Why You Need a Dedicated SSL for Efficient Business Web Hosting

Expecting an online company to run smoothly on a daily basis is unrealistic. Veteran business owners will tell you that operation “needs” are not always obvious, which results in lost revenue and everyday progress. Poor decision-making when it comes to choosing webpage certification should be avoided. You want outstanding security and transaction convenience for anyone that comes across your site. User accounts and data should be safe once clients log into a webpage, because if a leak occurs they will find another shop to use.

One option for keeping transactions running without issue is to choose a dedicated Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for your site. An SSL encrypts communication between the web server and the web browser of the person accessing the site, while providing authentication for the shopper’s browser demands.

An SSL is a healthy ingredient for business longevity because it helps meet the everyday expectations of users, such as validity and security. Most customers will not keep your tab open if they feel they are at risk. But if you’re still not sure about choosing a dedicated SSL with your business web hosting, then here are some informative reasons for you to consider an upgrade.

Blocking Malicious Interceptions

We live in an age that depends on internet trade and livelihoods. Common sense dictates that criminal attempts to disrupt or steal will increase as more and more brand names move online, so the latest innovations in online safety are a concern for everyone. If you have a business to run, then you have to consider security for yourself and your client base.

An SSL blocks hackers and would-be thieves from accessing customer accounts. Any security breaches will result in nothing gained, as full-encryption allows decryption for the web site and no one else. Business web hosting that protects against damaging interceptions is certainly worth consideration. Contact InnoHosting and let us protect both your company’s owners and customers.

Domain and Organization Validation

A customer base will never grow in digits when a company presents itself as untrustworthy. An SSL verifies you as a domain owner and links you to the name on the email account that most subscribers will see (depending on your utilization of ad campaigns/email blasts). A site seal will reach clients who prefer a visual representation of trustworthiness. Your business site will benefit from extended validation that verifies your company’s legal, physical, and operational existence. Make your site more professional both on the surface and underneath. Clients will take notice and feel good about spending their time and money with you.

Budget SSL Certificates

InnoHosting offers budget SSL certification for low-trafficked sites that have a minimal number of transactions. For example, InstantSSL Pro or RapidSSL are certificates that provide secure domains for start-up ventures, local suppliers, and passion projects. Your company will have quality encryption between server and visitor; this way, any data sent to the webserver is pointed towards the intended target instead of a mimic server. A budget SSL can secure either a single domain or one of its subdomains. If you need to focus your company’s expenses on other avenues of business, then a budget SSL certificate is just right. While they’re affordable, they offer many of the main features that other SSL certificates offer for business web hosting services.

Premium SSL Certificates

Companies with higher clientele tend to require premium SSL certificates due to higher traffic and transaction numbers. Premium features like the green bar display visually illustrate the enhanced security of our business web hosting, which in turn increases consumer spending and trust. Such certifications will be easily recognizable and convince anyone on the fence about becoming a customer. Notable certification names include Secure Site Pro EV, Web Server EV, and TrueBusiness ID EV. Premium means not only recognizable quality, but also extended validation and high assurance. If you are a serious company owner, then consult InnoHosting to discover which premium name is the one you want on your site.

Wildcard Certificates

As the name suggests, wildcard certificates have several functions. For one, they can secure a domain and its subdomains without the need for multiple certificates, unlike standard or budget certificates. And like premium types, a level of authentication is performed automatically (via certificate authority) to ensure it is generated for its intended domain.

SSL for a Better Business Model

A range of SSL plans benefits a wider range of business models. If your company is small but growing, then your site needs certain specs. But there’s no need for a higher price point with unneeded features if they don’t fit your model. A larger company will require all the bells and whistles, while a medium-sized operation might see you land somewhere in-between.

Our ranges of premium SSL certificates are perfect for busy e-commerce sites and websites where consumer confidence is vital. All premium SSL certificates include the automatic display of a “green bar” on the visitors’ browser to emphasize the high level of security and validation performed. These certificates have been proven to increase consumer confidence.

InnoHosting provides your web page with site seals that add a professional shine to the interface design. A variety of features and plans will suit your business model. On top of the choice of SSL certificates, our business web hosting service can keep detailed logs of errors and bandwidth usage. Our exclusive Webalizer software gives you access to the information you need should you decide to increase your profile. Plans include both SMTP and IMAP. SSL certification lets visitors know they are safe to shop because your site is well-encrypted against viruses and data mining. Let InnoHosting help.

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