7 Tips for Choosing Between Server Types

Since an online company cannot exist without a workable server, understanding server types for your business is vital to growth and expansion. Your customers will expect your transactions and services to run smoothly, or chances are they will look elsewhere. Shopping for a new server during a busy work season can derail focus, so you want to start things off on the right foot. Here are 7 tips to help you decide on a server, along with their package deal specifics you should consider to make your business skyrocket.  

Shop Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are popular among forward-thinking businesses due to the ever-changing model and convenience. This type of server often gives you Full Root access to its stored contents. Migrations for data centers pose no problem thanks to quality standard procedures. Virtual servers communicate with each other using the same software resources, which makes for better infrastructure.

If you’re leaning towards choosing a virtual server, be sure to ask about its remote capabilities. Most modern virtual servers can be rebooted remotely or even have your preferred OS reinstalled in this manner. If this type of server sounds appealing, keep in mind that InnoHosting includes ready-made OS Templates to accommodate your optimized apps.

Shop Dedicated Servers

For stability, a dedicated server might meet your needs. This type is typically PCI compliant and user-friendly. Using a container and full virtualization, the server’s dedicated environment fits perfectly with a company that’s making waves in its industry. A dedicated server can be adjusted to meet your requirements, and upgrades are always an option. You should be able to step away from your server without worry, especially when your attention is needed elsewhere. This type of server should allow you to do that without guilt or worry, especially if your service provider is equipped to offer the best care around the clock.

InnoHosting custom-builds our dedicated servers using components that have passed every quality check. If anything was ever to go wrong, our veteran tech experts will know right where to look thanks to experience, pre-determined requirements, and project management.

Online Safety for Server Types

Choose a server that will keep your assets safe. The best online protection should feature on-demand support for any level of risk, known or unknown. If the situation is a code red, then quick action is required. If the situation is unknown but looks bad, that same speedy response should be expected for any type of server. Don’t choose a plan that only offers half the security just to save a few bucks. You never know when the latest virus or hack might bore its way into the sensitive areas of your company’s information database. The last thing you want is a security leak that damages your reputation.

InnoHosting doesn’t believe in half-measures. We provide strong encryption with a sturdy wall between server & visitor at all times. Our server types are suitable for low volume transactions and basic secure login areas. We use organization-validated SSL certificates to show the level of encryption for all to see via a site seal that will catch the eyes of anyone browsing your page. Your customers will take note of these validated certificates, which is a great way to build up your trust with the customer base. You’ll appear legitimate without question, so users will be much more willing to trade currency, or just interact in general with the site’s features. Ultimately, the idea is to provide you with a choice of servers that already have the basics covered. Online safety should be part of the package, not an extra add-on.

Check Tech Support Levels

Even if you are using a server that boasts all the latest technological advancements, the fact remains that if the provider fails at basic tech support, then it is all for naught. Efficiency is what you expect from your employees, and they can’t be at the top of their game without a reliable server. Check for toll-free contact numbers and live chat options. Some server providers use homegrown forums as a way to pounce on widespread issues that members report. Support should be available at all hours because you never know when a server could malfunction. Some server types are built for quick fixes via remote service (virtual servers, for instance), but it’s smart to get a feel for how dedicated the support is for your chosen server. Without experienced staff members to monitor the server, things could go wrong.

Check Price Points

The old cliché “You have to spend money to make money” is unfortunately true, but wise company owners should be aware of how much they need to spend to come out on top. Industry-level prices for servers can vary, so don’t make the mistake of going with the first plan you are offered. Look for types of servers that include a range of plans. If you can find a provider that organizes your bill into a monthly payment, that’s a solid start. InnoHosting offers supercharged server choices under a range of plans, with convenience as a key element. Hidden charges should be avoided to keep your company on the upward trek.

Each of our server plans includes Webalizer access, SMTP and IMAP, plus error and bandwidth usage logs. If you gather your business under the InnoHosting umbrella, we promise fast and competent solutions to keep your online presence thriving instead of watered-down. Regardless of your choice of virtual or dedicated, your server will be configured and optimized for meeting the highest order of expectations. All of this comes with our promise of security and tech support over the course of your plan.

If you are still unsure about which type of server to choose, get in touch with InnoHosting. We can cover each plan in an in-depth way, evaluate the best server for your company, and help you set up no-hassle monthly payment. At the end of the day you have a business, and you need a server. Let us help.

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