What Are Subdomains and How Can They Improve Traffic to Your Website?

For a website to succeed in today’s market, it needs enough traffic to survive. Indeed, traffic can add legitimacy to your site as well as generate ad revenue. Also, if you are an online shop, bringing traffic to your website is the only way for your company to make money. There are many methods and programs you can use to increase traffic. However, one of the more successful ways to increase traffic is to have a variety of subdomains. In this article, we will discuss what subdomains are. Also, we will talk about how they can increase your traffic as well as how business hosting with cPanel can help you.

What Are Subdomains?

Before we begin, we need to discuss the importance of the Domain Name System. The Domain Name System or DNS is the program responsible for making browsing the internet a breeze. Without the DNS, going to a website would involve you typing a series of numbers and dashes to access the domain.

A subdomain is a method for users to access different areas of your website. For example, you can separate your blog from your main website by making a subdomain for your blog. While subdomains are directly linked to your primary domain, Google and other search engines treat them differently. With regard to SEO, search engines separate your subdomains from your primary domain. To put it in another way, if you optimize your blog for SEO, it will not affect your primary domain. However, there are many benefits to having a variety of subdomains for your website.

Make Websites for a Variety of Users

If you are a business or organization that has a global reach, you will benefit from using subdomains. A useful way to utilize a subdomain is if you need to change the language and content of your website for different regions. Also, having a separate subdomain for every region will reduce confusion for your international users and therefore create more traffic.

Create a More Optimized Mobile Site

A massive headache for web developers is creating a website that runs well for both desktop and mobile users. Creating a subdomain for your mobile website will allow you to focus on making the best mobile experience without messing up your desktop website. Also, users will appreciate the ease of using your website on their phone therefore generating more traffic for your website.

Making a Subdomain for Your Shop/Blog

Many websites use subdomains to separate their shops or blogs from the main website. Blogs and e-commerce stores can use up a lot of data and disk space. Indeed, the amount of programs required to make an e-commerce store run successfully is overwhelming. Separating your e-commerce or blog into a subdomain will allow you to separate the data and disk space use from your main website. Also, having your blog or e-commerce store on a subdomain will make it easier for users to access.

How Business Hosting with cPanel Can Help You

Managing your website can be difficult even for the computer savvy individuals among us. Business hosting with cPanel powered by InnoHosting provides useful tools to make operating your website more accessible. First, InnoHosting provides industry-leading hosting technology so you can rest easy knowing the best hosting technology controls your website. Next, cPanel provides useful tools that make creating and managing subdomains simple. Go to our website at InnoHosting today and learn how business hosting with cPanel can save you time and money.

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