Everything You Need to Know about Virtual Servers

With so many online businesses popping up, complete solutions for virtual servers are a must. InnoHosting is at the forefront of this increased internet presence. We run on integrity, with a loyal team of industry experts. Innovation is our middle name, and we’re out to build your hosting experience with only the finest tools. For virtual servers, you want the established folks, not the rookies – or the burn-outs, for that matter. We’ve kept our prices low while maintaining our certified standards. We stay on top of things so that you can focus on your business. We stand by our complete project lifecycle management plan, with comprehensive server monitoring that includes both hardware and software services.

With this kind of proactive management, what else do you need to know about choosing a Virtual Server? If you’re not convinced, don’t worry. Keep reading to learn the exact ways InnoHosting provides the top virtual servers on the market today.

Virtual Servers And Their Key Features

Our priorities include staying up-to-date and letting you witness the growth. Be assured that we do not rely on outdated standards. Instead, we seek further solutions, the proper advancements that the industry needs in order to thrive. Our value-added products foster and perfect the hosting experience for customers. For example, you have Full Root access to every uploaded file on the server. Ready-Made OS Templates suit your favorite distros and optimized apps. If you need to carry over an old server or data center, such migrations will not pose a challenge.

We even manage your email hosting. More importantly, we are equipped to maintain your virtual servers via remote support. Remote capabilities are key for any business server, especially after a boom period. We offer long-distance rebooting and (re)installation for your chosen OS, no matter where you are. Best of all, our services come at a price below industry-level expenses, with every impressive feature intact. We’re not here to bleed you dry with multiple charges or tacked-on, unwanted features.

Managed Dedicated Virtual Services

With InnoHosting, you can tweak and adjust your dedicated servers to meet any requirement your business might have. Both container and full virtualization gives you a dedicated environment. Using these two main virtualization technologies, your business is in good hands. Stability is not the only perk; a bevy of user-friendly advantages will keep your servers at the top of their game and PCI-compliant. As your career needs change or grow, our specialists will help you adjust each server. We’ll help with security planning. Contact InnoHosting, and an engineer will determine your needs, then recommend what best serves you and your company.

Power On Demand

To meet your server demands, InnoHosting deploys only high-grade systems to ensure your websites arrive on the screen with no long wait times. Your database transactions will execute instantly, so a completed process is exactly what it sounds like. A strong virtual server is a company advertisement in itself.

You can scale server intensity as your needs change, too, without any complicated pricing. At InnoHosting, we pride ourselves on the lack of micro-transaction features. We offer one monthly payment, with high-speed RAID10 storage and Full KVM Virtualization. Every part of our process is configured and optimized for delivering truly on-demand solutions for you.

Advanced Server Management

InnoHosting is known for quality advanced server management. We work to create smooth sailing for our customers. Our specialists are ready to handle any mishap and to prioritize a proper restart. After all, full stability requires proactive steps, which we will document along the way for you to observe.

Quality systems must be utilized to successfully host a business. Managed servers are a promise from InnoHosting, not a perk. We will design, build, and manage your complete hosting services. From requirements gathering to project management, you can rest your frustrations on our been-there-done-that history. Your personal InnoHosting exists as an extension of your IT department. We aim to meet infrastructure needs, and you won’t have to worry about making time to manage our team.

The Next Step For Virtual Server Gains

At the end of the day, our goal is to ease your business worries. No more early morning emergency calls with no idea where to begin. You will save time and money by relying on our staff instead of going through a painful hiring process. InnoHosting lets you focus on other areas of the business, which allows you to create positive results. We will manage your infrastructure with efficiency, and without sloppy work that a smaller company might be guilty of.

Instead, we’ll keep track of your virtual servers. Our customers expect no-nonsense responsibility and excellence, and we expect the same. Your standards are our standards, which is why past customers will attest to our contributions. InnoHosting’s dedicated servers are custom-built, tested, and true to their top-quality components.

To order a dedicated server or managed hosting service, get in touch with us today. Bring your requirements, and we’ll draw up a free no-obligation quote for you.

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