Why Working from Home Is No Longer a Pipe Dream

Working from home isn’t a pipe dream anymore. As a matter of fact, for most people these days, it’s a necessity. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, though, we’ve often fielded questions from those who want to work from home. InnoHosting offers affordable reseller hosting options, and a lot of our clients who seek these options want to work from home on a regular basis. Is working from home an option for you? It could be. In fact, it may be a more accessible option than you realize, and here are some of the reasons why. 

Internet Business Means More Work from Home Options 

Today, the business world lends itself to remote work because a lot of that world exists online. Nearly every business has a website now. At the very least, most businesses have some sort of online presence. Online business presence goes deeper than that, though. As a matter of fact, some businesses exist entirely online. For us, the most relevant example comes from affordable reseller hosting. The reseller hosting business exists entirely online for the resellers themselves. This means, of course, that resellers can work from anywhere, including from their homes. With these types of businesses, as long as one has a good internet connection, one can work from anywhere, including the living room. 

A Stronger Online Presence Means More Online Workers 

Once upon a time, online work was an interesting option for just a few people. For that matter, those people needed to be tech wizards to make their jobs work. Things work a bit differently now. Now, the economy doesn’t just benefit from online workers; it needs them. 

Today’s businesses couldn’t exist without people who can handle their online needs. That includes hosting, but there are all kinds of jobs that exist almost entirely in the virtual arena. With more demand comes more job opportunities, and like we said above, those who work online can work from almost anywhere. If you do your work online and your home has internet, then you can absolutely work from home. 

Social Media Means Remote Marketing 

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For those who work online, a large portion of that work often involves marketing. Most of that marketing will, of course, exist over the internet. Whether you choose affordable reseller hosting or a different online business, you’ll likely devote a lot of your time and attention to catching the public’s eye online. For a strong online marketing presence, you’ll need social media marketing, SEO-friendly web copy, and other marketing options such as blogging and PPC ads. 

Again, though, the point is that you’ll be doing a lot of this marketing online, which means that you can implement your marketing ideas at home. As a matter of fact, the home is often the best place to come up with marketing ideas. Working from home gives you a sense of freedom and comfort that you don’t get from working in an office, which often means more room for creativity to flow. Often, people come up with their best ideas when they have the freedom to be fully themselves. 

We’ve Become Better at Remote Communication 

By this point, most of us have had plenty of time to see how remote work takes place. As a result, businesses have gotten better at remote communication. We’ve all had to sit through a meeting that could just as easily have been a few email bullet points. Now, after some trial and error of figuring out how it all works, many businesses have embraced online communication. Communication has become more brief and straightforward, and a lot of people have settled into the dynamic well. 

Finding a Niche Doesn’t Mean Years of Study 

Let’s get back to the affordable reseller hosting example because that’s the type of online work that we can help you start. Getting a reseller account, like a lot of other online work, is relatively simple. Now, we’re not going to downplay the type of hard work and creativity it takes to start a successful hosting business. However, we will point out that working in this type of business used to take years of study and intense computer knowledge. 

Now, when you purchase a reseller account, we can take care of most of the technicalities on our end. Your job is to set up a strong marketing presence and get your business where it needs to go. Will you have to put in a lot of work? Yes. Can you do that work from home? Again, the answer is yes. 

Businesses Are Realizing the Value of Working from Home 

Once the pandemic has passed and businesses begin to reopen, we’ll probably still have more people working at home than we saw before the pandemic started. Why? Part of the reason is because some people really enjoy working from home and want to continue doing that kind of work. 

The other part of the reason is because business owners are starting to realize the value of remote work. Some people really do work better from their homes than they do from their offices. While some need the change in environment, others are more productive when they don’t have to deal with traffic, small talk, and getting settled into the office. Business owners will want to keep the newfound productivity, and as a result, many will likely embrace working from home as a viable option for some employees. 

Affordable Reseller Hosting 

Are you ready to embrace working from home with affordable reseller hosting? Then let InnoHosting help you get started. We offer some of the most affordable reseller hosting accounts so that you can run your online business from anywhere you get a good internet connection. We provide all the nuts and bolts so that you can provide quality hosting services for your clients. From standard hosting to semi-dedicated hosting, we have everything you need from start to finish. Take a look at your reseller hosting account options now. Options start as low as $16.95 per month.

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