How Much Bandwidth Do You Need for Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is an excellent way to make a profit while at the same time growing your personal brand. However, for people new to reseller hosting, it can become confusing and challenging to figure out the exact features that you will need. Terms like bandwidth and disk space are thrown continuously around to show off reseller hosting. What is bandwidth? How will it make my hosting website better? All of these are important questions that we will answer today. It is possible to get affordable reseller hosting without all the complications of having to host websites yourself.

What Is Bandwidth?

To begin, we need to go over some basic definitions that will come into play while you are shopping around for reseller hosting. Bandwidth is a term used to describe the maximum amount of data that transfers via the internet. In laymen terms, bandwidth determines how fast people can access content on your website and also the types of content you can reasonably put on your website.

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need?

To answer the question of how much bandwidth you need, you must first ask yourself what kind of hosting service you want to run. In simple terms, the more you want your websites to do, the more bandwidth you will need.

First, if you want to provide a hosting service that caters to bloggers and other text-based websites, you will not need very much bandwidth at all. Here at InnoHosting, we offer the Standard plan for people that want an affordable reseller hosting service. In detail, you will receive two hundred GB of bandwidth, which is more than enough if all you want on your service is blog and other text-based websites. Also, you will have the ability to host twenty-five websites all for the low price of $16.95 a month.

Second, if you want to create a network of online shops, you will need more bandwidth. Websites running online shopping carts and virtual payment services can quickly eat away bandwidth. For our customers wanting to offer these services to clients, we have provided the Executive reseller plan. Offering six hundred GB for up to 150 websites, you will never have to worry about running out of bandwidth for your online shops. This affordable reseller hosting plan costs $33.95 a month when you purchase a year of service.

Finally, if you want to host artistic portfolios or videos, you will need as much bandwidth as you can get. High- resolution images or videos are the most demanding pieces of content on the internet. For the hardcore customer, we at InnoHosting are providing the Semi-Dedicated reseller hosting plan. With over three TB of bandwidth and up to five hundred websites, you will be able to build a virtual empire around your brand. However, all of this power comes at a cost; the Semi-Dedicated plan costs $84.95 a month.

Affordable Reseller Hosting Is Within Your Grasp 

No matter what plan you need for your hosting service, make sure you are rehosting with the best. Here at Innohosting, we provide industry-leading technology and services, all while offering affordable reseller hosting plans. Go to InnoHosting today and find out what you need to start your hosting service finally.

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