Which Web Hosting Package Is Right for Me?

The world of web hosting is an intimidating one, especially if you are not well versed in technology. Indeed, there is basic web hosting, e-commerce hosting, and reseller hosting. Here at InnoHosting, we understand and sympathize that the world of web hosting is overwhelming. That is why we offer the very best web hosting in all categories, so whatever package you choose will be the best. In this article, we will go over a few of the options we offer in web hosting so you can make an informed decision for yourself and/or your business.

Basic Web Hosting 

To begin, if you have or want to run a simple website like a blog, you don’t need the most advanced web hosting package. Hosting a blog requires very little webspace or bandwidth. You don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars a year, paying for an excessive amount of webspace or other features you don’t need. For this reason, we provide packages that give you what you need and nothing more. Our Inno1000 gives you more than enough webspace and bandwidth to run a small to medium blog website. Also, you will receive several of our award-winning features, all for $4.25 a month.

E-Commerce Web Hosting 

Running an online store requires a little more firepower with your web hosting. Not only will you need a significant amount of webspace and bandwidth. You will also need more advanced security features to run a successful online shop. Here at InnoHosting, we have designed a web hosting package that is specifically intended for E-Commerce. You will receive 10,000 MB of webspace alongside 250,000 MB of bandwidth. Also, you will receive over forty email accounts for your employees as well as dedicated SSL to help protect your website.

Reseller Hosting 

If you are more interested in becoming your own hosting service, then our reseller hosting packages are going to be your best bet. Here at InnoHosting, we take out all the headaches and heavy lifting that comes with running a hosting service. If you sign up for our base reseller hosting package, you will receive a mass amount of cloud server space, 40 GB of SSD Webspace, and 200 GB of bandwidth. Also, you will have the ability to host 25 websites, have unlimited email addresses, and have access to advanced security features. The standard reseller hosting package starts at $17 a month and can go all the way to $85 a month.

InnoHosting Works for You 

No matter your web hosting needs or package you choose, you must do business with a service that will work for you. Here at InnoHosting, we provide industry-leading services at competitive prices. We guarantee an uptime of your websites of 99.9%, which means you can rest easy knowing your website is up at all times. Also, we provide a sixteen-day money-back guarantee as well as 24/7 customer service for all your questions. Head over to our website to learn about our services and choose the right package for you.

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