Best Managed Dedicated Hosting Services for #1 Companies

One common element of large companies is high-trafficked servers. This is especially true when the majority of customers deal with an online presence for transactions, as opposed to a physical location. Managed dedicated hosting services are one of the best server options for larger companies. Built to enhance the smallest component, a dedicated server features two main virtualization technologies: a container and full virtualization. These allow a web page to reach unparalleled stability and speed.

While virtualization tech alone is enough to give businesses an online advantage, the fact remains that our servers are crafted with several helpful components in mind. Custom builds and well-tested applications unlock new possibilities for online brands. Server technicians who spend years piecing together superior systems will tell you that there is no comparison.

The Numbers

Managed dedicated hosting services can be adjusted for growth. Even if your company is currently on a larger scale, the possibilities of online expansion should never be hindered by server limitations.

For this reason, a large company benefits from high bandwidth numbers. A good host gifts up to 250,000 MB for top speeds. Performance levels will rise no matter which configuration you prefer. InnoHosting can offer such high speeds and advantages because our specialists work with Nginx (one of the fastest-moving web servers available). Our hosting services will adjust to your gains: new advertisers, product releases, or general clients.

Besides brand progress, fast-working managed dedicated hosting services use Real BGP route optimization. This tech advancement is paired with direct links for a global market, including clients in China and Europe. Network carriers include Level 3, PCCW Global, and TiNet/Tiscali.

Call it what you will—numbers, specs, tallies. Smart design adds up to provide your company with a foolproof website. These details show the dedication that it takes to run a web page in an impressive way. Sign up today, and plan your company’s gains alongside our dedicated hosting services.

Custom Versatility

Special components allow managed dedicated hosting services to adapt to website demands. Custom builds require quality checks and improvements before a business employs them. Even better, your website will never be put in a guinea pig position. Mistakes should be dealt with before your site goes live. This development process sets a dedicated server apart from basic hosting services that rely on the same builds, even if certain sites are incompatible.

InnoHosting’s custom builds are flexible enough to accommodate any site design. Since server components are built by long-time technicians, you automatically save on the costs of errors or repairs. A universal setup is less personal and harder to fix. In addition, our veteran specialists know these builds inside and out. This knowledge allows them to go straight to the source for fixes. This way web page speeds won’t take a hit.

Versatility makes for better business because you can focus your attention elsewhere. No worries here as we monitor new upgrades, transaction speeds, and dedicated environments. Our support is full-time during a project.

InnoHosting is proud of our computer specialists and their hard work. We want your business to experience this for yourself. Our servers are PCI-compliant and user-friendly. Our servers store the majority of site performance records. This allows tech support to stay ahead of glitches and shortcomings, as well as to halt any recurring errors.


Choosing managed dedicated hosting services for your brand requires a blueprint. Just like any business decision, you want to understand how things work before you jump in. You need to weigh resources, time management, and payment plans. Server prices often change depending on industry standards. Clearly, you want the best deal you can get.

Plan on keeping host server payments monthly; this way you can change direction if need be. Avoid extra financial costs and plans that might degrade web page performance. InnoHosting doesn’t do shortcuts. We keep every cost under one monthly payment. As a result, your upgrades and brand direction are easy to review. We won’t punish your company growth by applying hidden charges or a cumbersome payment plan.

Additionally, any site migrations or additional web pages won’t affect speedy transactions as far as your clients are concerned. This means no delays or unfortunate surprises in your future if you use managed dedicated hosting services. At the end of the day, you’re planning with us to ensure the best outcome.

The Features

Hosting services might come with special features, but they’re not always pronounced or useful across platforms. In response, our services use necessary features, not ones that won’t serve a purpose for your company. As a large company owner or employee, you can attest to waste. Time wasting, resource wasting, and so forth are ultimately damaging.

However, features like detailed bandwidth logs serve a purpose. Error detection software and InnoHosting’s exclusive Webalizer gives you access to mandatory information that informs your brand tactics. In addition, servers utilize SMTP and IMAP, high-speed RAID10 storage, and full KVM virtualization.

Managed dedicated hosting services use supercharged features to give your website an electrifying boost over the competition. Ask us which features will best benefit your company’s directives.

managed dedicated hosting services

The Safety

All the hard work it takes to build a large company can disappear overnight if your website has lackluster security. Server management should increase client trust in your brand and appeal to possible investors. Basically, if a hosting service doesn’t improve upon your business model, then you might want to reconsider your options.

InnoHosting adorns your web pages with noticeable site seals. Visitors will notice this proof of safety whenever they land on your site. SSL certification informs clients that they are safe against viruses and data mining. This kind of guarantee breeds client loyalty, makes your brand appear professional, and eases your own state of mind.

Here’s the hard truth: visitors won’t return if data leaks make for a miserable experience. And it’s not just data leaks; poor performance and presentation can lead to this, too. InnoHosting’s SSL certificates include premium displays by using a “green bar” visual on visitor browsers. This level of encryption will keep customers content and protect your online presence from attacks.

The Best Managed Dedicated Hosting Services

Hardware and software performance hinges on strong design. These numbers, versatility, and other categories should answer any concerns you might have about utilizing a dedicated server.

Your brand is a top priority for our technicians at InnoHosting. We take our clients’ goals and make them ours. You need a server host that treats your brand with respect, and a helping hand to reach the best outcome. Let our managed dedicated hosting services boost your profile–start a plan with us today.

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