving methods to propel your brand forward. We deal in proactive handling of your project, with management continuing until the lifecycle ends.

Any time your customers need support, they’ll have live chat support, nationwide toll-free numbers, and user-friendly forums to consult. With InnoHosting, you’ll never have to worry about hidden charges, either. We keep payments organized via one easy monthly payment. Ultimately, your brand will be reflected in our business-grade hosting service. Ask us how we can become your starting point.

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