How to Start Your Reseller Hosting Business During a Pandemic

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting allows you to provide full hosting services for your clients. Advanced control panel software (like Web Host Manager) lets you manage created accounts. The provider of the hosting manages responsibilities like backing up data, installing new applications, and security concerns. These are all taken care of if your business uses affordable reseller hosting.

We’ve now established that the smaller details are covered by most providers, but if you plan on starting a reseller hosting business during the era of social distancing, what about the responsibilities that you will face to keep a brand alive? Here are a few things you should know.

Know How to Talk to Your Audience

Audience—or client—connection is more important than it has ever been. For most entrepreneurs, a pandemic is an unknown when applied to business results and factors. There is a definite change with how business owners must address their customer base. For instance, using personal blogs to hook new clients still works, but only if their concerns are addressed with honesty. Your advertising campaigns cannot proceed as usual with the same results, and it would be foolish to think otherwise.

The home bases of your reseller hosting clientele must be re-evaluated. Is the area more urban, or less so, and which are more prone to security issues? Are locally-owned online business sales up or down due to the pandemic?

Do your research, and then be upfront with your target audience. They obviously know how chaotic their industry is, so any attempt to pretend otherwise could seem disingenuous. Reach out to them using social media you haven’t tried before. Do this in a way that shows an understanding of their concerns, and you will stand out next to the blunt, aggressive tactics that other companies use. It’s a fact that social distancing has increased online usage in every community. Your company should find their way in, and offer reseller hosting that seems attainable.

Build a Company Profile

If you choose a competent reseller hosting provider, then you can rely on their reputation. Customers want to know they are hosted by professionals. Therefore your brand must make any hosting service advantages known so that your company profile grows by proxy. If your brand becomes know for switching providers due to a bad choice then any stability or goodwill you’ve built is immediately back to zero.

A company profile isn’t difficult to build, but maintaining it is another story. Present your services as unbeatable because you have the best managed dedicated hosting services under your umbrella. With InnoHosting, we provide reseller hosting that has its own reputation for quality and options. Each account you create comes with its own set of features, one of those being the cPanel control panel software. Your company will be able to brand those control panels while managing every created account with ease. If you are still uncertain, check with us for an estimate or more details.

Back Up Your Brand with Power

Business hosting should openly run on enough power to gain the trust of investors and clients. Branded hardware should stand up to multiple configurations. Servers should be supercharged to impress your clients—both in capability and dedication to service. In order for your reseller hosting business to begin growing, your target customers should have confidence in knowing that their websites will load fast. Their transactions should execute without lagging or confusion. If a payment needs to be sent twice because of bogged-down servers, then your brand is going to suffer.

Be selective and demanding of your hosting provider. If they can deliver pure raw power to your web services, then you will have an immediate advantage. InnoHosting’s web services are coupled with Nginx, one of the predominant servers in the world. You can be confident in knowing your clients’ websites won’t stall.

Research Affordable Reseller Hosting

Starting a reseller hosting business amidst such a chaotic time is a bold decision to make, but that’s what business ventures are all about. A start-up lives and dies on how it interacts with trends and cultural wants, not just its wares. Thorough research should direct you towards a server hosting provider with 24x7x365 offsite support desk and powerful servers. Their staff should be easy to work with and void of bad attitudes if you find yourself in a jam, or just uncertain about a tech issue.

You can do the research, or you can speak to the friendly experts at InnoHosting who will tell you upfront: we offer all the above. Our features are unmatched by other hosting services, and we can equip you with every solution needed to build your profile and communicate with your audience on a personal but professional level.

We offer Premier and Executive plans as low as $33.95, with unlimited Mail accounts and a MySQL Database. No matter which plans you choose, each one includes AWStats, Webalizer, and logs for Bandwidth usage.

This is just a sample of InnoHosting’s featured plans. We can set up a steady monthly payment so you can better serve customers without checking the finances constantly. Let us help you dash ahead into success.

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