What SSL Is and How It Affects Your Website

You can never be too safe when it comes to security on the internet. Indeed, the amount of data that is transferred around the internet is increasing daily. If you want to start a reselling hosting business or run a website, you need to provide the best in security. This security will allow your consumers to feel safe when they conduct business on your websites. SSL and SSL certificates are great solutions if you are looking to add a layer of security to your website. In this article, we will go over basic terminology so you understand what SSL is and what it does. Also, we will discuss why SSL is essential in this day and age, as well as how things, like managed dedicated hosting services, can provide the best in security.

What Is SSL?

Over the past decade, SSL has become the backbone of internet security. To put it simply, SSL protects your data as it’s in transit from your computer to the server that is hosting the website. SSL achieves this goal by encrypting your data while it is in transit to the hosting server. Also, SSL certificates are essential when it comes to securing your user’s data. SSL certificates are small data files that contain an encrypted key that can unlock encrypted data when it reaches its destination. Finally, it is important to note that SSL should not be the only form of security for your website. The reason behind this is that once the user’s data reaches the server, SSL stops protecting it.

Why Should You Care about SSL?

In today’s culture, internet security is the highest priority for individuals interested in forming their own website. The reason for this is incidents involving hacking and data theft have exploded in the last several years. Indeed, you can’t turn on the news without hearing about how another website had all their data leaked and stolen. With all of this, consumers are wary of which websites they choose to conduct business. When you provide SSL security for your customers, you are telling them that you are taking the extra step of protecting their data. Here at InnoHosting, we provide dozens of options for SSL certificates; these can range from $14 to $1,200 depending on your needs. Also, we offer free SSL certificates with particular hosting or reseller hosting plans.

How Managed Dedicated Hosting Services Can Provide the Security You Need 

It is important to note that you should not rely solely on SSL for the security of your website. SSL can only protect your customer’s data while it is in transit. Once it is on your server, you will need to provide another layer of security. With managed dedicated hostings services powered by InnoHosting, you will get the very best in security. We take the headache out of maintaining your own server’s security by providing industry-leading protection on the servers we host for you. Come to InnoHosting today and learn how SSL and managed dedicated hosting services can give you and your customers the best security.

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