Why Major Business Owners Choose Superior Managed Dedicated Hosting Services

A business stays at the top if there is a dedication to detail. What sells, what doesn’t, what creates new client bases—this is information that propels an online venture to new heights. Still, this is a lot to handle even with a team of employees at the helm – unless you’ve invested in managed dedicated hosting services. A major business owner with a large clientele base can spend much of their time trying to funnel stats and reports. This kind of management doesn’t stop even when another company situation is critical.

Now consider juggling the above with the upkeep of your central online hub. Your entrepreneurial eye can’t keep up with the movement of social media trends and product demands when you’re worried about site crashes or stolen user data.

That’s why it’s important to choose your host wisely. In short, a business owner who’s in the know chooses managed dedicated hosting services for their web page representation. Here are some reasons to consider this type of service and its customized advantages.  

Global Presentation

The web page of a major business has its requirements, especially if you decide to take your brand global. Managed dedicated hosting services use Real BGP route optimization to accommodate site users in China and Europe. It’s a common—but vital—feature to offer clients uninterrupted transactions.

In turn, your business is well-positioned for a global debut, one that can be shaped over time with the right management. InnoHosting utilizes top carriers like PCCW Global to reach outside any given area of operation. Our software and hardware allow for custom design, build, and management for your complete hosting services. You have the option of supercharging your server if the tech specs don’t match global customer demands. Client needs cannot take a backseat when your company is establishing a bond with a new market. There’s a lot to lose if you’re not using managed dedicated hosting services.

Total Management

Supercharged servers can’t exist without proper hardware and software stability. Major business owners often choose a dedicated host because both of these components are managed via the best technology and quality systems. In fact, the total lifecycle of a project is monitored by InnoHosting specialists who document error and bandwidth statistics (both live and post-operation). Since InnoHosting uses exclusive custom components, these reports allow tech experts to diagnose issues quickly, with ready-to-deploy fixes. Ask us about our history with quick action solutions.

A managed dedicated hosting service plan gives you access to these reports. A dedicated environment runs on virtualization technologies containers and full virtualization, which offers advantages like Webalizer access, SMTP and IMAP, and dynamic high-speed RAID10 storage. InnoHosting’s server plans also feature KVM virtualization.

Not every business owner is an expert on virtual tech, so if you have questions or don’t completely understand the data we can give you a full rundown. InnoHosting is an extension of your IT department, not just a supplier. If you let us cover your infrastructure needs, you’ll save on the extra expenses of employing an outside management team (that you then have to manage as well). Rest assured, you’ll be able to see the improvements yourself and know you made the right choice for your company.

Better Security

Presenting your wares requires a display of safety. Clients want to know their money and passwords won’t disappear into the wrong hands. Strong encryption is proof of this, because your web page features an impenetrable wall between server and visitor. That is – if your brand uses a managed dedicated hosting service.

Customers come and go, especially if you overlook safety concerns. High-risk business sites damage reputations, often in irreparable ways. Customers won’t return if they are burned by bad processing or data leaks, and word of mouth travels faster than an urgent email. You don’t want your brand blocked like rudimentary spam.

InnoHosting promises server and data migrations without leaks or bad transfers. Our exclusive ActivGuard Security Suite shields companies against major vulnerabilities like XSS & SQL Injection attacks. This software employs on-demand scans and updates to match viruses, malware, and attacks. Our firewall tools are almost as experienced as our tech specialists. If there’s an issue, we’ll find it.

You can sell clients on safety with our organization-validated SSL certificates. This level of encryption comes with noticeable site seals that appear on crucial web pages. Many clients value a validated certificate, which helps to solidify trust for every business transaction. This is about presentation as much as it is real safety. Thankfully, our package plans include both.  

Total Server Support

The right support staff makes your web page run as it should. Business owners should expect around-the-clock support. In response, a managed dedicated hosting service delivers live chat and nationwide toll-free phone support. User forums let owners discuss their experiences and issues.

At InnoHosting, our veteran server experts take web hosting seriously, no matter the size of our client’s company. Subpar support can wreck your aspirations, which is why you want to stay away from “support” that leads to a dead-end business. This won’t be an issue with managed dedicated hosting services. InnoHosting wants to see your projects through to the end. We do so by actively waiting on standby, ready for any questions or dilemmas.

Why Managed Dedicated Hosting Services?

This is the aforementioned attention to detail. A managed dedicated hosting service features up to 5,000 MB of web space and 200,000 MB bandwidth. “Managed” also applies to e-mail hosting for keeping communication open and orderly. We capture the combination of specs that make your site run, and then we adjust each server to keep your web page tracking upwards.

If you’re switching over from a previous web hosting service, an engineer will configure the best approach for your brand. For inquiries on how managed dedicated hosting services can work for your brand, get in touch and let InnoHosting offer you our brand of dedication.

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