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    Chris (Inno Customer)

    Very useful article, Rameen. One of the things I value highly in any supplier is stability and that stems from being profitible with sound financial management.

    It follows that being able to deal with the whole question of fraud is of paramount consideration so thank you for contributing some practical and experienced insights as to how we can be more effective in that endeavor.

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    Chana Campos

    While I appreciate the tips, many of them aren’t going to be very useful, i.e. checking WHOIS. It is SO incredibly easy for a fraudster to use a false name, address or to obscure it completely by making it private. Also, as far as grammar and spelling “issues” – well, this article has those, also. Does that make it fraudulent? I appreciate the intent behind the article – but it needs to go further and follow its own guidelines!

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    Well, WHOIS isn’t the only thing you should be checking. You use a multiple of various sources. You said many aren’t useful, but we use many of those every day for many orders and they are actually useful. The entire article is all based on certain aspects we look at which has reduced fraud to 0%. So I would say following the guidelines is very effective.

    As for spelling grammar etc. I don’t really see why my article should follow it especially since it’s just that – an article, I’m not trying to buy something here.

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