4 Ways You Can Turn Your Old Computer Into A Money Making Machine

If you have an old computer that’s destined for the recycling bin, don’t throw it in just yet. You might be surprised to know that there are a lot of different ways to re-purpose it. As a matter of fact, your old computer can be used to make or save money. While the temptation might be to resell the device for a little extra cash, there are other uses that can keep your company in the black.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at four ways that you can reuse your old computer. We’ll take a special look at how to revitalize your business hosting with cPanel.

How Does Business Hosting With cPanel Work?

It’s important to understand exactly how cPanel works. cPanel is a Linux-based control panel system that allows administrators and users to manage a computer network. These control panels are designed to be easy to use for a variety of purposes. Of course, the solutions that we discuss going forward should be considered carefully as you move forward in changing your business for the better.

Business Hosting With cPanel Tip #1: Automation 

When it comes to utilizing an old computer for cPanel, one use involves simplifying automated web-based processes. Automation can take the guess factor out of updates, patches, and other tedious tasks. This process allows files to be created, updated, secured, and managed effectively, without any extra activity from members of your organization. Additionally, automation allows for security features like threat scans and password access systems to operate effortlessly.

For example, automation makes it possible for smaller organizations to schedule difficult tasks when network activity will be lighter. This can be particularly helpful for system scans and security patches because users won’t be booted from the system. It also makes it possible for diagnostics to detect potential problems before they become real ones.

Business Hosting With cPanel Tip #2: Scalability of Services

The second way to utilize an old computer for cPanel that we’ll discuss today involves scalability. Scalability is the ability for something to be increased or decreased depending on needs. This is important because it will allow smaller businesses to manage costs effectively while also allowing bigger businesses to maximize their resources accordingly. Using an old computer to run your control panel suite will allow on demand analytics to be used at any time to determine usage. When you know usage, you can adapt to what is needed, whether it is more or less.

For example, scalability can guide smaller organizations as far as when to invest in growth and when to dial back usage. If an older computer is used to run control panel applications, the immediate use of analytics can guide your leadership team towards expansion opportunities. It will also allow your team to better understand how to improve the customer and the employee experiences as applicable.

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Business Hosting With cPanel Tip #3: Improved Speed of Data

According to Web Hosting Insider, Speed is crucial for clients and providers alike. By a rough estimate, the US economy loses around $500 million every year because of slow websites. There’s no reason to risk extensive losses when you can turn an old computer into an enhancement to your business.

The third concept about cPanel that can be used with an old computer involves the speed of data access and retrieval No matter what type of business you’re operating or what kind of data you are utilizing, being able to get to it quickly can mean the difference between being a success or a failure. Depending on how your company uses data, the types of data that you need will differ, as will the speeds.

If your primary use of data is for your team to work either in the office or at home, your speed needs will likely be lower. If your primary data needs involve exchanges with customers or the use of audio/video content, your speed needs will tend to be higher. If you aren’t monitoring the types of data being used, your team would benefit from ongoing reporting. It would be the difference between happy and unhappy users.

Business Hosting With cPanel Tip #4: Adding Additional Disk Space and Bandwidth

The fourth concept relating cPanel and your old computer should be the most cost effective option: adding to your company storage space and web bandwidth. Assuming that the old computer is still in good working order, it can be reformatted for more physical or virtual space. 

This option will also depend on the ways that your company uses data. If your company focuses on written content, this might not be an option that you’ll find beneficial. If your company maintains a strong internet presence or uses a website to do business, adding additional storage and bandwidth can assist you during busy time periods. As with all the options you’ve reviewed today, it is up to your organization to determine how to best use them. 

Ready to Make Money From Your Old Computer? Contact InnoHosting

Now that you’ve learned about four ways to reuse your old computer for cPanel, it’s time to take a look at how InnoHosting can be a part of that process. As you’ve seen, businesses have a variety of ways to benefit from actively using a control panel platform. No matter the size of your company, cPanel has ways to enhance your employee and customer experiences.

InnoHosting can help build a unique solution for your organization. We will find a way to improve your business technology usage. When you’re ready to take a leap, contact us today! We will work hard to innovate how your team does business.

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