Why Personal Servers Are Obsolete

Business owners make a lot of choices. In the digital age, one of those choices is whether or not to use a personal web server. More and more often, though, these business owners are rejecting personal servers in favor of hosted servers. Between affordable reseller hosting and all of the options that come from hosted servers, there just aren’t many reasons to stick with personal servers these days. 

Personal servers are becoming more obsolete every day. Here are just some of the reasons why. 

Business Owners Don’t Have Time for Internet Troubleshooting 

This generation of business owners is more entrepreneurial than many of previous generations. Small business has gained a major foothold, and startup companies keep coming out of the woodwork. 

Personal servers may work for some large, older corporations, but when it comes to today’s most exciting businesses, affordable reseller hosting provides a better choice. Why? Because that entrepreneurial spirit we mentioned earlier requires a lot of energy. 

Today’s business owners take on a lot of roles. They have to jump between tasks quickly, make sure that everything is up to date, and provide the best possible service for their customers. 

This means that they don’t have time for internet troubleshooting. If something goes wrong with a personal server, the owner doesn’t have many options. They’ll have to figure it out on their own, a process that takes valuable time and energy away from the businesses themselves. 

On the other hand, if a business owner takes care of their internet needs through affordable reseller hosting, they have all the support they need to keep things running smoothly. This way, they can keep their focus where it matters. 

Personal Servers Don’t Provide Scalability 

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Today’s businesses have a lot of needs, and one of them is scalability. In other words, businesses need resources that can grow with them. While affordable reseller hosting provides that scalability, personal servers do not. 

A personal server often provides far too much or too little space, but it doesn’t grow with a business’s needs. With a hosted server, a business owner can get exactly what they need without having to make any of those adjustments on their own. 

More Bulk and Less Space 

Personal servers take up a lot of space. Again, this is fine for a few businesses. However, most business owners these days don’t have the space to dedicate to a personal server. It’s just not how most businesses these days work. Thanks to affordable reseller hosting, though, business owners don’t have to make space for bulky servers. 

Risk Free Decision Making 

Once a business owner buys a personal server, they’re more or less stuck with it. Before buying a personal server, a person should be very sure that this is the decision they want to make, because it’s not a commitment that they can reverse easily. Even when a person can return a personal server, doing so is far from an easy task. As we already established, personal servers are bulky and not easy to move. 

But what if a business owner goes through someone who chooses affordable reseller hosting instead? In that case, they’ll likely have the option of risk-free decision making. Things like money back guarantees, easy returns, and penalty-free options make third-party hosting a no-brainer. 

Performance and Reliability 

Third party hosting – especially from InnoHosting – comes with high performance and reliability. Any business with an internet presence is going to need reliable uptimes, and InnoHosting is here to provide that and much more. Third-party resellers who choose InnoHosting can rest assured that they’re providing an excellent product. Meanwhile, end users can rest assured that they’re getting the service that they need so that they can keep their businesses up and running without all of the pitfalls that come from personal servers. 

It’s All About Speed 

Reseller hosting services are getting faster and faster, and for business owners, that matters. Web speed can make or break a business with an online presence. That’s because internet users don’t have a lot of patience for slow load times these days. If a web page loads slowly, users will click away from it and go straight to pages that can load more quickly. 

Not only does this harm businesses in the short term, it can also impact their long-term internet success. The faster people click away from a web page, the worse that web page’s SEO will perform. In other words, having a fast hosting service can help a business rank better in the search engines. 

The Evolution of Privacy and Security 

If personal servers have so many downsides, then why do people still choose them over third-party hosting? The decision usually boils down to privacy and security. However, since the technology has evolved, reseller hosting also offers excellent privacy and security along with all of the other benefits listed above. With excellent encryption, password protection, disaster-protected servers, and other measures, hosted servers provide the security that business owners need. That’s why those who choose affordable reseller hosting can emphasize privacy and security as they gain new clients. 

Affordable Reseller Hosting 

Finally, affordable reseller hosting is just that: affordable. Running a business can come with a lot of overhead costs, and personal servers are expensive. The cheapest ones can cost hundreds of dollars, and the most expensive ones can cost thousands. That’s a lot of money to spend upfront, especially for SMB owners. On the other hand, the low monthly fees that come from reseller hosting are much more manageable, especially for businesses that have a lot of other costs. 

Affordable Reseller Hosting with InnoHosting 

Personal servers are obsolete, which means that people need other hosting options. Are you ready to help meet those needs while making your own living in the process? If you’re looking for affordable reseller hosting, then take a look at InnoHosting. We offer affordable reseller options along with support for both you and your own hosting clients. 

You want to offer an excellent product, and that’s exactly where we come in. We take care of all of the tough parts so that you can just focus on running your business. Contact us now to get started. Our team is ready to answer any questions that you may have. 

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