What is ActivGuard Security and Why Do You Need It?

Meet ActivGuard Security. Technology is the center of our modern world. This means that it’s vital for those who use computer systems of any kind to be diligent about cybersecurity threats. These threats are everywhere. Hackers, scammers, and other malicious online individuals have become more adept at finding new ways to steal, alter, and destroy …

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3 Functions of Dedicated Servers at InnoHosting

Investing in an InnoHosting dedicated server is a wise choice for your business. Dedicated hosting platforms have multiple functions that drastically improve your daily business operations. Finding the right server system is simple. We are here to answer all of your questions, direct you to further resources, and help pair you with the right dedicated …

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What is the Biggest Security Mistake Your Business Might Be Making?

When it comes to your business and security protocols, effective measures are critical. Without accurate security systems and protocols in place, your business could be at risk of massive security issues. Issues like data breaches or attacks due to malicious online threats can happen to anyone. Even with these systems in place, nobody is entirely …

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Why SSL Validations Are a Wise Investment This Year

Obtaining an SSL validation is a wise investment this year. An SSL certification is just one of many important aspects for website builders to consider. If you are a business owner, it should be quite evident that an SSL validation can make a major difference in your online business presence. If you don’t know much …

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3 Reasons Reseller Hosting Can Be Lucrative for Your Business

Operating a business requires a lot of tenacity and precision. Making the right investments and taking chances with new IT systems is a great way to advance your operations. However, it’s important to make the right choices and become informed before diving into any new IT systems or plans. One thing you might have already …

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4 Reasons to Choose InnoHosting This Year

Choosing your IT service provider is sometimes a daunting task. The IT world has so many options to choose from with unique features, functions, and applications. Plus, finding the right IT systems and providers can make a major difference in the daily operations of your business or your computer systems. Therefore, it’s not a choice …

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How Parents Can Make Money on the Side

As a parent, working a side job from home has a lot of benefits. Not only does it allow you to spend more time with your children, but most side gigs allow you the flexibility in your schedule needed for daily tasks. Being a parent is a full-time job, but you can still make some …

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Why Web Security is Not Taught Enough

Web security is something that business owners and individuals frequently hear mentioned. However, many people still don’t know enough when it comes to integrating proper security protocols into their web-based systems. As a result, security threats, breaches, scams, and other malicious cyberactivity continue to cause extensive problems for IT users everywhere. Furthermore, increased creativity and …

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So You Want to Start Reseller Hosting? Here’s How!

Many people have heard about the lucrative option of reseller hosting. However, knowing the ins and outs and feeling ready to start reseller hosting yourself can be a different story. 2022 could be your year to begin reseller hosting if you work with InnoHosting to establish the right resources. Getting over the initial reseller hosting …

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5 IT Features to Check Out in 2022

2022 could be your year to excel with installing new IT features and add-ons to make your life easier. Adding on to your current IT plan might seem like a stressful task; however, after learning about the many amazing features that fit your needs, you won’t think twice. Whether you are an individual, an enterprise …

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